Bermuda Triangle UFO | Orion Belt Annunaki Part 11

Bermuda Triangle UFO | Orion Belt Annunaki Part 11:

What was Mayan’s Culture?

How was Mayan Architecture?

These questions were raised in a discussion between two people. The Two People wanted an answer to their questions. So Searched the books for the answers. They found a book called Popol Vuh. In that book, the Orion belt has been mentioned. 

What is this Orion Belt?

Anunnaki Part11. We will discuss this Star Constellation. 

In Part11 We will discuss the Orion Belt. 

Is Constellation Orion that important?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Annunaki Fantasy Team welcomes you to Part11. 

We Discussed the UFO in the India and China border in part10. In Part9 we discussed Space Station. 

Are Anunnaki visiting Earth?

Are they using Earth as a resting place?

Is there a Space Station for the Anunnaki?

The Earth is filled with humans. 

How is it possible for the Anunnaki to build Space Stations?

We, humans, have to build a space station called ISS(International Space Station). American and Russian Astronauts are in the space station conducting various research. 

The Annunaki are more advanced species than humans. They could have to build a bigger and more advanced Space Station.

Where could this space Station be?

We asked a question.

Could the Moon be a place for their Space Station?

We will discuss this in the next part. 

Can space stations only build in Space?

How about they build Space Stations underwater or beneath Earth?

 Bermuda Triangle UFO | Orion Belt Annunaki Part 11

Is it possible?

Many Researchers started their research. In this research, the Name Columbus who discovered America has been debated. 

If you want to know the real History of Columbus. Please type in Columbus in TamilPokkisham. 

Columbus' log consisted of this trip. His ships, the discoveries. History says that the real Diary notes of Columbus are missing or not found. 

So Christopher Columbus Log is not discovered until today. 

How are they saying that Columbus saw a UFO near the Bermuda Triangle?

Many searched for answers from Researchers to Debunkers. So they went in search to find the person who wrote this event. 

Christopher Columbus has gone on three voyages. On the Second Voyage, you discover many important discoveries. In Columbus’s first voyage, there was an 8 Yr old boy. His name was Bartolome. Bartolome’s father and Uncle were sailors in the Columbus expedition. He writes down the information provided by his father and uncle. His writings are the ones which until now are called the Original Log. 

What did he write?

Bartolome wrote that Columbus has seen UFOs and Meteorites. He writes that they saw these events near the Bermuda Triangle. Bartolome’s book is called Diary of Christopher Columbus. 

Bartolome writes on 15th Sep 1492, Columbus and his crew saw a marvellous Branch of Firefall from the sky into the Sea. 

This event has two sides. One side says that it would be Meteorites falling from the Sky. The other side says that a UFO could have flown from the sea to the sky. Many People believed that Columbus would have seen a UFO near the Bermuda Triangle. But there were people who opposed this theory. 

There was another event which took place on 11th October 1492. Christopher Columbus and his crew saw a bright light which dived into the Sea and flew away. So this could not be just a random event. 

Is there a possibility that there is a Space Station in the Bermuda Triangle?

Science has already debunked the Bermuda Triangle. They could have said Magnetic fields, and many suggestions. 

 Bermuda Triangle UFO | Orion Belt Annunaki Part 11

Did this happen near the Bermuda Triangle?

There is a third entry by Bartolome that Columbus Compass didnt give any directions. The Conspiracy theorists say that when Columbus Ship passed the Space Station their compass would have been disabled. So there is still a debate going on in this issue. 

So we don’t know whether there is a Space Station below the Sea. 

We mentioned the Magnetic Fields. 

IS the Magnetic Field which is under the Bermuda Triangle Powerful?

There is a lot of mystery in this topic. 

But we need to know,

What fuel is used in the UFOs?

Is it petrol, Diesel, Gasoline, Water or Air?

If we know the fuel we can connect the dots. Scientists say that UFOs may use Magnetic force to fly. 

Why are the aliens using the magnetic Force?

In our world, we use Petrol and Diesel. If the World says that there is no Petrol and Diesel and we have to use Water or Hydrogen to run our vehicles. We have to do it. 

So the Humans use the Natural resources which are plenty to run their vehicles. 

But the Annunaki is more advanced than humans. They Could have used Magnetic fields as fuel. Earth has a magnetic field. Due to this field, we feel Gravitational force and Weight. 

So there is a possibility that the Annunaki would have used earth as a Refuelling System drawing energy from the magnetic fields. Bermuda Triangle would have been a perfect spot for the Anunnaki. 

So if we come to an assumption that Anunnaki could have used the Magnetic Force as their fuel.

 Bermuda Triangle UFO | Orion Belt Annunaki Part 11

But Mayans, Egyptians and In India, we have so many texts pinpointing to this Orion Constellation. In ancient times many people worshipped this Constellation as their gods. 

The Starts which are visible to us are three in numbers. The three starts combined is called the Orion Belt. 

So if we see the sky the clouds may sometimes show us an image. IF we connect the stars we can get an image. The Brightest of the Star Constellation is this Orion Belt. If we connect these dots we will have an image of a protector. The Image which looks like a warrior wears a belt. This belt is called the Orion Belt. The tree stars' names are Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The ancient people thought that the three stars are aligned on a straight line. But recently they have discovered that one star is slightly away from the two stars. Using this Constellation the Pyramids have been built, said the Scientists and researchers. There are a lot of records and proof to confirm this theory. 

What is the connection between the Orion Belt and the Pyramids?

The Orion belt consists not only of three starts but Nine stars.

 The Alnitak star which is nearly 1200 Light Years away has three starts. So due to the distance, the three stars are visible as one. 

Alnilam Star is a single star. But it is 30% to 60% bigger than the Sun. 

Mintaka has 5 stars. So totally the count of stars in the constellation is 9 stars. But when you see it it will be as three stars. 

Scientists have predicted that the Orion constellation is 1200 to 1500 Light Years away from Earth. 

How did the Annunaki or aliens in their UFO’s travel this distance to Earth?

Einstein’s Wormhole theory is a possible way to these questions says another theory. 

Are Aliens coming from Orion Belt to Earth?

What is the connection between Maya’s Orion and Egyptians Pyramids?

The History of Mayans was discovered in the 17th Century. 

Did two people discover the Mayan Civilization?

How did it happen?

Let's discuss this in the next part. 

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