Baba Vanga Predictions 2022 – Predictions which happened in 2021

Baba Vanga Predictions 2022 - Predictions which happened in 2021

Baba Vanga Predictions for 2022. These are predictions from People who analyzed the information. 

In 2011 the researchers wanted to conduct research about the Baba Vanga Predictions. The Documentary was made by World Powers and the Govt officials. The documentary name is Vanga The Visible and Invisible World. This is research about her Predictions. The Documentary consisted of people who were a part of Baba Vanga life. 

This deep research raised questions about Baba Vanga Predictions. Since 1977 many have been researching the life of Baba Vanga and her Predictions. 

Russian authors and Psychiatrists have conducted research and learned about Baba Vanga. 

Are these Predictions Fiction of Facts?

We discussed Baba Vanga Predictions 2021. We clearly stated that the Predictions were fiction. There is a reason because she has predicted future events. She has not released this information as a book. So there is no book and nobody can prove her theories as true. Many People are using her predictions to conduct research and release them to the Public. The People who analyzed her predictions say that it is upto the people whether they want to believe it or not. This is the reason we said that the Baba Vanga Predictions to be Pure Fiction. 

According to her predictions for 2021.

Which predictions came true or false?

What are the predictions for 2022?

We discussed Baba Vanga Predictions 2021. Let's compare the results. 

What were the predictions which turned out to be False?

There was a prediction that says that World War 3 may happen. They have been telling this since 2010. There were so many wars that happened. But World war 3 will not happen. So these predictions are false. 

The next prediction was after Barack Obama who was the 44th President of America, there will be no Black President. This is a prediction by Baba Vanga. 

There was also a Prediction that a fool will rule America. Joe Biden used this in his campaign to identify Trump as a fool. This prediction is true in some context. There was also a Prediction that a top leader will fall ill. Many Leaders were affected by the Coronavirus. So this prediction turned out to be true. 

She also predicted a Seas Turbulence might happen. This is happening regularly. The weather can be easily predicted as it has become a common one due to Climate Change. The Prediction turns out to be true. 

Baba Vanga also predicted that a cure for Cancer will be announced in 2021. But there is no cure available as we are at the end of 2021. But the Sceintists now say that 50% of the People have a recovery from Cancer. They say that Cancer will be controlled or eradicated within 2035. 

In 2021 Predictions Baba Vanga Predicted a Possible Asteroid collision and a change in the Rotation of the Earth’s axis. 

There are asteroids that came close in 2021. Due to the Excessive dams built in China, the earth’s rotation has decreased. There is no answer whether she has predicted this correctly. 

Let's discuss the Predictions from 2022. If some of the Baba Vanga Predictions are coming true.

Will the Predictions be true in 2022?

Baba Vanga has predicted that in Siberia Humanity will discover a Virus from Ice. We have very little information about the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This is mainly an unknown World. The Ice is melting due to Climate Change. When the Ice melts a Virus may spread among the Human population which may kill many people across the world. 

Do we actually have any information about this prediction?

In July 2021, Chinese Sceintists have retrieved information about an Ancient Virus that dates back 15000 Years ago. The Genetic code of the virus has been retrieved. The Genetic code from 33 Viruses has been found. They also said that nearly 20 to 28 of these Viruses are Novel Viruses. These are viruses that have not been previously recorded. The Chinese retrieved the Virus when the Ice melted. They have already published a Journal. 

Due to Climate Change which is happening now, Ice will melt and there are chances that they may release these Deadly viruses. Baba Vanga has predicted that the Virus may Spread in 2022. This should not happen as already we are suffering from Coronavirus. 

Humanity has witnessed Viruses that are more deadly than the Coronavirus. The Black Plague and Smallpox have been deadly diseases. They killed a lot of humans on Earth. The Coronavirus is deadly and there are Viruses that may be deadly than the Coronavirus. 

Baba Vanga has also predicted that there will be a Drinking water shortage. She has predicted that this Shortage may happen across the world. She has also predicted that the Heat may go above 50 Degree Celsius. When this heat happens this will lead to Water Shortage. This Water Shortage will create a huge issue for the World. 

The most interesting and scary Prediction is that Aliens will Invade Earth in Large Spaceships. They will try to communicate with Humankind and even tale a lot of Prisoners. This is a prediction for 2022. 

Can this Prediction be true?

There is research going on to identify ET. Humankind is searching for ET. No scientific confirmation has been given. There is also no data that says that Humankind will communicate with an Alien Species. But Baba Vanga has predicted that this will happen in 2022. 

Is there a prediction for India from Baba Vanga?

Locusts have been a major issue in many countries. Baba Vanga has predicted that in 2022 India will be invaded by the Locusts. When Climate Change happens, the population of Locusts may increase. These locusts may invade Indian crops and Destroy them. This could be a warning for India. 

Researchers and Sceintists can identify the Migration Pattern of these Locusts. If they conduct proper research they will have proper data. This prediction should be taken seriously. 

Baba Vanga has predicted another Flood for 2022. Due to Climate Change, the heat will increase and Flood may happen. She predicted that the Flood may hit the Asian Continent.  Nostradamus has also predicted the same. Both have predicted that a Flood will hit in 2022. Every Year flood has hit many countries. So this is no Surprise. 

The next is that Humans will learn to live in Virtual Reality. Facebook changed its Branch company name into Metaverse. They have announced this company which concentrates Solely on Virtual Reality. There is a huge possibility that Virtual reality may be the next big thing in the world. There are high chances that this may happen in 2022. 

What are your thoughts on these Predictions?

We have shared the information which is released on many websites. We will pray that these Predictions are false. We can confirm that some of these predictions may come true. The Current news also confirms that some predictions may come true.

Let's discuss more on Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions in another post.

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