“Black Moses” – The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman


"Black Moses" - The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman:

On Saturdays, a Woman travels through a cave. People called her the “Black Moses”. If the person who is following her doesn't want to continue, She will shoot the person. 

Was She a Monster?

But she said she was able to directly speak to god.

Was she a Messenger of God?

How did she receive the Name “Black Moses”?

How many people has she killed?

How many people has she saved?

What happened to her?

Was she spying for other countries?

This video is going to be a strange video with Mysteries.

Today is Tamil Pokkisham’s 4th Year Anniversary. Tamil Pokkisham family is entering its 5th Year. We will definitely make a change to the Society. 

This video will be a Driving Force for many people. Many are now in a state of mind that they cannot help people due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. For all those people this video will be an eyeopener. 

In this video, we will discuss Harriet Tubman. She was 5 feet tall and She was a Black woman. She was seen as a God. People called her Black Moses. 

The real Moses was the person who rescued the Jews from Enslavement and led them to the Promised Land. This has been told in the bible. 

But Harriet Tubman was a woman who led the black people from Slavery. 

How did she manage to kill other people?

Was her killing intentional?

What were her reasons and mysteries?

There are many questions to be answered. Let's go back to 1820. In 1820 Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland which was a Slave Land in America. 

We have already discussed Maryland in the video called,

How America became a Superpower?

The Cotton Fields the Afro American people used to work as slaves.

In 1775, there were only 5 Lakh Slaves in America. But in 1820, there were more than 15 Lakh Slaves in America. So From 1775 to 1820, Nearly 45 Years the Cotton fields were the main source of Income for America. People used Cotton to make Clothes. Machinery was discovered for Cotton. But America needed People to Operate these Machines. It also needed People to grow Cotton. Cotton grows in Hot Places. To work in these Hot Environment Americans needed Black people to work in the fields and Operate the machinery. So they bought many Slaves from Slave Traders. Many Black People who became Slaves lost their identity and their lives. 

"Black Moses" - The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman


In the History of America, Among the first 12 Presidents, 8 of these Presidents had Slaves. Slavery was everywhere in America. America was split into two North and South States. In the Southern States, there was farming. In the North, the Owners of the lands ruled ruthlessly. These Businessmen needed Slaves to work in the fields of Southern States. 

Maryland was in the Southern States and Harriet Tubman was born in the Southern States. In 1826 when she was 6 yrs old. She and her sisters were sold as Slaves to another Man. A Sister of hers went missing and there is no information about her. The remaining 2 Sisters along with Harriet Tubman have been sold into Slavery. 

From the age of 6, She started working as a slave. After years they raped Harriet and beatings were a usual scene. Harriet Tubman underwent horrific Violence just like many other Black People who were in America as Slaves. 

Harriet Tubman was not her name but let's discuss later her name. 

In 1849, When she was in her Twenties, She received news that her owner is going to sell her in the Slave Market. Harriet knew that she would be killed if she returned to the Slave Traders. So she wanted to escape her Captors. She had two options to Escape or Die. She chose Escape Option. 

There was an Underground Rail Project. For the Black people to escape their captors, Some People have built this Underground Tunnel. The reason why they called it the Underground Rail Project is that it has many stations. People who escape their masters, sometimes need Shelter and Food. So these Stations housed the Escapees and provided them food. The Location they wanted to reach was called Destination and the people who travelled were called Passengers. The Person who conducts this movement of People was called Conductors. There was a Full Structure which was created for the Underground Railroad to function. 

The Masters of the Back People knew about these Tunnels. But in this railroad, the Black People had to face many issues before they escaped. 

When Harriet Tubman was ready to escape, the WInter Season arrived. So she had to follow the Star in the Sky to lead her to the Underground Rail Lines. While Crossing the Countryside, The Masters or their people may capture the escaped Slaves. So Harriet Tubman has to get past all these issues. 

Harriet Tubman starts her Risky Journey and she reaches Philadelphia. After she reached Philadelphia she was a free woman because she had crossed from the Southern States into The Northern States. But she wouldn't celebrate her freedom, because there was no one to welcome her arrival. 

She plans to leave for Canada. She starts her journey to Canada. The Underground Railroad was laid and a person helped the Black people to escape. He writes a book about his plans to smuggle the black people to safety. His name was Willian Still. Harriet Tubman meets William Still. Both had many discussions. After her discussions with Willaim Still, she believed that if the Black People took risks many can be rescued. 

"Black Moses" - The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman wanted her freedom for all her people. So she returns to Maryland. She meets many Slaves in Maryland. She tells them that they can get their freedom if they follow her lead. Harriet Tubman's Father and Sisters take risks to free their people from Slavery. 

Harriet Tubman also says to her people, that she can act as the Conductor to free her people. But if a person is unwilling to continue the travel at any point. She says that she will shoot them. 

Why did Harriet Tubman have to shoot her own people?

The Conductors take the Ultimate risk of Smuggling the People to their Freedom. There were many passages in the Underground Railroad. When they started the Journey the people had to take many risks. They had to travel by boat if needed. 

If somebody fails to Continue the Journey and wants to get back to their Owners. Due to these Few People, many people will be affected. Many Slaves cannot attain their Freedom because some cannot continue. So according to Harriet if the Journey has started it has to end. If Somebody cannot continue the Journey Harriet will shoot and kill them. Harriet had to kill One Man. 

Why did she shoot that person?

When they were travelling towards Philadelphia, The Person’s legs were bleeding as Thorns had punctured his feet. The person asks Harriet to kill him as he feared that the Masters of the Slaves may find him and Discover the Route used by the Slaves. This was the reason Harriet Tubman killed the person. 

We discussed that she Spoke to God earlier. When she was on her Journey saving her people, Suddenly she may hear the Voice of God. When she hears the Voice she will change the Direction of the Group. When she follows the voice, there may be a river which her people must cross. The Voice Will instruct her to cross the river. Harriet was only 5 Feet Tall and she was accompanied by Children and Elderly people. Harriet will lead the group and the group will follow her in a single line. The Water level will be up to their Cheeks when they cross the river. People believed in Harriet. Thus Harriet was able to save many people from Slavery. On her many journey’s there was not a single accident or Incident. 

"Black Moses" - The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman

How did she speak with God?

She was a Slave when she was 6 yrs old. During that time, Her Master hits her in the head with an Iron Rod. Due to the hit in the head, there were issues with her health. She may fall asleep for long hours. To wake her up, her fellow slaves had to work hard. When She was sleeping, She dreamt a lot, She felt that in her dreams she was speaking with god. When She spoke to God, and the Instructions which she followed were accurate. So Harriet started to believe that God was speaking to her. She Started to rescue many people with this new hope. 

In 1849, She had already completed 6 Journeys to Philadelphia and rescued many Slaves. In 1850 America passed a new law. The law stated that if found the Slave should be returned to their masters. If people try to help the Slaves a Fine of 1000USD was charged as penalty or imprisonment up to 6 Months. 

But Harriet Tubman was not afraid of this New law. From 1852 to 1857, She made 12 journeys using the Underground Railroad. She had recused more than 300 Slaves and given them Freedom. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln Abolished Slavery. He says he will lead all people in America. During this period, the Civil war happened between the Northern and Southern States. 

In the battlefield, from 1863 Harriet became a Nurse. She helps a lot of North Soldiers. In the Civil war, Many Soldiers were injured. She heals the Soldiers using natural Medicine. 

When the Black People were escaping from their masters. There were many white and Black People who helped them with food in the Stations which was in the Underground Railroad. 

Harriet Tubman recruits many people and forms a group. This group work is to give Route maps to the Soldiers. Harriet Tubman also gave intelligence where the Minefields were placed. Due to the Intelligence given by Harriet Tubman's group many soldiers' lives were saved. 

Harriet Tubman thus on many occasions helped nearly 700 Black people from Slavery and also saved the lives of many Soldiers. 

Harriet was her mother’s name and Tubman was her husband’s name. Her given name was Araminta Rose. So Araminta Rose changed into Harriet Tubman and has led her people from Slavery to Free People. 

"Black Moses" - The Story of a Free and Brave Women Harriet Tubman

America 2021, Joe Biden and his Cabinet want to print Harriet Tubman's Portrait in the Newly Printed Dollars. This is the highest Honor for an Afro American Woman to achieve. 

Please Search more about Harriet Tubman. Her Journeys and the hardships she faced in her journeys to free her people from Slavery. According to Harriet Tubman Slavery is like living in Hell. 

In 1913, She was infected by Pneumonia Fever. The Great women's final words were “ I am going to Heaven. I will Choose the Places for you in heaven when You arrive as a Free Human Being’. This is how she lived her life. 

Imagine her life. We may face many issues, but none will come near Slavery. The Masters of the Slaves said that a Reward of 40000USD will be given if somebody gave information about Harriet Whereabouts. But Harriet was not afraid. 

When She reached Philadelphia for the first time. She was a free woman. But she thought that Freedom must be enjoyed by her people. Her gracious Thinking should come to us. 

Happiness for Yourself is not enough, But happiness should be enjoyed by all people around you. If you make them happy, then you will have a place in the History Books just like Harriet Tubman. 

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