Brain Chip | Elon Musk Neuralink – Complete Details

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Brain Chip | Elon Musk Neuralink - Complete Details:

What is gods gift and curse to humans?

Memory Loss. Elon Musk says that with the use of Technology there will be no more memory loss. He also announced that there will be no more Blind People in the world if his device is approved. 

Not only the Blind People, People who can’t speak, People who have Seizures or Strokes. Patients with cancers. TO solve and heal all the people Elon musk is going to develop a Technology through the Neuralink Company. They have announced that they are going to create an N1 Chipset. 

In this world, at this time Neuralink is a very significant topic.

Let’s discuss in detail. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Neuralink. The name contains Neuron, brain, link. 

On July 2016 a Corporate was started by Elon Musk. The Corporate receives a foundation investment of 100 Million USD. Nearly 100 People are working for Corporate. 

On 2017 Elon Musk announces in Twitter that they are recruiting scientists. Many scientists approach Corporate for the job. For one year they conduct their research. On 2019 the corporate says that they developed a device. They fitted the Device on to a monkey and the monkey is operating the computer. Many were surprised to hear this news. 

The device is small and it is attached in the backside of the ear. The device has wires which go in the head. This Chipset is called N1 Chipset. 

On 28th August 2020, the Neuralink team and Elon Musk introduces the N1 Chipset Version2 Neuralink. The device is 2 to 4 Millimetres small device. The device on the outside doesnt have any wires, but inside the device, there are 1024 wires. These wires are 10 times smaller than our human hair. Through a medical operation, they will install the device in the head. 

There is no risk involved in the Medical procedure. They have also created a Robot to the Medical Operation to install the device in the human head. This robot has been developed by DARPA. 

DARPA works with the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Huma Service. DARPA has created this robot to do the medical operation. 

In the Medical Operation, a Drill will be used to create a small hole in the human skull with 2 Millimetres. Neuralink says that the medical procedure will not need any Anesthesia and it will be done within one day. At the end of the day the N1 Chip will be installed in your head. 

Where are they installing the device?

It will be under your skull. These 1024 Wispy wires will be in your Heads Nervous System. The Signal which the Brain produces in the Analog signal. The Computer sends Digital signals. 

This Device has a Convertor from Analog to Digital. So the signal from the Brain will be received by the Device and will give a Digitalized version. They have also implemented the Blue tooth technology. 

For sending Photos or Images, videos from one mobile to another we use the Bluetooth. So through this Blue Tooth, the data has been transferred. Similar to this your Brain data will be transferred to another location. This Location is a Mobile app which is shown by Elon Musk. 

Brain Chip | Elon Musk Neuralink - Complete Details

So this app is in Google Play store. The Pod or the device installed in your head will have an Address. By using the Address we can connect the device to the app. 

So whatever you think in your brain will be digitalized and recorded in the app. 

Are these the functions of the Device?

No. If you receive a mobile call, by just thinking it you can attend the phone call. So when you have imagined taking the call and gave the order the device will attend the call and also record the full conversation. So the N1 Chipset will convert the Digital data into Analog data and inject the information into your brain. 

Who is going to benefit from this chipset or Device?

Elon Musk says that he can give vision to the blind. They will give a headset which has a High Definition Camera. So when the camera records the Digital data the Chipset will convert it into Analog data and show it to the Blind People. So the digitalized data will be shown to the people who are blind thus giving them Vision. 

People who can’t hear, after installing this device can hear the sounds and voices around them. This device will transform the Data to analogue for the People to hear. 

So people who have different disabilities can overcome anything using this device. This device is also able to identify the diseases which are affecting the human body. This is the complete statement of Elon Musk. 

This is a very good Technology for the humankind. But there are other things as well. In the near future, the Visuals you have in your brain will be drawn by a computer using the software. So whatever you think in your mind will be visually drawn in the computer. The N1 Chipset will do its work. 

They also say that humans will achieve Superman Vision. 

For eX: If you are thinking about a particular product. The N1 Chipset will immediately search for the product online and will post you the results. Your eyes will not see it but the signals from the Mobile will be transmitted to your brain directly. So data Transfer is a huge issue in this device. 

We have already discussed 1024 Wires will be present in the device. Each and Every wire is capable of sending 200 MB Data. The device is highly designed to transmit data with unimaginable speed. So whatever you see, hear, talk all these data will be stored in the App. These will be stored in Cloud data. So every conversation or image you see or talk will be recorded. After ten years you can replay these data. So you can forward and rewind the moments using the Device. 

Brain Chip | Elon Musk Neuralink - Complete Details

Is the device operated with a battery?

Yes. The battery can hold to one day. So every day you have to recharge the battery in your skull. They are now trying to develop a Wireless Recharge Technology. So everything is completed. 

In 2020, Neuralink is in the talking phase with the FDA( food and Drug Administration). Now this device will come for Human Trials. 

In 28th August 2020, they tested the device in a pig. So three pigs had the device installed. When the pigs ate and walked they telecasted the visuals from the brain as Live Telecast. Neuralink says it will conduct human trials. 

So the Pro’s and Cons of the device will be extreme. 

Please imagine what you can do if you installed this device in your brain?

If there is Bluetooth, it can be easily hacked. They can easily change anyone into a slave with their data. 

This Device is a gift for Disabled people. There are a lot of Negative aspects of this device. 

What are your comments?

So these are the current details about Neuralink. We can discuss further information in the upcoming videos. 

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