Begun Kodar “Deal with the Devil” – India’s Most haunted Railway Station

Begun Kodar "Deal with the Devil" - India's Most haunted Railway Station:

Ghost, Spirits, Devil and Spook. In India, a railway station has been locked for 42 years. 

What could be the reason?

People say stories about ghosts. There are three women who are the main reason to talk about this topic. Two women always wear a white saree. When we say that a haunted railway station is in India which is located in an important place.

Can you believe this story?

Are there really ghosts in the railway station?

New Series in Tamil Pokkisham. Deal with the devil.

West Bengal, India.  260 km from Kolkata lies Purulia district. From Purulia District  50 km away is the railway station. After 5:30 p.m. there will be no people in the railway station. For nearly 42 years the railway station has been locked. People feared going near the railway station. Many government officials wrote letters to the government refusing to take up a job in the railway station.  The trains go at full speed when they are crossing this particular railway station. The passengers inside this train will close their Windows while crossing the railway station. This most haunted railway station is called Begun Kodar. 

Begun Kodar Is a village.  The village has a railway station called Begun Kodar Railway station. 

1948, 1949, 1950 The people who lived in Begun Kodar village sent a request to the government. The request was that the trains cross the village, So they needed a railway station.  The Villagers said they had to travel 40 km to Purulia District to catch a train. So they asked for a railway station to be built in the village for their convenience. The Indian government thought about this request,  and it needed a big area to construct a railway station.  The Purulia District had a lot of people from the Santal tribes. This tribe was ruled by a queen called Lachan Kumari. The queen said she can give away a lot of acres to the government to build a railway station for her people. The government then built the railway station in 1962. 

Begun Kodar "Deal with the Devil" - India's Most haunted Railway Station

From 1962, Many people from other parts of India came to work as Station Master in the railway station. The railway station was doing its job and the villagers were happy. 

The year was 1967. The stationmaster of the railway station was called Mohan. The people of the village talked about mysterious sightings to the Stationmaster. When the train comes in at night,  the light produced from the train shows a woman who was dressed in a white saree. The Woman seems to be standing in track and is dancing. The people can see that the train crashes into the woman. But when the train passes through,  the woman cannot be seen anywhere. This mysterious happening became a talk within the people. Fear started to engulf the people. But the station master was not easily scared. 

In the year 1967, One day a train approached the railway station. The time was 9:00 p.m, Mohan sees a Woman Dressed In White running towards the Train. This is that the woman was running towards the train, and she was running on the train track. When the train travelled past the station, the station master rushed to see whether the woman was still there. But there was no woman anywhere. Fear started to Creep inside the Stationmaster.

What happened that night?

Who was the woman running towards the train?

So many questions were raised in the minds of the station master and it became an issue. The Stationmaster started to tell the passengers who came to the railway station that he had seen a woman running towards the train. The people of the villagers had already seen this woman,  now they confirmed this mysterious event is happening with the sightings of the station master. The very next day the station master dies mysteriously. A New station master was appointed to replace Mohan. The new station master also witnessed the mysterious writing and wrote a letter to the government to change his post. In the letter, he described that he doesn't want to work in the railway station and he needed a change in his post. Nearly 3 to 4 railway station masters have been changed within the single year 1967.

Begun Kodar "Deal with the Devil" - India's Most haunted Railway Station

The Railway department was puzzled by this mysterious event,  they asked for a volunteer to work in the railway station. Nobody was ready to go to the railway station, they said the railway station was haunted by ghosts, spirits or a devil. With no other alternative, the railway department decided to close down the railway station. 

The government wanted an investigation conducted,  So they asked the local MLA. He replied that many people in the village had seen the women wearing white saree. Days after the sighting the people die mysteriously. The MLA Suggests closing down the railway station. The government accepted the request and closed the station for 42 years. 

42 years nobody even dared to go near the station at night time. His railway station building seems to be Haunted. This is the only building that exists for nearly a 5 km radius. The building has been surrounded by forest and farmland. The environment itself is very scary. 

 After 42 years in 2009, the Request was given to Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal. The request was to reopen Begun Kodar railway station.  The CM accepted the request and reopened the railway station.  The people in the village said the last train will be at 5:30 p.m., and nobody should roam around the railway station after that particular time. 

Many requests have been sent to the CM Since 2007 to reopen the railway station. The people in the village never went near the railway station after 5:30 p.m. Now the issue is people are in fear of coming to the railway station.

The government thought that daily the railway station would be visited by at least 1,000 to 1500 passengers. But the passenger count is nearly 600 to 700. There is no station master for this railway station.

There are a lot of Drawings that carry Religious Signs in the building. Early in the morning at 4:30 a.m, the ticket counter will be open. He will remain at the post till 5:30 p.m to issue tickets. After that, for a small-time, the Station will be Opened at 9.00 Pm. 

Nearly 11 Paranormal investigators went to the railway station to investigate The Haunting of the ghost. The Time was 11 PM. Instruments used to identify or capture paranormal activities were installed. Cameras were installed in the station and near the Ghost sightings location. 

Begun Kodar "Deal with the Devil" - India's Most haunted Railway Station

Time passes by and now the time is 1 a.m.  There was no paranormal activity in the railway station. There was a sound and The Paranormal investigators started to investigate. They recognized that the sound was coming from the forest nearby. Taking a torchlight they see 4 to 5 people who are the villagers standing there. The people started to run.

The Paranormal investigators thought that the villagers had been Spooking the passengers. 

What use do the villagers get by showing their station as a haunted place?

For 42 years the railway station was locked.  So people who come to investigate will come under the category of Ghost Tourism. 

People who are fascinated by clearing the stories,  tend to visit the railway station to see a real ghost.  The railway station became a tourist spot. Due to the tourists, the people got jobs. 

Could this be the reason?

But The Paranormal investigators thought about the station Masters who refused to work in the railway station.

What could be the reason?

After some research, We found out the truth behind this deal with the devil.

This area is largely used by the Naxalites. Purulia District is on the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The station Masters knew that the Naxals had been using this area.  So as a government official they are direct targets for the Naxals.  This was the real reason behind the refusal of the railway station Masters postings in the railway station.

Why was the Railway Station closed for 42 years?

This was due to the politics which has been surrounding the area. This particular area was given to the government by Queen Lachan Kumari for her people, the Santal Tribes. Nearly 60 to 70% of the Population are the Santal people. 

After 1967 when the station was closed,  the political parties Vowed that they will re-open the station.  These were their election promises which were not fulfilled. Even though a lot of people requested the reopening of the station due to politics, the government didn't reopen it. 

This was the real reason the railway station was closed for 42 years. 

What is the current situation of the railway station?

 The station is open,  but there is no station master, Electricity and Railway platform. The government installed solar panels,  but on the same day, the Solar Panel were stolen. 

Is there a ghost in the railway station?

There is no proof of this mystery. 

Are the village people Spooking the passengers?

Nobody can confirm this theory.

Was the Station closed due to political reasons?

There is a chance that this theory can be true. Naxals also may be the reason behind this haunted Railway Station. 

This is the reason the Begun Kodar Railway Station is in the 2nd Place of India’s Most Haunted Places. There are still haunted railway stations in India. 

Are there other haunted places in India?

What are the mysteries these haunted places hold?

Are there Ghosts?


Is it a Deal with the Devil?

Let's discuss this in the next episode. Each and every episode will be featuring a different haunted place in India. 

There is no continuity to this series. The Deal with the Devil will have fresh new content. 

How was this episode?

Which haunted place do you want us to visit?

Please comment about the haunted places which you know. We will contact the research and tell you the truth. 

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