Ayodhya History – Ram or Masjid

Ayodhya History - Ram or Masjid:

What is happening in Ayodhya?

Till Dec 10 The Indian govt has imposed Section 144. Military and paramilitary forces have been deployed in the area. It brings backs the Jammu&kashmir issue. 

Is it Babar Masoodi or Rama JanmaBhoomi?

When did this issue become an bigger issue?

In Dec 6, 1992, Babar Masoodi was destroyed. But some say that this issue started in 1528. 

What’s the truth behind this statement?

What reports have been submitted to the Govt about this issue?

We will discuss about these details in this Post. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 


So In Dec6th 1992, So that Place People have assembled. Nearly 25000 people assemble but later it increased to 75000. They march towards Babur Masoodi, and the Minor Muslim Population tries to stop them. At that Instance in Places like Mumbai, Surat and Ahmedabad riots started to happen. In those riots, nearly 2000 People die. Many shops have been destroyed. It was a result of the destruction of Babar Masoodi. The Hindus are saying that Babar Masoodi Belong to them. The Muslims say that the area belongs to them. This issue turned out to be a big issue and it shacked the foundations of India.

Ayodhya History - Ram or Masjid
Ayodhya History - Ram or Masjid

After 27 years, Still, the question remains is it Baber Massodi or Rama Janma Bhoomi?. The case regarding this is still ongoing and hasn’t reached a verdict. The results of the case should be finalized in Nov 17, 2019. The reason behind this is the Judge who is handling the case is going to retire and it is said that it’s his wish to deliver his verdict. For 40 days Continuously inquiry about this issue has happened. There are three groups linked to this issue, first is Ram Laala, Sunni Waqf Board and Nirmohi Akhara. These groups claim ownership over the land. So from the destruction date to till now under Section 144 ban Ayodhya has remained the same. 

The reason behind this if the result favors the Muslims the Hindus will oppose it. If the results favor the Hindus them Muslims will oppose it. If they say that Ayodhya belongs to no one then it will be opposed by both parties. This is the reason behind the 144 ban. Many have predicted that the results will come soon but they will not favor Either Hindus or Muslims. If thats the case then the ruling party will establish Emergency law to build either baber massodhi or Rama Janma Bhoomi. Steps have been ensured to establish this law.

Now a new issue has rised, A Hindu Group has said that in Deepavali they will lit 5000 lamps in the location. This is created tension among the people who live in Ayodhya. So this issue started in 1528. 

So in 1928 Baber’s Commander Mir Banki , was the one who builds this mosque. It is believed by some people that A Ram temple existed in the place which was nearly 300 years old. Mir Banki is said that he destroyed the Ram Temple to build Babur mashoodi. The Muslims say that there was no ram temple before thc construction of the Mosque. So they say it belongs to them. 

This issue goes to the British next, then after India Got its Independence it went to the Indian govt. This issue has been the playing ground for Politicians. Once it was that The Party which supports the cause of the groups will become the ruling party. So whether it’s Congress or BJP they have been giving their views on the issue. 

Ayodhya History - Ram or Masjid

In 2010 there was a Result in the case. The 2.77 Acres will be divided equally among the three groups. The three groups refuse to accept this offer. After this, nearly 13 to 16 Petitions have been submitted to the High court. The petition said that “ This is not food which can be distributed among ourselves “This is an issue based on our beliefs. So the verdict should be to who does that place belongs to”. So this petition comes into order, A Speical Commission has been set up to enquire about the issue. A bench consisting of Five Judges have been conducting the case in 2010. That inquiry has been held for continuously 40 days and they have completed it.  Another Committee that had 3 people in it as also setup. This committee’s role is to ask the statements of the three parties and to find a solution. But it failed. So the files and draft have been submitted to the court by the Committee. India is expecting the results of the issue. 

So 1528 Babur Mashoodi has been built. The issue or dispute started in the 18th Century. So for a Mosque which was built in the 16th Century, the dispute rises in the 18th century. So many Invasions have happened in the time of Babur Mashoodi, then came the British. When the Nawab’s ruled India, the issue favored the Hindus. But when the British came they said that it will be under their control. So in 1853 to 1855 Big riots started to happen all over India. So till the rule of Nawab’s it favored the Hindus but after that, the riots started to happen. 

So the British take over and say that the Muslims have been given permission to do their prayers. Again in 1886, another riots start and 75 Muslims have been killed. Babur mashoodi has been taken over by the Hindus. 

Ayodhya History - Ram or Masjid

So for the Hindus to prove that it is Rama Jhanma Bhoomi they need records or data. These records have been created in the 19th Century. In 1822 An employee of the court submits a record stating that the Babur Mosque was built on top of a place where Rama was born. Now another guy writes this story into a record. So the record is the Employee’s statement. Books have also been written to prove their theory. So the British kept a board in front of the Mosque. In 1920 to 1930 the Muslims throw away the board and start praying in the sacred grounds. So in 22nd Dec, 1949 Ramar staues have been placed inside the Mosque. So when the Muslims open the doors of the Mosque they see Ramar staues placed there. The Hindus say that Ramamr statues have been placed and the place belongs to them. Another group of nearly 40 people carrying Ramar statutes come to place it inside the Mosque and it becomes a Riot. After the riots nearly 5000 to 6000 re-enter the Mosque.  This issue now comes to The Court of India.

The First case was 16th Jan 1950, That case was asking Permission to pray in the temple in Ayodhya. But the court rejects the case. The Hindus again start to transform this issue. So he case has been dismissed and Stautes of Ramar has been removed. The govt which was ruling Uttar Pradesh appeal against this order in 24th April 1950. 

So we can go on and on about the history of these cases. But The issues created by The Hindus and Opposed by the Muslims became a playing ground for Politicians. The politicians like Advani do Politics. Narasimha Rao and Vp Singh became leaders done by the Politics with this issue. Even Rajeev Gandhi uses this issue.  When Indira Gandhi was killed the issue was subdued. Then Slowly Steadily it becomes a dangerous dispute. So everyone did politics with this issue. IF they wanted the Hindus vote they supported the Hindus and if they needed Muslim votes they supported the Muslims. This is how this issue didn’t have an End card. 

The article regarding this is shared here. 

So this is an issue between two religions. The politicians have made this their playing grounds. To end these Politics in 1990 to 1991 Then Prime Minister Chandrasekar tried to solve this issue by speaking with the groups. The groups declined all the offers. In 1992 Narasimha Rao didn’t speak about the Babur Mashoodhi issue in Parliament, So the Hindus told that they are going to destroy the Mosque. The Hindu organizations and BJP went and destroyed the mosque. The Muslims want the Mosque to be built again and the Hindus say that its Rama Jhanma Bhoomi and they want to built a Temple. In Ayodhya alone, there are nearly 4000 to 5000 temples build. Nearly 2000 of those Temples are for Ramar. The Hindus say that its the birthplace of Rama. The Muslims say that just imaging things is not good and no record exists to prove this theory so its Stupidity. 

So The Hindus pint out to the Archaeology where statues and other things were found, But others decline this theory. Now the court has to decide the truth. So a big issue will be solved in Nov16th 2019. Something is going to happen by Temporary laws. We have to wait and see the results. A Complex dispute where Religion and Politics are deep-rooted. 

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