Bill Gates True Face Part2 – Jallikattu to Lockdown


Bill Gates True face – Gates Foundation

Bill Gates True Face Part2 - Jallikattu to Lockdown:

Was the last post against Bill Gates?

Yes. We may have. We will consider that wrong information. Let’s move ahead with another post. The concept of this post is entirely different. 

What is this Concept?

Bill Gates has introduced a  good Concept.In 2015 Ted Talks, Gates gave a speech. In 2015, the World Population was 650 Crore People. If we don't stop the population growth we will easily reach 900 Crore Population. Through Vaccination we can reduce the Population by 10% to 15%. This is just an idea to stop the growth of the Population. 

Is there a Connection between this growth and his investment in agriculture?

Something is wrong here. Let’s discuss this in the post. So after reading this post you may get furious and we are not responsible. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

There is a difference between the last post and this one. This year March18th 2020. A Science paper was released. In this paper there is BT cotton meaning Genetically Modified Cotton. After 2003 we are using this Cotton Seed. This paper said that this seed didn't make any profits for the farmers but instead they went into debts. There are two authors for this paper. Keshav R Kranthi and Glenn Davis Stone. Two days ago Kranthi said that there are three misconceptions in the paper. BT Cotton is not affecting Yields. SO if you need increased Yield you should use BT Cotton. 

So this paper was released in March. Within One Month he says he has made a mistake. Think about the Influence behind his change of statement. 

What is the difference in BT Cotton?

In India nearly 90% the cotton seeds are from BT cotton. Now let’s come to One World Order.

What is One World Order?

One man rules which the world should listen to. This is one World Order. When it comes to food there is a food Chain. So the starting point of this food Chain is Seed. So without the seed there will be no Food Chain. So when one man says that he give this seed to the world. Then it comes under One World Order. 

Is there an Organisation which says this?

Yes. Monsanto Organisation. Bayer bought this Monsanto. We should also know about Cargill. Nearly 92% of the America’s Soybean are from this organisation. So Soya beans seeds are supplied by Monsanto. Monsanto is the one which exports seeds to many countries. These seeds are genetically modified Seeds. 

Bill Gates True Face Part2 - Jallikattu to Lockdown

What is the connection between Monsanto and Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is the Big Owner of Monsanto Shares. He has also bought Cargill shares. There two organisations are the ones which fulfill the needs of Seeds across the world. 

In 1998 to 2000, Monsanto came to India. They said that they will introduce BT cotton. Many were against this Genetically Modified seed in India. The government was put into a lot of pressure without any wayout it gives permission. Bt Cotton was introduced. The poor farmers have been fooled. They manipulate the farmers. These seeds were introduced as Magic Seeds to the farmers. Our farmers believe this and plant these seeds in our lands. These seeds after planting needed a huge amount of water. Many farmers hold on to their beliefs and go into Debts for their yields. In 2006 there was another version, Monsanto BT Cotton 2.0. Many farmers because of their debts commit suicide. We all believed that the farmers Suicide was caused because of Drought and nature. We should understand that we believed in some organisation and by planting these seeds we have destroyed our lands. 

Today we are dependent on BT cotton to produce cotton. We are facing drought because of these seeds. 

Will there be only this change?

 In 2000 Gates Foundation was started in Africa. In 2001, Uganda the Banana Yields went down. Uganda is called Banana Republic. A human can consume nearly a third of this weight as Banana in a year. So Bananas are important to humans. Suddenly there is an issue, Gates said that by growing normal seeds the farmers are facing loss. He says that he has Genetically Modified Banana Seeds and no disease will come of these seeds.

 In Uganda laws were changed so they can plant these seeds. In Uganda the genetically modified seeds are banned. The seeds were distributed by the World Food Program. This is a branch of the United Nations.

 So the UN and World Bank combined distribute the seeds. The gates foundation has funded them and asked them to distribute the seeds. Bill Gates brings in Monsanto. The farmers start to fight against these seeds. 

Nearly 120 Organisations and 26 Scientists from the country, wrote a letter to World’s organisation. That letter contained that GM Bananas have been tested in Uganda. Due to these seeds there have been a lot of issues in the country. 

Was there any reply to the letter?

No. But now Banana’s are Privatized in Uganda. Now if Uganda needs seeds they have to depend on Monsanto. In Nigeria nearly 1.5 crore farmers protested against these Genetically Modified seeds which was brought in by Gates Foundation. They said they were helping farmers. 

Bill Gates True Face Part2 - Jallikattu to Lockdown

How can they directly distribute these seeds?

They have proved it scientifically. These scientists who give the go ahead are with Bill Gates. There is proof. Nearly 400 Scientists are corrupted. So if somebody speaks against these seeds, that person will change his statement. Keshav R Kranthi is the example. 

How is this possible?

They have created two programs. Projects like ID2020 and Agenda21. There are projects behind these seeds also. 

Which University is approving these projects?

Cornell University. In 2014 Alliance for Science was Initiated. Through this Alliance the 400 Scientists approved these Genetically Modified Banana Seeds. So if somebody speaks against GM then he will be bombarded to change his statement. So till now the papers which comeout are sanctioned by this Alliance for Science. 

In 2018, there was another project called  Zero Hungry. By 2030 there is also another name called Ceres2030. 

What does Ceres2030 say?

No human should be hungry. Throughout the world these genetically modified seeds will be planted. If farmers do it their yields will go upto 3 or 4 times. Nobody should be hungry in the world. 

What are the issues behind these seeds?

Genetically modified food are banned in America. After many regulations they allowed the food to be sold in America. 92& of Soya beans and Corn all are Genetically modified seeds. But 60 out of 100 Americans have some kind of disease. It may be Autism or digestive problems or Anxiety. Americans tend to go to hospitals regularly. The reason are these Genetically modified seeds. 

Bill Gates True Face Part2 - Jallikattu to Lockdown

So everything is changed to these Genetically Modified Seeds which is managed by the Gates Foundation. 

What is the meaning behind Gates Speech in Ted Talk 2015?

How will they reduce the population?

Through Vaccinations.

Can we reduce the Population through Vaccinations?

A family has three children. 

Why do we have 3 Children?

If a child dies of disease or some event, there will be other children to continue our Generation. So when you only have one child and through vaccinations if we keep this child healthy. So We will need only one child and we will not need many more. So the Population has been controlled. This was the idea given by Bill Gates.
Is he implementing this idea?

No. The Immunity system of the humans are damaged by the Genetically modified seeds. So the natural food must be consumed by the humans. IF we take in Genetically modified food our Immunity system will slowly start to reduce. So when our Immunity system decreases we will need medicines. So to increase the immunity system we should take medicines. So when our immunity system decreases we will visit hospitals. There are so many issues.

Bill Gates True Face Part2 - Jallikattu to Lockdown

We protested for Jallikattu. 

Is there a connection between Bill Gates and Jallikattu?

In 2014, Gates Foundation funded nearly 5.6 Million USD to Cornell University for a project.

What was this project?

Monsanto is discovering a new source called GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) Bovine Growth Hormone. This is the destruction of Country Cows. 

Monsanto has changed the DNA and created a new breed of cows. These cows produce a lot of milk. The Gates foundation funded the research. This genetically modified cow will be exported to all countries. The cow cannot produce a calf. The Sperms to produce these cows will be available only in Monsanto. 

This is only one plan. To understand this we need to discuss a lot. There is a lot of proof behind these projects. Many People have been threatened. Castration has been done to animals to stop breeding. 

Gates Foundation is trying to castrate humans. This is not only for males but for females also. But the media says that this foundation is doing good. They are doing good things. We didn't disapprove of it. 

We don't want the innocent to be punished. This is the Indian Law. 

Tomorrow’s post will be totally different. Your comments are very essential to continue this topic. Your comments are very important to us. Nearly 4000 comments in the last post. Please Do Comment. 

Comments about this post are Most Welcome.

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