Baba Vanga Predictions 2020

Baba Vanga Predictions 2020:

A Person predicted that in 2004 a tsunami will come and kill many people. The same person predicted that the Soviet Union Russia will be shattered into pieces. It was predicted that Indira Gandhi will be assassinated. So all predictions which this person has told about the future has happened. Nearly 85% of the predictions happened. The Twin Towers will be destroyed was also another prediction. 

What has this person predicted about 2020?

What will happen?

How truthful are these predictions?

Baba Vanga is the person who predicted these events. We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Many questions arise when spoke about Baba Vanga. We could have learned a lot online. 

Who is this Baba Vanga?

The year is 1911, every country is preparing for World war 1. So she was born in Jan31st. Her mother passes away within 3 years in 1914. Her father was a soldier in World war1. So she was lonely for a long time. At the age of 7, her father remarries another woman. 

When she was 12 years old she went out with her cousins. When she was out there was a tornado outside and she is caught by the Tornado. The tornado pulls her far away as 2 kilometres. When she opens her eyes she became blind due to the debris from the tornado. After so many surgeries she was not able to get her sight. 

So she studies in a blind school from 12 to 18 age. She feels a lot of changes happening. She feels that somebody is coming in front of her and speaking to her. She hears a voice and this voice turns to be Baba Vanga’s voice. This is a daily happening to her. She understands that there is something wrong about these events. So she thinks about informing her dad and stepmom. But she didn’t tell them for some time. So time passes and her stepmom also passes away.

She finds the courage to tell it to someone that she can hear voices. She tells that world war 2 will happen, she predicts the countries which will be greatly affected. Russia’s Submarine will be sunk. She predicts many things. The prediction turns out to be true. A group comes to study Baba Vanga. This is related to fortune-tellers and also Supernatural. When she has a crowd she predicts more. In Russia to check whether her predictions are turning out to be true many groups were formed. These groups were formed in many countries. She was called by the nickname as Nostradamus of Balkans. Many compare the predictions of Nostradamus to Baba vanga. She becomes famous. So in her 86th age in 1996 she passes away. 

Baba Vanga Predictions 2020
Baba Vanga Predictions 2020

She has predicted a lot of things. So has predicted that in 5079 the world will come to an end. Her predictions end in the year 5079. Her predictions are coming true. 

Is there a written account of her predictions?

No. So in 2004 Tsunami destroys many lives. But the neighbours of Baba Vanga said that she said that 20 years before. So when her neighbours start to talk about her predictions she becomes world-famous. Her predictions after 2004 have happened.

She predicted that Twin Towers destruction as “Horror Horror, America’s two brothers will be defeated with a mechanical bird. So she points the Airplane as the Mechanical bird. American Brothers denote the Twin towers. So her predictions became very popular among the people. 

Every year many want to know about Baba Vanga’s Prediction for that year. 

What will happen in 2020?

In 2019 she predicted about Brexit and ISIS and it happened. 

What has she predicted for 2020?

There will be no more European Continent.

How can this turn out to be true?

So the Prediction is just her way of saying something that will happen. Britain has come out from the European Union so the European Union is no more. Britan Prime Minister Borris Johnson has said that Brexit will be signed within Jan 13th 2020. 

When Britain comes out of the European Union there will be an economic crisis. Baba Vanga has also predicted this will happen. She has already predicted the economic crisis which is going to happen in 2020. 

The next prediction was that the European Union will be conquered by Islamists Extremists. 

Will this happen?

We have to wait and see. There is issues regarding this issue, she has predicted that terrorist will take over the European Union. In the European Union, chemical bombs will be used. If this happens will the world survive? 

She has also said that 45th American President will be affected by a disease. Due to the disease, he will suffer Brain Tumour or he will lose his hearing. America’s 45th President is Donald Trump. 

Baba Vanga Predictions 2020

She has also predicted that Putin of Russia will face a threatening situation. His security forces will assassinate Putin. There is a chance He will escape the assassination. Putin should be protected by Sniper Groups. A small mistake from the security forces may end his life. 

Has she said something about Asia?

Yes. Pakistan and China will be affected by Big waves. A Natural disaster will happen. To recover from this destruction Asia will take a long time. So if there are Pakistan and China we fear that something may happen to India. 

A new form of energy will be discovered. It will be found in another planet. This is not petrol or coal, it’s totally new energy.

How many predictions can turn true?

Definitely, Brexit will happen. The prediction about Terrorists may happen there is a chance. Only time will answer this Natural Disaster. 

What reasons can hold Putin’s assassination and Trump’s health Condition?

Russia has a group formed to analyse her prediction. She has predicted that 2020 Putin will face danger. 

Baba Vanga Predictions 2020

She doesn’t stop here. Within 2021 to 2023 she has predicted veery important things. Research about these predictions are going on now. 

We now have to take a look at Nostradamus Prediction. So when they compare the prediction of both these persons, then if the result comes the same. The research will be done or events will be closely monitored. So e will discuss about Nostradamus predictions. We will also discuss 2021 to 2023 Predictions by Baba Vanga. 

She has predicted about Aliens.

What is that?

We will discuss in detail in the next post. So when we complete or discussion we can think clearly about these predictions. We will compare the current events with the Predictions whether it will happen or not. So we can analyse which predictions will turn out to be true. 

Was this post entertaining?

Will these predictions happen?

Please do comment about these predictions. 

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