Belmez Ghost Faces – Paranormal Activity

Belmez Ghost Faces - Paranormal Activity:

This post might scare you. You have been warned. LOL Just Kidding.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Pm Narendra Modi have started their Discussion in Mamallapuram. You should have seen the photos in the news. Narendra Modi is rocking by wearing Vetti sattai. The whole world is now having a look at our Culture.

For so long now we have been discussing world politics, History, the Wars which have been fought. It should have been boring now. So for a change, this post is going to be a different one.

Have you guys heard about the Faces of Belmez? 

Is it true about the Belmez Ghosts?

We will discuss in detail the belmez ghosts. 

Beloved Tamil people.  Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.


Belmez Ghost Faces - Paranormal Activity

We have to travel to our village called as Belmez, Spain. In that village the Pereira family home is at Calle Real 5 where Maria Gomez stays with her husband and her child. When she got up one morning as usual and went to work in her Kitchen. She looked at the floor and saw that an image has been there on the Kitchen Floor. Mostly that is caused by pareidolia meaning tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns. 

So this was Maria’s Conclusion in this matter. The image shows a woman who is deeply saddened. The floor was made of tiles. So she thinks that something from the Kitchen would have spilled and portraying an image and it should go away the next morning. 

The next morning she comes to the kitchen and sees that the same image has not disappeared. She was scared when she saw the image. She calls her husband and child and shows the image. The image which was not clear on the previous day was so clear now. They looked at the image till evening and they noticed the image disappearing before their own eyes. Her husband gives an idea to replace that particular place. He digs the floor and changes it with new concrete and cement. 

But has it stopped the appearances of the images? No. This time another image appeared on the floor. This image also had another woman with another facial reaction. The whole family is so confused and they began to wonder how this is possible. 

So they call the Mayor and he arrives and he was really scared and amazed by the image. He gives an idea to send the parts of the floor for research to the labs to find out whether the chemicals are doing it.  By hearing this news the people in the village approach the family and informs them that their place is built upon a Dead Warehouse. They also recommend the couple to dig a little further. So when they start digging up that location they find Human Skeletons. For most of those skeletons, the head was missing. So they thought that Improper Religious burials are the reason why the images are appearing. So they bury the dead again by performing a Catholic way. 

So after this, a new floor has been placed and the old ones are sent to the labs. So after five days, the images begin to appear on the new floor. So the information spreads quickly beyond Belmez borders. The world is really amazed and puzzled by this paranormal activity which is happening in Belmez.  The world names it as Faces of Belmez and even the tourists start visiting the place. The situation has turned to people waiting in queues and receiving tokens to see the images. 

After this, the Single images started to Appear as Multiple faces on the  Images. The expression was different and Men, Women, and children become to appear. The images in the start used to be visible for nearly 8 hours. But the latest images change within two hours. So the Tourists started to take the pictures and started doing research. Many analysts and researchers start to visi the place to find out the truth behind the faces of Belmez.

Belmez Ghost Faces - Paranormal Activity

Many researchers come to the conclusion that this place is the biggest paranormal Activity place which is so mysterious in the 21st Century. Many people are eager to find out the truth students and college students come here for an answer. They set up Mic’s and the camera’s on the location to find the truth.  The Mic triggers a sound but there was no one there. The images start to appear still. People start to believe that this is paranormal activity and the family had nothing to do with it. Many Researchers who thought otherwise didn't leave the place and were starring at the images for a long time.

In front of their eyes, the images started to change. These images take different shapes and sizes. But still, people refuse to believe in this and ask MARIA to take a Lie detector test. Maria takes the test and passes it.  The lab results are also done and it says that there are chemicals present in those samples and that may be the reason the images start to appear. 

So many start to wonder how this is possible, they say the Chemicals may lead to a single image but they didn't have any explanations for the other images. They refuse to accept the results from the labs. After 10 years  Many believed that Maria has this extraordinary power of typography where she is able to draw the images which appear in her mind. Maria denied this accusation, so they sealed the Kitchen prohibiting anyone to enter the Kitchen. Thirty years pass by and Maria passes away in 2004. Many thought that this would stop the images from appearing on the floor. But still, the images continue to appear on the floor. Some believe that Maria’s son is doing this and they close this research. 

But still, this mystery is not solved as nobody is able to identify whether this is a Paranormal Activity or Man-Made Spoof. Many scientists have tried to identify this Mystery but no one is still able to do so. 

Have you seen any paranormal activity?

If have any interesting activity like this please share it with us. In the future, we will share More Mysterious topics with you. We will be posting new posts regarding these kinds of Mysterious happening from all over the world. 

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