Baba Vanga 2021 Predictions | Return of Communism

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Baba Vanga 2021 Predictions | Return of Communism:

We have discussed Nostradamus Predictions 2021. Many congratulated us. Many were sad that it was negative predictions. 

What could Baba Predictions for 2021?

Is there a similarity between Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions for 2021?

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Nostradamus has written a book called the Prophecies. But there is no book for Baba Vanga Predictions. This is the reason why Baba Vanga Predictions are called The Fiction. Her predictions are considered as False claims. If baba Navga didn't write her predictions.

Who wrote Baba Vanga Predictions?

The Baba Predictions 2020 videos have been released. People who didn't watch it please watch it because the Predictions have happened in 2020. 

History says that Baba Vanga Predictions were written by the Bulgarian govt. At the age of 16 Baba Vanga was predicting the future. At the age of 30, she reached her prediction heights. Many people came to see and had a conversation with her, this is all history. Even Bulgarian President often visited Baba Vanga. 

Hitler once visited Baba Vanga and when he came out of the house he was furious. There is information in many websites. But when we searched for the truth, it was not available on the Internet. But this event could have taken place. 

What has Baba Vanga Predicted for 2021?

Nobody has accurately said that the events she predicted were for 2021. She hasn’t accurately predicted that events will happen in 2021. But the people who read this book have predicted that these may happen in 2021. 

But Baba Vanga has predicted events which will happen in a particular year.  Baba Vanga has predicted that in 2028 humans will go to Planet Venus. In the Year 2130 humans will live underwater in the sea with the help of another power. Another power would mean Aliens and there are so many theories to this prediction. With help from Aliens, humans will live underwater. 

The other prediction is the Settlers who are sent to colonize other planets will ask from Independence from Earth. Many people from the earth will protest to go to another planet. 

Have you seen the TV series The Expanse?

So there is a huge possibility that this prediction may come true. Our Science is on its way to colonize other planets. 

In this video, we will not discuss the predictions after 2035. 

America’s 44th President will be the last president. But Donald Trump is the 45th President. So the prediction turned out to be a lie. The people who will believe in Baba Vanga Predictions say that America’s Last Black President maybe the 44th President. In the future elections in America, a Black man would not become the President of America. 

What issues will Donald Trump Face?

When Trump’s Presidency ends. In America, from 2021 to 2022 there will be a crisis in America. There is a chance that a division within America may happen. America will be affected by Natural Disasters. Floods will hit America, Many Americans will leave their own country because of these floods. 

After the 44th President, A fool will rule America. America will face huge losses because of this president. There will be a Civil crisis within the country. We think that these predictions are becoming true. 

How America will be in 2021?

We will have to wait and see. It is not only America but many countries future is not looking bright. We are mentioning America because it is the current Super Power. After the upcoming Presidential Elections, the Americans will have a crisis in their hands for three months says the World Analysts. Political issues, Economic Issues will hit America. This news is an exact match to Baba Vanga Predictions. We will know the truth whether the predictions are true or not. 

We have discussed American President and Natural Disasters in America. 

The Next Prediction is Climate Change. There will be a huge change in the Temperature of the World. This Climate Change has been the news for so many years which we have heard and known. Due to Climate Change, Sea Turbulence may happen.  Due to Sea Turbulence, many cities will be destroyed. This is another Baba Vanga Prediction. People of the world know this as news. So Climate Change will be a great issue for humanity to face in 2021. 

Baba Vanga Next Prediction is the European Union will be under the control of Islam. Nostradamus has also predicted this event. 

Is this Islamic influence happening now in Europe?

We have to search for this Influence. When we begin the search the truth may come out. According to the predictions of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions if the European Union is controlled by Islam within two years. 

What changes will it bring to the world?

Definitely, we will release a video on this topic. But Baba Vanga has predicted that in 2066 America will again become a Christian Country. So according to the Prediction from 2020 to 2066, nearly for 46 years, the Islamic Countries will have power. This has been predicted by both Baba Vanga and Nostradamus. 

In 2076 Communism will be reborn. This new communism may spread all over the world. This has happened in the past, they could have predicted with the events which have already happened. 

Baba Vanga next PRediction is Famine and Hunger. This prediction will come true. Coronavirus hits the world in 2020. 

How will the world be after the Coronavirus Pandemic?

This question is raised by all the people. After the pandemic, Hunger will be the biggest enemy to the Human Race. People’s lives will be greatly affected after the pandemic. 

Why is this video filled with negative information?

Are there no Positive Predictions?

The next Positive thing which can happen to the Human Race is finding another planet similar to earth. There will be no more positive aspects which will happen in earth. This will be our lives and we have to live in it. This video is just a warning to you all, so you would know where to tread carefully. 

So if you have extra money, Save It. The year 2021 according to all predictions will become a year of Crisis of the human race. Only a Miracle will bring peace to our world. In 2021 there will be Coronavirus vaccine, which will be witnessed by all of us. 2020 our Children has not gone to schools. In 2021 when they go to school they will not find it comfortable. There are so many issues with Online classes and the system must also change. 

When it is the fact, just absorb the information and be ready to face it. These events will happen and if you knew this information and are ready to face the crisis that is the aim of this video. 

Another Baba Vanga PRediction is a Positive one, A Cure will be developed for Cancer in 20121. Doctors will develop this cure for cancer. For twenty years the human race will know the disease, if it does come then it will be healed through the Cloning process. After 2035 Cloning Technology will be available for the human race. Before 2035 there will be no cancer patients in the world. 

We know that they have already found a cure for Cancer. But still, it is considered as a Conspiracy Theory. We know that there is a Medicine Mafia which is solely based on Cancer Disease. For so many years this has been the accusations from so many people. 

Will Normal people have access to these Cancer treatments or a cure?

We will have to wait for the answer. 

The Next Predictions is China will rule the world. This has been a discussion from 2018. Even though we call America as the SuperPower. Many Countries in the World are depending on China. 

Will China become a superpower in 2021?

China growth is huge. Their Foreign Exchange, Gold, if we compare it with America. China has everything to become the next Superpower. 

The Next Prediction is scary. The earth will be attacked by another power from the Sky. Nostradamus has also predicted this, but his predictions seem to be referring to the asteroid called 2009 KF1. So both have predicted that the world will be affected by something from the Sky. Nostradamus Predictions talks about Solar Storms. Asteroids will hit the earth. So this might be a huge issue for the Human race. 

We will have to discuss the Nasa Warning for 2021. 

What changes will happen to the planets?

Will there be changes in our Solar System?

We will have to research to get answers to these questions. 

These are the Predictions of Baba Vanga for 2021. We will discuss the other predictions in another video.

Please search for topics,

Will Islam Control the European Union?
What information do we have about the asteroid 2009KF1?

Will Solar Storms hit the earth or not?

The answers will be discussed in another video. 

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