Bill Gates True Face Part4 – Gates & Memphis Meat

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat:

Today’s topic is Bill Gates Part4.

Bill gates have said that Meat markets across the world are open and it should be closed. Because the Virus spread from Wuhan Fishmarket.  He says people not to consume meat. Meat should be banned. He wanted to create an issue so he placed a request. All Shops must be closed.
Who among you are vegetarians and Non-veg?

 What is the difference?

A life which is killed and consumed becomes Non-veg. Now Let’s Discuss Bill Gates Part4. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Totally Corona Virus has affected above 30 Lakh People. Nearly 10 Lakh people have recovered and 2 Lakh people have lost their lives. You all know India’s Current situation because the whole media is talking about it. 

In America, there is an Operation called Operation Warp Speed. 

What is this Operation Warp Speed?

The companies which are in the world are called forth to find a vaccine fast. Trump is in Charge of this Operation, he says people can’t wait for 18 months the vaccine should be developed within this year. This operation will be like the Manhattan Project. To find a vaccine fast this Operation has been started which is called Operation Warp Speed(WPRP). 

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat

The companies which are operating under this project is kept as a secret. Oxford vaccination seems to be working. We don’t know whether the Oxford will come under the Operation Warp Speed. 

Oxford and India’s SERUM have tested the vaccine in a monkey. There are no changes in the Monkey tests. So they are going to conduct human trials. Suppose if the vaccine works, then it will be ready in Sep to be distributed across the world. 

So this is Operation Warp Speed. Now there is no visible proof that Bill Gates is connected to Operation Warp Speed. 

What is the situation in Tamilnadu?

Issues are becoming bigger in Tamilnadu particularly in Chennai. The people who are from other states can return to their own states. Many Indians who are living aboard want to come back to India. In Kerala, Nearly 3 Lakh Indians have requested to come back to India. In Arab Countries Indians, nearly 35000 have registered online to come back to their country. The Indian govt will take steps to bring the Indians back. 

So the Indian govt and Officials know how to contain the virus. They have to isolate these returning people and they have to place them in Isolation from 14 to 28 days. So after the testing, only these people will be allowed to go back to their homes. This is a long Procedure. 

We have been doing Contact tracing. Contact Tracing is not enough but Random testing should be done. After Random Testing comes Target Testing. So people who are affected by the virus, the people who live near the affected person should also be tested. This is called target testing. 

Will our Indian and Tamilnadu Govt do Target and Randon testing?

This is a question yet to be answered. This is the complete update of the Corona Virus. 

Now we should know where the virus originated from. Trump in some times has done some good things. Trump signs an order to open Meat markets and people can consume meat. So through this order, the Food Chain will be protected. 

Why are we raising Sheep, Cow and Chickens in Villages?

To sell them in markets or consume ourselves. So if the meat market doesn’t open the people in the lives of the village will be affected. The Economy of the Villages will be stopped completely. 

Now let’s speak about Jallikattu and saving our traditions. We protested against PETA. 

Why did we protest?

We should be able to raise these animals these are our rights. So if we stop Jallikattu the Bulls will not be raised. So when this stops the animal becomes extinct. Nearly 170 variety of bulls are extinct in Tamilnadu we only have 2 or 3 remainings. We have lost all these bulls. 

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat

There will come a time when we say that Chickens raised in houses are neglected and Chickens produced by ISO Certified companies will be wanted. We are consuming Broiler Chickens in huge numbers. There will come a time where no life is killed for consumption. Meaning the meat will be produced artificially. The foundation has been laid by the Gates Foundation and many Rich greedy People. 

Can we artificially develop Chicken meat without Chickens?

Yes, we can its called Clean meat. It is possible through Clean meat. 

How is this possible?

You could have seen plants. So the seeds can transform into a tree. Similar to this, Stem cells are retrieved from Animals. These stem cells can be retrieved cow or chickens or any other animal. 

These stem cells will be placed in Bio-Reactor. Then it will start to grow.

How will it grow?

This stem cell is a singular cell which is not visible to the eye. When the process starts they will need Amino Acid, Glucose which is needed for the cell to grow. This cell will start to multiply. So after the whole process, we will have meat. This meat can be consumed and it will taste exactly like real meat. This is called Clean Meat. 

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat

What is the process?

A start-up company who has started this as a pilot program has said that Memphis meat of introduced into the world. You don’t have to raise Chickens, Sheep and Cow. So the food chain is broken. Your Next generation will be shown pictures of these animals. So for consumption, the companies will use these stem cells to produce meat. This project is invested by Bill Gates and Richard Branson and Kimbal Musk. 

Are there any other people invested in this project?

Cargill has also invested. We have spoken about this Cargil in Part2. We have discussed Cargill, GSK and Monsanto. This Cargil is also invested heavily in this Memphis Meat. 

Gates and Branson in their blogs have clearly said that the virus may be spreading through Meat. When this situation occurs meat will be unavailable to people. In 2050, nearly 1000 Crore population will be reached in the earth. We cant give protein to all these people, so we have to find other ways to develop meat. This meat is called Memphis or Clean Meat.

Are there other reasons?

Yes. If you are raising a chicken you will need water because it may create issues if Chickens are not given water. To raise these animals we need space. But to grow this Memphis meat we need only 1% of space and water level is deduced by 5.5%. So they are going to introduce this new kind of meat in the world. 

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat

You cant even call this as meat. This meat will not contain any life or anything to say. But people have to consume this meat there is no other way. 

If Trump didnt sign the order. Then the food Chain will be stopped. This will not only happen in America it will happen across the world. 

Bill Gates True Face Part4 - Gates & Memphis Meat

Did China spread the virus?

Did Wuhan meat Market spread the virus?

If the virus started from Wuhan Meat market then the world will ban many types of meat. When these bans are in place we will need an alternate source. This alternate Source is in the hands of God’ Child Bill Gates. Not only meat Gates has invested in Artificial Vegetables and Burgers. He has invested in Startup companies. We will discuss in detail in another post. 

Today please search for Memphis meat and Clean meat. This may look like a normal issue. 

A farmer with his chickens, Sheep and cows. If needed the farmer may sell these animals to survive. Now there will be advt saying that the artificial meat is available and we don’t need to raise them. We are now consuming Bottled Water. The water which was available as free through Tap Water was said not hygienic water and we believed them. They created an illusion that Bottle water is hygienic.

So the same way they will say the meat produced from these animals will be unhygienic meat. But the meat from produced from the companies will have some levels of Oxygen, Amino Acid, Glucose. So if you consume this meat you will stay healthy. So if you consume meat which is raised by farmers that meat may contain some type of virus. They will surely say this in the future. 

Now we have to decide our future at this particular time. 

How can we escape this issue?

There is a solution which we will post in the next post. We will continue the Gates Series in the next post. 

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