Belarani Dutta Case | India – Horrific Violence Rare at that time

Belarani Dutta Case | India - Horrific Violence Rare at that time:

The Girls who run away from their homes. Parents who don’t care about their runaway children. Parents who are not fit to raise a Boy Child. 

To these people, this story will be shocking. 

People who have heart problems please Skip this video. 

When you have completely watched this video, you may feel the pain and the truth. 

On 1954, Only Seven Years have passed by after India got its Independence. 

The events which happened in 1954, the world would have not seen the horrific events that happened. The Person who was behind the murders. The Calcutta Police was on a manhunt for the murderer. They have to use new techniques to capture the Murderer. 

Did the Police catch the Murderer?

How did they manage to capture him?

How did they prove their case against the murderer?

We will answer these questions in this video.

Beloved Tamil People.Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Jan30th 1954, near Kalighat Market there was a Public Toilet. In front of the Public toilet was three parcels wrapped in Papers. This scene was seen by the Sweepers and Cleaners. Time was 5 AM. There is a lot of difference between Trash and the Parcels. The Sweeper peeped into the wrapped paper he Saw a finger. The news started to spread and people start to gather around the parcels. The Information was passed to the Police. The Police arrive and open the parcel and find out two Hands. The hands have been cut off. There were other body parts which were Chopped into Pieces.  

Is there a gang involved?


Is it a Single Person who committed the crime?

The Police start their investigation. Some distance from the market is the Kalighat Park. The same day a person after his lunch was walking in the park. He sees four parcels which are wrapped by papers. When he looked into the parcels he screamed of terror. He starts to scream. Hearing his screams people started to gather around the parcels. The Four Parcels has 2 Legs, in another parcel, there was the upper portion of the body. The third parcel had the head. The Skin of the face was peeled off. The hair has been plucked from the head. In the other parcel was a Full-grown Dead fetus. The savagery of the scene was so horrifying that the Police and the People were shaken.  These parcels were wrapped by Newspapers. 

The Newspaper was called Jugantar Newspaper. We should notice the Jugantar Newspaper Edition. 

Using the Edition the murderer was caught and sentenced. Suppose if the Police Officials didnt look into the Newspaper Edition the murderer could have gotten away. 

The market parcels were wrapped by the Jugantar Newspaper 21st Nov 1953. The parcel retrieved from the park were wrapped by the Edition 21st Nov 1953, Jan10th 1954, Jan 25th 1954 and Jan26th 1954. 

The parcels were identified on 30th Jan 1954. The Police has started their investigation but there are no Clues or any trace left by the Murderer. In those days there was no technological advantage for the Police.  

The investigation goes on, the Police send the Parcels to a Hospital. In the Hospital mortuary, they re-align the body parts. They recognized that the body parts belong to a woman. The Murderer didnt want the police to recognize the face, the face skin and lips were peeled. Without a face, the Police were not able to identify the Victim. To find the Identify of the victim, the techonlogy available on those days was Plastic Surgery. The Police started their search for an Expert in Plastic Surgery. They find out a very Important doctor called Dr Murari Mohan Mukherjee. Dr Murari was an expert in Plastic Surgery. After seeing the body parts he first hesitates, then he agrees and completes the Plastic Surgery. The Police were able to get a picture of the Victim. They take Photos of the Victim. The photos of the victim were published in all Newspapers. The Police gave a Phone number to the Public if somebody recognized the Victim. 

Belarani Dutta Case | India - Horrific Violence Rare at that time

Twenty Five days go by, there is not a single clue. No One called that they recognized the victim. The Police officials assemble a bigger team and Missing person names from Other states have been taken. There is no information on the victim in the missing person list. 

The Police didnt want to pass the case to any other dept. The issue was the Police wanted to conduct their investigation and catch the Murderer. The Police dept was under heavy pressure. 

Twenty Days after the Horrific discovery. The Police burn the body. They took some samples of hair and some bones. 

Still, the Police investigation has gone nowhere. 

Who led the Investigation?

Samarendra math Gosh was the Head of the Detectives. Samarendra has solved many cases as he handles the Specialised Section of the Detective dept. There was so much pressure on Samarendra. But Samarendra was not the one to easily give up on the case. 

On 25th Feb, around 9.30 PM Samarendra was travelling in his jeep to his house feeling Tired. He had a Cough and Cold. He asks his driver to stop in a medical shop. Two medical shops were opened. But one was being shut down when the Jeep reached the location. The medical shop which was opened didnt has many stocks as it had empty shelves. Samarendra asks for a Cough Syrup. The shop keeper searches the shop and says there was no Cough Syrup in the Shop instead he offers other medicines for the Cough and Cold. Samarendra became furious as the medical shop was nearly empty and didnt have any stocks. The Shop Keeper replies that the Shop Owner has not returned to his shop. The shop Keeper also says that his Shop owner has not neglected the Shop and will buy the Stocks of medicines. Samarendra asks the Shop Keeper “Why he didnt contact his Owner?”. The Shop Keeper replied that he was trying to contact his owner, but he is missing from 30Th Jan. 

Samarendra got back into his jeep. While travelling he thought about the information from the Shop Keeper. The Shop Owner hasn’t come to the shop for nearly a month. He also remembered that the Shop Owner has not neglected his Shop for this long. This has bever happened before. 

Samarendra orders the jeep Driver to find out the Shop Owner’s details. Within One or Two Hours the information was given to Samarendra. That night Samaredra was not feeling well. So the very next morning he visits the Shop Owner’s address. But the Shop Owner’s house was locked. It is a two Story building. The First Floor was the Shop Owners house which is locked. The Ground floor was occupied by another person. Samarendra asks the person in the ground Floor about the Shop Owner’s whereabouts. 

The Neighbours informed that they didnt see the Shop Owner after 30th Jan. They saw the couple leaving for a hospital as his wife was going to deliver their child. The Shop Owner’s name was Biren Dutta and his wife’s name was Bela. 

The Police were searching for Biren Dutta. 

Where was Biren Dutta’s Wife?

The Police investigate the Hospital where Biren Dutta could have taken his wife. Police officers visit the Hospital. There was no Bela who was admitted in the Hospital. The Police doubt that Biren Dutta may be the Murderer. The Police also had a doubt that the body parts found in the market and the park may belong to Bela. This happens on 26th Feb. 

Now the Police primary Objective was to find Biren Dutta and Capture him. Biren Dutta had two houses which belonged to him. His other house was located 100 to 150 meters away from his residential house. The Police were in Mufti watching the house. On 27th Feb, A man who has covered his face walks near the house. The Police officers capture him and question him whether he is Biren Dutta or not. The Person accepts he is Biren Dutta. 

Belarani Dutta Case | India - Horrific Violence Rare at that time

The Police ask the whereabouts of his wife Bela. Biren Dutta says that his wife has run away with her lover. The Police officers take him into custody. So On 27th Feb, the Police start their investigation with Biren Dutta. 

After 8 hours of Investigation which consisted of Normal Investigation, Psychological Investigation was conducted by the Experienced Head Detective Samarendra. After the Investigation the Police officers get the confession from Biren Dutta. They were not satisfied with Biren Dutta’s Answers. After a Long Investigation Biren Dutta accepts that he has murdered his Wife Belarani Dutta. 

The next investigation was to find information about Belarani Dutta. 

Who is this Belarani Dutta?

Before we discuss Belarani Dutta, We should know about this Biren Dutta. 

Biren Dutta’s father dies when he was 1 year old. His mother died a few months after his father’s death. Biren had two Sisters who were married. Biren was raised in his Grandmother’s house. Biren had an Uncle and his children. The Uncle’s children loved Biren. The family was living in Calcutta. Nabani the son of his father’s brother was the Cousin of Biren. Nabani had a good heart, he had his sympathy on Biren and asked Biren to come Home with him to Calcutta. 

His Uncle joined Biren in A School. When he was in the 8th grade, he was poor in studies and had various issues. He didnt attend the classes properly and was involved in bad Habits. Nabani after watching Biren’sactions warns him. After continuous warnings from Nabani, Biren didnt change. So Nabani went one step further and beats Biren. 

Biren leaves his Uncle’s house and returns to his sister’s house. He lives there for nearly 15 years. Now Biren’s age is 24. Nabani goes to Biren’s Sister to meet him. Nabani insisted that Biren returns with him to Calcutta. 

Biren’s sister and her husband insisted that Biren returns to Calcutta. They promise they will help him by opening a Medical shop as Biren was working in a Medical Shop. So Biren comes back to Nabani’s House to open a New Medical Shop. When Biren Returns, Nabani was married and had a daughter called Kamala. Kamala was 17 years old. Both Biren and Kamala fall in love. This is an Incest Love which was forbidden in the family. 

The Couple knew that their family will not accept their love. So the couple runaway. Kamala insists on getting their marriage registered. But Biren refuses to do so. 

But Nabani didnt act against Biren or his daughter because of the Love he had on them both. Nabani didn’t try to separate the Couple. Biren and Kamala got married and had a baby. Love started to fade away after the child was born. 

Biren was a bad man. He was in an affair with another woman called Meera. Biren marries Meera, but Meera didnt know that Biren was a married man. Meera was taken to Biren’s Sister’s house where Biren’s and his wife were accepted. Biren’s sister hated that Biren has married Nabani’s Daughter Kamala. But they accepted Biren’s marriage to Meera. Meera was from a Rich Family. So the family accepts Meera and stays in Boren’s Sister house for two years. 

When Meera got pregnant, the Child was born and dies after two days. Meera insists that she cannot stay in Biren’s Sister’s house anymore and wants to move to another house. 

The house Kamala resided, from that house nearly 150 metres a house was rented by Biren. Biren used to spend the mornings in Kamala’s house and the night in Meera’s House. He also runs his medical shops.

Five Years go by, Biren had to face many issues. His acting skills were perfect as he was an actor in Dramas. So he employs a Shop Keeper in the Medical Shop and starts concentrating on his acting skills. Reports say that he has acted in Six Movies. He was a great actor for his two wives. 

Biren says to Kamala that he wants to change her name and call her Belarani Dutta. Belarani already had a Son with Biren. She was pregnant with Biren’s Second Child. Biren has a shortage of money and he had to feed two families. The Medical shop was in a loss. 

So Biren’s plan was to abandon Belarani and his Child. So Biren Dutta accuses Belarani that she had a lover and the Child is not Biren’s Child. Belarani was furious when Biren said those words. Biren was not ready to believe Belarani as his motive was to abandon Belarani. 

After the couple had a fight. One Night they were going to sleep. So Biren Dutta decides to murder Belarani. 

What will happen after the murder?

Biren planned to introduce the Child of Belarani to Meera as his friend’s child who died in an accident. This was Biren Dutta’s Plan. 

That night he goes to the Kitchen picks the Knife and Kills Belarani. Belarani at the time was carrying a 9-month-old Fetus. After the murder, the blood of Belarani was filling the house. 

Now the date is 28th Jan early Morning, Biren kills Belarani on 27th Jan Night. Biren hides the body in the Cupboard. 

Biren visits the Neighbours and tells them that Belarani was admitted in the hospital for the birth of their child. He also asks the Neighbours to look after his Son. The Neighbours didnt doubt Biren and Took good care of his son. 

On 28th Jan night, the body of Belarani was taken from the Cupboard. Biren cuts his wife into pieces. He takes the newspapers from his medical Shop. Then Parcels his wife’s body parts in the Newspapers. Two days have gone since the Murder of Belarani. Boren was in the house with his wife’s dead body. 

After he has parcelled his wife’s body, he calls for a Rickshaw. He throws the body parts in the Park and the market. He returns home and cleans the house. 

He introduces his six-year-old son to Meera his Second wife. Belarani’s Jewellery was gifted to Meera. On 30th Jan the Body Parts were discovered. 

The day is 26th Feb and Biren is arrested. The main question is the Police has to produce witnesses. They have to prove the crime of Biren. 

How did the Police prove that Biren Murdered Belarani?

The paper bundle from Biren’s Medical shop was retrieved. The police searched for the date of the papers missing from the Bundle. The Police check whether the Edition which is missing in the Bundle and the papers Edition used to wrap the Body Parts are the same. The missing papers in the bundle are the wrapped papers of the body parts. This becomes evidence. Biren washed his house with Penoil. There were traces of blood in the house. 

Kamala’s Parents were called upon to identify the body as they have not met their daughter for a very long time. The Police ask for identification marks of Kamala from their parents. They said that their Childs’s foot was big. During the Post Mortem of the body, the Police had taken a photo of the Foot. Her parents also identified that there was an injury in the thigh when she was 8 yrs old. The dead body had a scar. The Police confirmed that Belarani was murdered by her husband. 

So the Police write a charge Sheet and submit to the Judge. Biren Dutta Pleads Not Guilty and he says that his wife has run away with her lover. But the evidence obtained by the Police was important to prove that Biren was the Murderer. If the Police didnt have the evidence Biren may be set free. 

The Calcutta Police was having a note of the Crime. This Case was the first which is horrific in India. In the case against Biren Dutta, he was sentenced to death. Biren Dutta was hanged for his crimes. 

Who is responsible for this murder?

Biren Dutta, Nabani, Biren’s Sister. The Negligence of the family was the main reason behind his murder. There are chances that this might happen to any of us. We should be cautious at any time. This case is proof of that statement. 

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