Bill Gates True face – Gates Foundation

Bill Gates True face - Gates Foundation:

He will be everywhere, but he is the one who is doing all things. Nobody will know it.

In the African continent, there are so many countries. 80% of the farmers in those countries will exchange seeds among themselves and continued to do farming. But one man got into the country. He spoke like a prophet that he will take away the hardships of the people. Climate change has happened, he told the farmers to buy the seeds from him and started a project. 

All farmers in the African Continent are now dependent on Corporate Companies which are in Foreign countries. 

The same person has said that African People due to WHO’s Vaccination are getting benefits. This person is called a Good Human being and the Second richest Person in the World. But the true face of that person will be in each and every projects which are happening around the world. But nobody will know he is a part of the project. 

We are going to discuss this incredible person.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Is Bill gates banned in India?

If you search for this you will get an answer that Indian govt has not banned Bill Gates. The Proof will be shared in the video Description. This is an important topic and We have been researching this topic for so long. 

Has the Indian govt not sued Bill Gates?

Indian govt suspended a foundation in which Bill Gates was a member. The Foundation was called Path. Path means Foundation of Appropriate technologies in Health. This is also an organisation. If a person dies of normal Fever people will say that the person was affected by the Corona Virus.

PATH was funded by Bill Gates. Gates has said that he will fund 250 Million USD to WHO. PATH started to use vaccinations in India. When they injected the vaccination nearly 7 Children lost their lives. PATH targets women and Girls. So 7 female child were dead. 

So our Indian Researchers started their research on those deaths. They concluded that the deaths occurred not by vaccination but One girl drowned in a quarry, another one was bitten by a snake. Another two committed suicides. One died from malaria and the other two died of High Fever. 

Bill Gates True face - Gates Foundation

PATH’s work to the deaths is not connected.  But ICMR banned PATH from any projects. But Indian govt didnt ban Bill Gates who funded PATH. 

What did he do next?

We all think that Bill Gates is building his business through Pharmaceutical companies. Bill Gates is very keen in the Agriculture Sector. In Jan2020 Africa, he has started a Non-Profit agricultural project. This is a branch in the Gates Foundation. So this one is called Gates AG. 

So this project was started this year.

But before eight years, in 2012 International Fund For Agriculture Development. (IFAD). Gates gave a speech here. Gates said that the world must give importance to Genetically Modified Seeds. By doing this we can overcome Poverty. He says that he started this project to be a Non-Profit organisation. 

These seeds are supplied by MNC companies. You can produce the goods but there will be no seeds. To grow the crops you will need chemicals which are sold by MNC’s. Bill Gates said that he will not profit from these transactions and he is doing good to the poor people. 

So the research should be done before 2012 about these Genetically Modified Seeds. The Crop yield in the US dropped rapidly due to these GMS. So the govt has banned farmers from growing these Genetically modified seeds. So America has banned these seeds. So now they cant sell their seeds in America, they turn to Africa and Asia. 

Bill Gates True face - Gates Foundation

So Asia Means Will Bill gates leave out India and Pakistan?

No. Gates started a Project in Pakistan called Ehsaas Initiative. The gate foundation and the Pakistani govt have joined hands to stop poverty. So this project contains vaccination and agriculture. 

Similar to this in India, you would have known about a project called Ayushman Bharat. Insurance for all in India. So this is the Universal Health Coverage in India. In the 100th day of this project, Bill gates praised the Indian govt. He said that the govt is in the correct path. Everyone in India should be given a sustainable lifestyle whether its agriculture of family planning.  

So When it comes to Agriculture, WHO’s Vaccines and Genetically modified Seeds. A good person will say that next to us our generation should also live happily. Gates thinks that he should live happily and he wants more money. But among the people, he will act as a hero. If there is an issue he will simply say that the project didnt belong to him. We discussed PAth, Gates said that he just funded the project and has no connections to PATH. 

If there is an issue by WHO then Gates will say that he just funded WHO and there is no other connection to him. 

Bill Gates True face - Gates Foundation

But the profit of the project goes directly to Bill gates Charitable Trust. This trust has nearly 50 Billion USD. The leaders of this trust are Bill and Melinda gates and then comes Warren Buffett. Warren Buffet is the King of the Stock market. The remaining people will be part of the Social community in various countries. When it comes to decisions based on Agriculture and Medical these people are the ones who give the go-ahead. These people are powerful people, but the world will not know of their power. 

In 2005, Gorakhpur, India. A Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, Many children lost their lives. In lack of Oxygen, the children died of Brain Tumour. But the truth is they tested Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

We now know which vaccines are good and bad. So if a person comes to the govt and sells the Vaccines stating that it is from a non-Profitable foundation we should never ever believe him. Our govt has to take extreme care in this situation.
CGIAR(Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research). This organisation is also funded and lead by the Gates Foundation. So if a Potato has to grow in your village in a healthy way, the research about the Potato will be done by the Indian govt.  IF an international committee has to give go ahead. These committees are controlled by the people who fund them.

Many started to debate this issue in many countries. Gates Development - Is the Gates Foundation always a force for good?. This paper was released. This Sceintifical paper exposed the truth. The link to that paper is in the Video Description.
In Africa, the Gates Foundation did a big project from 2006 to 2015. The foundation allotted over 424 Million USD. We can say it as Africa’s Green Revolution or Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa(AGRA). The Gates Foundation and Rockefeller foundation join to start the project. After this project, the seeds in Africa are changed to Privatization. 

Bill Gates True face - Gates Foundation

So if Genetically Modified Seeds must come into India, someway or the other Gates will try to enter India. Whether we should block Gates or not should be determined by the Indian govt. But we should know these paths which gates will take. 

Gates praised Ayushman Bharat. The real reason is he has found a way to enter India. Pakistan is under control of gates. Now China, he started helping China. Now we come to Corona Virus, Gates says that he will support China. WHO’s fund has been stopped by America but gates funds WHO and help China. 

If you need more proof we can create a new playlist for Bill gates. So if you want to know the truth about Gates in detail. Please Comment. With your comments only we can continue our research and the search for the truth. So your comments are very important for posts like this one. 

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