Bill Gates True Face part3 – Will Bill Gates Rule the World?

Bill Gates True Face Part2 – Jallikattu to Lockdown

Bill Gates True Face part3 - Will Bill Gates Rule the World?:

Have they hacked Gates foundation and WHO websites?

Did know that Gates or Melinda Gates there were chances for them to become Vice President of America. 

Did you know about it?

IS Gates Foundation seeing India and African Countries as testing grounds?

What’s the truth?

What changes can the Gates Foundation change in this world?

We will answer these questions in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In 2017, in the world population, only 7 children were affected by Polio. This is a victory for us and we have ended this disease. This is the truth because the vaccine is stopping Children attacked by Polio. This is what we believe. 

When you read this post you may think that we are against Vaccination. Many in the last post said that these are Conspiracies theories despite we gave them 100% Proof. 

The Previous generation knew about the vaccine and taught us about it. The coming generation could have known about the vaccinations in detail and could have chosen the right vaccinations for them. We are not against Vaccination we just want to share the truth and the coming Generation should know about it. 

Only 7 Children are affected by Polio. Is this a success?

In 2017, after vaccination, nearly 21 children were affected by Polio.  India and America. These two countries have a different type of Vaccinations. In America, the vaccination has been done through Injection but in India, they give the medicine as Polio Drops. 

Bill Gates True Face part3 - Will Bill Gates Rule the World?

There is a difference between Injection via vaccination and Polio Drops. Through injection, there are no chances that the child will be affected by Polio. In India, the govt says that medicine which is injected is too expensive. Scientists say that through Polio Drops children may be affected by the Polio.

This post is a scientific one please don’t make it a conspiracy theory. We have the proof in the Video Description. 

Gates foundation as the one who wanted to eradicate Polio. They spend 50 Crore USD. The world needed 120 Crore USD to stop polio in the world. So in 120 Gates Foundation has given 50 Crore USD. From 2000 to 2017 due to this vaccination nearly 1.5 Crore Children have been saved from Polio. 

But In India, From 2000 to 2017 due to these vaccinations nearly 5 Lakh Children are affected by Polio. They have stopped 1.5 crore children in the world from Polio, but In India 5 Lakh Children are suffering because of Polio. This type of Polio is called Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis. 

So nearly 5 Lakh Children are affected by this NPAFP. 

Are our sceintists trying to solve the mystery?

This still remains a question until now. Gates Foundation comes to India and says that it will help eradicate Polio.  So our Indian govt made a deal. SO the govt forms an organisation called National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization(NTAGI). Then the govt appoints Gates Foundation as the Secretary. So the vaccinations recommended by the Gates Foundation will be given to children in India. Till 2017 this was the only way. 

In 2017 Indian govt figured out the conspiracy. Gates Foundation should be stopped. They said that the Gates Foundation had many alliances with many Pharma Companies. So the Gates Foundation involvement may be for profits. The govt has gathered a lot of information and the deal was off.  So if the Indian govt has done some good things, then Gates Foundation will be the first to congratulate the govt. Till now Gates Foundation is looking for a way into the country by praising the leadership and the govt. 

Why did the Indian govt ban Gates Foundation?

The answer to this question and the sufferings of African people are the same. They are using India and African Countries as testing grounds. 

Today’s news said that Gates Foundation and WHO Websites have been hacked. Nearly 25000 accounts were hacked. WHO has accepted the hacking and doesn’t know what data has been stolen. Gates Foundation has said that they were hacked last year and the data which was stolen was old data.

You all know about Jullian Assange Wikileaks. The true hero is Julian Assange. Through Wikileaks, many emails were posted. There was a list for candidates for Vice President. The candidates were Tim Cook, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. IF Hillary Clinton won the elections Bill Gates may have become Vice President of America. 

Bill Gates True Face part3 - Will Bill Gates Rule the World?

Let’s turn our attention to India and African Countries. The testing grounds means targeting people who are illiterate people. There are so many women. An Interviewer asks a question to Melinda Gates. What will you do for women?

She says Birth Control so they can come out of Poverty. This is the lifetime prize which we will give to poor women. 

Can they only stop women from getting pregnant or they can’t conceive in their lifetime?

The proof is their Records and Research papers. We will discuss this Sayana Press Injection. It has another name called DEPO- PROVERA. This is called DMPA. This DMPA is banned in America and is in their Black Box warning.

Bill Gates True Face part3 - Will Bill Gates Rule the World?

This drug has been used in India and African Countries for Women to not get pregnant. The price is 1$ for a doze. Gates Foundation spends nearly 100 Crore USD. Pfizer will be given the money and Pfizer will produce the dozes. Gates will sell this to Govt’s. So this will reach villages in India. Pfizer’s profits from producing this drug are 3600 Crore USD. The cost to produce was 100 Crore USD but Profits 3600 Crore USD. This truth has been revealed by the Wall Street Journal. Now you can understand how profitable this business.

IF Pfizer is gaining profits then people should also get benefits?

DMPA is banned in America. In India, they are using it. Every three months Women should use this drug. So for three months, women cannot get pregnant. But they conduct clinical tests. First ii was DMPA, then became DEPO Provera and now its is Sayana Press.

What are the side effects for the women?

During Periods time they will lose a lot of blood. Extreme stomach pain, and chances to be affected by Breast Cancer increases by 4%. SO if women take this medicine continuously for two years they will suffer from many diseases. The bones of women will become weak. They will never be able to conceive again. Gates Foundation knows all this info. They are doing it knowingly. Many women who take this drug are illiterate, the educated ones like us know about this now only.  

Now Gates Foundation has started to Sterilize Men. So an injection is injected into a man he will not be able to produce Children for ten years. We will discuss this in another post.

What else did Gates Do?

In 2017 Gates Foundation is out of India. Before 2017 we can recap what Gates Foundation was doing in India. 

In 2017, WHO says that the vaccinations given to stop Polio is not that powerful there are chances that Children may be affected by Polio. So WHO will take back these vaccines and will ready a new one. A Letter was sent to all countries. 

In 2014, HPV Human papilloma Virus for the demonstration was injected into people who are in villages. GlaxoSmithKline is the producers. GSK is the short form. It will be in your toothpaste or medical shops. You can see the symbol GSK. GSK is the king in Pharma. They are the ones who develop HPV vaccinations. 

Bill Gates True Face part3 - Will Bill Gates Rule the World?

Nearly 23000 Girls between 10 to 14 of age were injected by this vaccine. 2009 to 2011 was their study period. The girls were a testing tool for the HPV vaccine. They didnt get any approval for injecting these girls. So their parents had to accept the vaccine. There was a registration form. In the forms, nearly 70% of the parents didnt sign they only used Thumb Impression. Many Parents were Illiterate. The remaining 30% didnt have parents they were signed by Guardians and Wardens. 

They didn’t follow our Govt guidelines or law. So nearly 23000 Children were vaccinated and 7 Children lost their lives. SO due to the deaths PATH was evacuated from India. This issue we discussed in Part1. The deaths were framed and using our Law Loopholes theses criminals escaped. Nut our Indian govt stood strong against the vaccination. 

In 2010, GSK produced Malaria Vaccination. Through Gates Foundation they test it on Children in Africa.  Nearly 54 Children died. South African Papers said that their country doesn’t have testing Pigs. They wanted Gates Foundation out of their country. 

In 2017, There was a scientific paper released. Due to DTP Vaccinations, the people who died of DTP disease was lower than the death rate of vaccinated people. So if they use this vaccination the affected person death will come Ten Times faster. There is a lot of Proof.

All these have been shared with you to understand what’s going on. We don’t have anything against Gates Foundation and the info in this post is the truth. Our aim is to spread awareness. 

Why this is happening?

What loopholes did these criminals use?

How they are infiltrating our govt?

If we search for this mystery then surely we can protect our future generations.

Many said in comments. 

How can we stop this?

We can only read and know the truth. Throughout the world, many believe that these theories are just Conspiracy Theories about Bill Gates. 

In the future, if they ask us to insert a chip into our bodies or inject us with a vaccine. When this issue arises these Conspiracy theories will become the Truth. So when we start to talk and discuss this Bip Chip and Vaccinations are on Hold because of our Awareness. 

So if everybody is aware of the situation this guy BILL GATES Cant DO ANYTHING. 

We all know about Johns Hopkins University. They are the ones who give reports about Confirmed, Affected and Death reports to WHO. For that University Bill Gates has donated money 202 times. The numbers are very high. Similarly, Gates Foundation played a game in Germany. Many in Germany figured out the game and are asking questions now. 

In Germany, there is a law which says ASK THE STATE. Through that website, many have placed questions. 

What is the connection between the Federal Health Ministry and Gates Foundation? 

Why is the ministry getting a lot of donations?

Gates Foundation has also donated to two important Press in Germany. There is proof of all these truths. 

We will discuss more in this series about This BILL GATES. We are spending a lot of time to take this proof. 

Topics like:

What happened to North Korea President?

What is going to happen between America and China?

We need time to post. 

Comments about this post are Most Welcome.

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