Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves

Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves:

A Temple in Egypt called the Temple of Hathor. There is a Sculpture in the Temple.

Is the Sculpture a Depiction of two Electrical bulbs?

Scientists say that it cannot be Electrical bulbs, but it can depict two Lotus. 

What is the truth?

If the Electrical Bulbs to work we need either Electricity or Battery. 

When it comes to Ancient batteries, the World could have heard about the Baghdad battery.

What is the truth behind this Baghdad Battery?

Has the Revered Indian Sage Agathiyar talked about these Batteries?

Are we going to discuss Agathiyar or the Mayans?

Mayans Part2. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We welcome you all to the fantasy world of Mayans. People who haven't seen the first part please check the Description of the Video, Link has been given. The Continuity of the first part is the Second part. 

From the Annunaki Series, This Mayan Series is a branch. At the end of the Mayan Series, we will go in search of Lost Civilizations and Ethnic People. 

Two Persons exposed the History of the Mayans to the World. John Lloyd Stephens and Fredrick Catherwood were the Two Persons. 

In 1839, The two met directly. They agreed to research the Lost Mayan Civilization and they started their excavations. When they started their work, they discovered many lost histories and Pyramids. 

In 1840, They introduced the Mayan Civilization to the World. Lloyd Stephens was a writer, so he writes many books. Frederick Catherwood was an artist. These Two Persons show the Mayan World to the Human Population. 

Many doubted the existence of Mayans. So they started their own research. Finally, they come to the conclusion that Evidence given by Lloyd and Fredrick was true. If the Science academy accepts that the theory is true, they have to conduct their own investigation. So much research was started to find proof. 

After every research, the Science academy refuses to accept that the Evidence submitted before the academy cannot be true. They asked for more proof from these Investigations. Many research was considered to be Conspiracy theories by the Science academies. 

But one point all Scientist accepted was that the Mayan World was Peculiar and Unique. The Objects which were used by the Mayans are considered to be a Treasure Trove for Scientists. 

We will discuss this treasure trove and the Games which were played by the Mayans. 

When researching about the Mayan Sculptures and Inscriptions. Our attention turned towards the Egyptian Sculptures and Inscriptions. The Temple of Hathor is one among them. In the Temple, there is a Sculpture, there is an image in the Sculpture which looks like two Electrical Bulbs. Underneath the Two bulbs, there seems to be a holder. There must be filaments inside the bulbs. But in the Sculpture, it seems to be snakes drawn as Filaments. Two people seem to be holding the two bulbs. 

Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves

What is your theory after seeing this image?

Would they have used these two Gigantic bulbs?

These people lived in Ancient times. They would never have the technology to even create a Bulb. So if Ancient people could have used these bulbs.

Where are the Bulbs, Glasses or Remnants of these bulbs?

There is no proof from the Archaeology that these bulbs existed in ancient times. This is the Perfect and Acceptable question from Science. 

So without any proof we the people should not believe in any theories. But instead, we can as Questions to Science academies. 

In 1912, Alfred Wegener A German Polar researcher and Geophysicist was the originator of Continental Drift Hypothesis. He said that the Earth’s Continent’s was one Huge Landscape.  He said that the Continents were Slowly Drifting around the earth. He said this in 1912, but he was unable to prove his theory until the 1950s. Many Scientists believed that Wegener was a Fool and Crazy man. But in the period of 1950s to 60s the Continental Drift theory was accepted by the Science academies. 

To prove a Theory Wegener had to spend 40 to 50 years. 

The topic which we are discussing now happened 4000 to 5000 years ago. We need a lot of proof and evidence to show the Science academies that the Theory is Correct. 

So now we are going to discuss a Prediction Theory. “It could have been like this”. 

In the last video, We discussed the Temple which was built by Raja Raja Cholan. We discussed that a person wearing a hat was found in the Sculptures. People in Ancient times, will not Sculpture anything which they have not seen. There are chances that there could be some kind of connection to these Sculptures or Stone Inscriptions.

Behind every Creaton, there has to be a Reason. Nearly 99% there will be reasons for a Creation. 

For Ex: In 1910 Byron Carter was travelling in his Automotive. On his way he sees a woman standing along the road. She asks for help from Carter, that her Automotive was not working. Byron Carter accepts to help the Woman. In 1910 to start the automotive you had to Crank Start the Automotive. When the Crank Starts the Automotive he falls to the ground accidentally. He had terrible facial injuries. He was taken to the hospital where he died of the Injuries. When the news of his death reaches his friend named Charles Kettering. Charles was an employee in the General Motors Company. Charles decides that no deaths should happen with Crack Starting the Automotives. 

In 1912, A New Vehicle was introduced. In this Vehicle instead of Crack Start, there was Electrical Self Start. This is the story behind the Electrical Start. 

Now let's go back to the Mysterious Baghdad battery. 

Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves

How many mysteries and Reasons does the Baghdad Battery contain?

Science has already started Debunking the Baghdad Battery. Before we discuss the Debunk Theory. We should learn more about the Baghdad Battery. 

Did Agathiyar Discover Electricity?

Did he give a name for his Discovery?

There are so many questions. We will discuss this in another Video. 

Now our attention should be on Baghdad Battery. 

In 1922, Iraq. We know that there are many places which are called Ur. There are cities and villages all across the world which have the name UR. India, Iraq and Afghanistan are the locations where many civilizations were founded.

When Archaeologists started excavating sites in Iraq. There were many Ancient objects which were unearthed dating back 2000,4000,8000 or even 10000 years ago. 

The Ancient Artifacts which were unearthed till 1922 were kept in a building. The Incharge of this building was given to a British her name was Gertrude Margaret Lowthian bell who was an archaeologist. She stacked the Ancient objects and wanted the place to be changed into a Museum. Days before her death, The Museum was opened to the public. The Place was called Baghdad Antiquities. Person Was selected to be the Assistant to the German Leader of the Baghdad Antiquity administration. His name was Wilhelm Konig. Wilhelm Konig then changes the Structure of the building to a Museum. At that moment he notices a strange-looking object. 

Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves

The Strange Object was 13 Centimetres. It looks like an earthen Jar. He opens the jar to see its contents. He discovers that there is Copper inside the Jar. It has been fixed as a Copper Cylinder. Inside the Cylinder, there was an Iron Rod. So to connect all these there are connectors in the jar. He also sees an unknown Electrolyte in the jar. He starts to think that the Jar could be a battery. 

There was a question to be answered,

When was this battery excavated?

He searches for the records and the jar is dated 2000 years old. Wilhelm publishes his findings as a scientific Paper, there he mentioned the Jar as Baghdad Battery. So when the paper was published, in 1940 Scientists recreated the Baghdad battery. They used the same structure as the Baghdad battery to create their Experimental battery. When they tested their experimental battery, The battery was emitting Charge up to 0.5 Volts Electric Current. The Scientists were unable to identify the Unknown Electrolyte in the Baghdad battery. 

Another Scientist creates a replica of the Baghdad Battery and his version produced 0.8 Volts. The Liquid he used was Cashew Juice which indicates that an acidic agent such as Wine and Vinegar can be used as the Liquid to acquire the Voltage. 

Now the question is,

Who could have discovered this technology 2000 years ago?

Many scientists wanted to debunk the Baghdad battery Mystery. The Baghdad battery was first discovered in 1799, the same year as the Egyptian Electric Bulbs. If the theory says that Electricity was discovered 2000 years ago. The Science academies will have to accept this theory. But the Scientists didn't want to believe it and started giving other reasons for the Baghdad battery. 

Baghdad battery Myth or Real | Decide it for yourselves

The results come out, Their theory there is a chance that the Earthed Jar may be used for Black Magic. They always added it might be in their theories. But there is no Confirmed Proof. 

The other Scientists say that this Jar may be used as ElectroPlating. Many theories came out which included “it Might”,” it may be”. 

Some other Scientists say that if it was a battery. It should be commonly used in many places and archaeology should have discovered them. But only one was excavated.

Where are the others?

Ask The Scientists. This is an acceptable question. So they conclude that it is just a jar, not a battery. 

Now Our question is,

Until 1940 The Baghdad Battery was in the Museum of Iraq. 

In 2003 America invaded Iraq. The Iraq Museum was Pillaged. More than 13000 Ancient Objects were Stolen. 

The Iraq Govt after so many years had to face many issues to retrieve these stolen Objects. They retrieved 7000 of their ancient objects. But the Baghdad Battery is not among the retrieved objects. 

So the Baghdad Battery which belongs to all of Humanity has been stolen.
Will you believe if they say that the Baghdad battery did exist?

No Battery was excavated. 

Imagine the Invasions and wars which would have happened in the land for thousands of years. 

How many discoveries would have been destroyed by these invasions?

How did the enemy destroy their discoveries?

If these questions arise in your minds. Then our way of thinking is the same. 

A Special Ex: 

Srilanka Yal Library. The Library was burned down which consisted of thousands of books of Tamil History. The Sinhalese didn't want the world to know the history of the Tamils. 

Spanish Conquistadors destroyed Mayan history and burned their Knowledge. The reason was to Destroy the Mayan history and the way of Worship. 

Recently Archaeology has been happening in Srilanka. 

What did they find?

Did they find history about Buddist monks?

They are excavating the Tamil people History. 

Similar to these events, Many Civilizations have been lost to time and purposely Destroyed. Now we don't have the Baghdad Battery. 

What should be told of the Science Academies theories about the Baghdad Battery?

We must accept it or they will call us Conspiracy Theorists. 

The Tamil Sage Agathiyar had inscriptions about the Discovery of Battery. This will become a Conspiracy Theory. 

In the temple of Hathor, Egypt. Science says the Sculpture as Lotuses. Many debunked the Sculpture. They said there was no possibility that it could have been an Electrical Bulbs. The Electrical bulb must consist of holders, Connectors, Wires and filament. All this should be connected to an energy Source. But all these are present in the Sculpture in the Temple of Hathor. 

How can Science easily say that it is not an electrical Bulb?

If we don't accept their theory we will be called conspiracy theorists. 

So is this the end of Mayan history? 

Some mentioned a Skull. 

Are there More to Mayan History?

Were the Mayans the first to invent games which we play nowadays?

Let's discuss in another video. We need your support to continue the Series. 

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