Bubonic Plague China – Black Death History

Bubonic Plague China - Black Death History:

Corona Virus is killing us from one side. Then they said G4 Virus. Now they say Bubonic Plague will come. They have announced that it has already hit Mongolia. 

This video is to tell you please don’t be afraid. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

The Plague disease is in Three formes called Bubonic, Septicemic and Pneumonic Plagues. These three are spread from bacteria. 

If you touch a living a dead animal which has the bacteria it will spread to humans. 

What’s the difference between these three Plagues?

The Bubonic plague attacks lymph nodes and will cause large swellings. Pneumonic attacks the lungs. The Septicemic attacks the Bloodstream and its multiples in our bloodstream. 

The Plague which is discovered in Mongolia is the Bubonic Plague. 

Will this bacteria spread from one person to another?

For decades now the human race has been affected by this plague.

Bubonic Plague China - Black Death History

For Ex: On 1347 12 Ships sail to Europe. When the ships reached shore many have died of the Plague and the remaining are in critical conditions. Before even discovering the origins of the Plague many lose their lives to the Plague. This plague killed nearly 70 to 120 million people across Europe. From 1300 to 1600s nearly 5 Crore Africans died of the plague. 

Why has the Bubonic Plague affected Humans in 2020?

This plague is from a particular family of a Squirrel. This is called marmots which are large ground squirrels. These marmots live in the Mongolian and Chinese Regions. There are nearly 15 species living in Asia. The plague was discovered in these marmots. The Mongolians consume Marmots. Due to the Consumption of marmot’s meat, the Plague has spread to humans. Two Persons from Mongolia have been confirmed cases of the Plague. The people in the region have been warned. 

Bubonic Plague China - Black Death History

The warnings are not normal ones. There are four stages, they have given the third stage Warnings to the People. They have also warned the people of the world. People are warned to stay away from flies and squirrels. 

The Quarantine name was introduced due to these Plagues. On 1347, the Plague spread from the ships. So the people used to keep the ship in the Sea for 30 to 40 days and then permit the sailors to enter the city. 

When did this Bubonic Plague affect humans?

On 1994, 216 People were affected by the plague. Two to three people were dead. On 1978 in Kenya, The plague spread to 393 people. 10 People lost their lives. On 1984 in Libya the plague affected humans but there were no Deaths. 

Lastly from 2010 to 2015, nearly 3000 people were affected by the plague. 500 people have lost their lives. So this is the available stats. 

The Plague which killed 5 to 12 Crore People in the world. This plague is still with humans but the bacteria has been contained by medicine. But China has become the main stage for these Viruses and Bacteria because of the Food Culture. We Indians are also changing to this food culture. If our Food Culture changes and when we start to consume other animals then we will also change into origins of many viruses and Bacterias. 

Did they wear masks in the 1300s?

Bubonic Plague China - Black Death History

The Kerala govt has said that people should wear masks for nearly one year and it is 

Compulsory. Social distancing should be maintained. No more than 50 members are allowed in Marriage Celebrations. 50 people can gather for funerals. Many restrictions are in place in Kerala. These restrictions may be applied throughout India. The reason is India is the third most affected country by the Corona Virus. 

So the answer to the Question is Yes they did wear masks in the 1300s. The masks are designed to block the virus and with added scents in the beaks. People believed that the Bubonic Plague was airborne. The people thought that by filtering the air they can live without getting affected by the plague. So due to this these masks have been made. These masks contained nearly 55 Herb varieties.

Bubonic Plague China - Black Death History

After so many years they discovered that the Bubonic Plague is not airborne. The plague spreads through Dead and Living Animals or through consumption of Meat. The bacteria is called Yersinia Pestis. This is how the bubonic plague spread to humans. 

This plague is seasonal and it can spread in any time. There is medicine for this plague. So please don’t be afraid. 

In Kerala, the farmers killed an elephant with Bombs in Bananas. There was much news similar to this one. There was similar news which was published.

So the same formula has been used here, Based on Coronavirus the Fear is on the Peak. So the media continue to release news about these Plagues. We have to be careful with the G4 Virus. But we need to know about Bubonic Bacteria but we don’t have to be frightened. 

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