Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics

Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics:

In Oct 2019, One Barrel Crude Oil price was nearly 59 USD. But in Feb 2021, One Barrel Crude oil price was the same 59USD. 

But in India Petrol for One Litre was rs70. But now it is Rs.90. 

Why is there a huge difference in petrol Price?

Does this price hike help the Indian People?

They say it is profit for the Indian government. So if the Govt is profiting from the price hike, then the Indian people must also profit from it. But no, The people are suffering from this Petrol and Diesel Price. 

In the Budget, there was news that many public Sectors will be privatized.

Will this help India grow?


Is this a bad move for the country and its people?

There are many questions which have to be answered. So through Connecting the Dots we will reveal the truth.

We said we will not speak the Internal Politics of Tamilnadu. But this video is an essential discussion. This video is about the needs of the common people. 

Petrol and Diesel Price is near rs.90. The Price continues to go up. It seems it will reach rs100 very soon. Nobody in India can say that they are not affected by the High Price. The reason is the High Price of Petrol and Diesel will affect each and every Indian Citizen whether it is a Student, traders, House Wife, or big Businesses. So the Price affects all people in India. 

The Central govt Policies are based on Petrol Price. Notifiable the government's Indirect Taxes. Nearly 23% of the Revenue is from Indirect taxes for the Central govt. 

Nearly 80% of Petrol has been imported by India. The remaining 20% has been produced in India. 80% of Crude Oil has been imported and the currency which we use for purchase is USD.  

A question to the Central govt,

What is the Central govt doing with the Crude oil and Natural gases which has been produced in India?

This internal production must reach the Indian People. The next comes the Subsidy for gases. Many say that through the Subsidies the Indian govt is facing losses. So this video is a reply to those people. Please watch the Proof given in the Video. Please pause the video and see the images so you can understand the Servitude by the Indian govt. 

Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics

If you think, 

How will this be Servitude because of Petrol and Diesel High Price?

When it is servitude People must pay taxes to their masters. When People who are working must give their money to other money this becomes Servitude. So when you earn money, a portion of your income is given to another Big Businessman. Then you will be in Servitude to the Businessman. This is also another type of Slavery. 

So we recommend you to view the proof in the video. 

The OMC(Oil marketing Companies) Corporates. They are the ones who determine the price of Petrol and Diesel. In the last budget, they have included a new tax on Petrol and Diesel Price. This new tax is called AIDC(Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess). Through AIDC tax the govt will receive 2.50rs for 1 Litre Diesel and rs4.00 for Petrol. So if you buy one Litre of Petrol you have to pay this AIDC tax. 

Is this the only tax which we are paying to the govt for one Litre of Petrol or Diesel?

No. From 57% to 63% we are paying only taxes for One Litre of Diesel and Petrol. So the actual price for Petrol or Diesel is rs40, The remaining rs50 we are paying as taxes to the govt. 

Who is benefiting from these taxes?

There are three sectors which profit from these taxes. The First is the Corporates, the second is the Central govt, and finally the State govt. So our money is going directly to these three. The Central govt says that many Public Sectors will be privatized. This connects directly to the Oil Price. 

Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics

What are the Public Sectors?

There are 18 Organizations. It could be Transport, Telecommunications, Defence, mining, are some of these Public Sectors. 

Why were the Public Sectors started?

In 1947 India got its Independence. The Indian people wanted to work to rebuild their country. The Indian govt wanted to start many organizations which can provide Work for the Indian people. Many Foreign companies wanted to invest in India as there was a huge labour force to exploit. This is happening even in 2021. 

A Foreign Corporate will say that it will provide transport facilities in a village and earn Profits. The people will ask for roads to provide transport. Corporate will say that it will not provide transport facilities if there are no roads. So the Indian government wanted to improve the Infrastructure of the Country to attract Entrepreneurs and Corporates. So if the Infrastructure of the Country is good, the Foreign Corporations or Businesses will come to the Country. 

The Indian government started to build roads. The government also builds Hydro Power Stations and Dams. Many dams were built for the people and also to provide Water to the Corporates. Rail Lines are built to fastly move goods from one location to another. To Improve the Communications many towers were built. 

Did this all happen in One day?

No. To build a dam, the government has to evacuate many people from Villages. People suffered from moving from their place to another.

We discussed electricity and Communications towers. To Provide Electricity to a village, Many Power Posts have to be built. This is hard work and time consuming, so the Govt undertook these Projects. The govt announced that these Sectors will be Public Sectors governed by the govt. 

So the Public Sector has built roads. The Corporate Comes back to the village and

Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics asks permission to provide Transport facilities for the village. So the Indian govt allows the Corporates and it returns asks for a percentage of the profits earned by the Corporates. Now the Corporate sees the Dam which was built, It needs Water resources to run its Industry. So the Corporates give a certain percentage as commission to the government and take the water resource. 

In the same way Telecommunications, Many Cell towers have been built in India. Now seeing this many corporates want to bring in 5G Network and earn profits thus giving a certain Percentage to the govt. 

What is the issue with this type of Business?

Building a dam, Building A Rail line or Mines.

How did the Govt get its funds?

These funds are the money which we the people of India pay as Taxes. The Savings which we have in the banks. Our government has leased our Lands to the World bank. With this Money, they improve the infrastructure. Now the Corporations and Businesses have come to India. Now the government asks a question whether they need the Public Sectors as most of the Infrastructure Projects has been completed. 

Mostly throughout India, there are roads. Now the government gives permissions for Toll Booths to earn profits. If they want to build a new road they tender it to Corporates. Now the Indian govt is giving its Public Sectors to the Private Corporates and Companies. 

Using Our Tax Money, India’s infrastructure was improved. If the Private Sectors want to earn more money, the government has to give the full Infrastructure of India to the Private Sectors. Once the banks were Private Sector, but later they changed Banks into the Public Sector, this happened in many countries. But India is now changing The Public Sector banks into Private Sector. When the Private Sector has got its profit, it will run away with our Tax Money. Our Indian law will say it as Bankrupt. 

Ultimately, The govt should provide its services for the Indian people. So the Welfare of the People and the Service to the people should be done by the govt. The Private Sectors will only look after their profits; they will not serve the people. 

Recently the Indian govt has permitted Foreign Corporates to build Indian Military Logistics. When the Indian govt announced this there was no opposition. India is still dependent on Foreign Countries for Military Weapons, Logistics and Equipment. So the involvement from Foreign Countries will provide new technologies to the Indian Armed Forces. We don't have opposite opinions on this matter. 

Let's take a look at a Particular Public company called BSNL. The government has said that BSNL is near bankruptcy and many employees did not receive their salaries. BSNL was a great service to the Indian People, But the govt Employees if they had done their jobs, BSNL would not have faced these issues. The government which failed to closely monitor the Public Sector failed in this scenario. 

So the government has to keenly and Closely watch the Public Sectors function effectively. To do this the Govt officials and Politicians have to do their jobs. These Govt Officials, Employees and Politicians who run the govt failed in their jobs, thus resulting in Loss to the Public Sectors. Accounts have been shown by the govt that the Public Sectors are running at a loss. We don't know whether these shown accounts to the Indian people are accurate or falsely produced data. 

Many Steel and Egg production Companies went bankrupt. So the government started to sell these Public Sectors to the Private Sectors. 

Imagine a Corporate or Private Sector, they will not buy a Public Sector if they think that they cannot earn profits. If the Private Sector is buying a public Sector then there should be Profits to be made. There are Profits in the Public Sector but the govt did not function properly or Deliberately did it to sell these Public Sectors to Private Companies for a percentage of Profits. 

If we make a list of the Public Sectors which was sold. Take into account the Assets the Public Sector had and the Profits it gave to the govt. Also, take into consideration the Profits which the Public Sector gave ten years ago. 

How did the Public Sector go into Loss?

If MBA Students do a Case study correctly. They can expose the Corruption of the Political parties which ruled India until now. The Youngsters of India have to conduct Case Studies and Expose the govt. 

Please do these Case Studies,

How are the Public Sectors changed into Private Sectors?

What were the reasons given by the government?

There was news that Salem Steel Plant is going to be given to the Private Sector. 

Why did the Steel Plant face a loss?

We have released a video stating the reasons. Behind every Public Sector, there is a story to be exposed to the Indian people. 

Let's get back to the Petrol and Diesel topic,

What is the connection between the Oil Prices and the Corporates?

The Petrol price has been increased by Four stages. The OMC(Oil marketing Companies) determine the price of one Litre of Petrol. 

How does the OMC determine the price?

Based on the Price Worldwide the price in India has been determined. So they determine a price to the dealers. Due to the expenses of the Dealers, the Price has been increased. Now add this price with the Central Excise Duty from the Central govt. Now when this price reaches the State Govt, they include the VAT(Value added Tax) into the price. This Four stages Price combined determines the Petrol price in Petrol bunks. So the price for one Litre should be rs40, but sadly the Price we are paying is rs90.  

Budget 2021 | How the Indian govt is fooling the Indian People? | Petrol Price vs Politics

There was a time when the World was Shutdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Oil prices reached Negative points when the World was closed down. But in India, the price of Petrol and Diesel didn't fall. 

Why didn't the price go down in India?

The government and the Politicians think brilliantly. When the Crude Oil price drops in the world. The Price of Petrol and Diesel must gradually go down. But to stop this from happening the Central govt passed rs10 to rs30 as New Tax. So the Price of the Crude Oil for a litre was rs13 and they got it as tax from the Indian people. 

Did the government reduce the tax which was passed in 2014?

From 2014 to 2021, nearly 12 times the BJP govt has increased the Central Excise Duty. The raises were rs1, rs3, rs5 and rs13. Only two times they decreased the Price. 

In Oct 2019, The Price of Crude oil was 59USD per barrel. The Price in India was rs70 for a litre of Petrol. But in 2021 the Price of Crude Oil per barrel is still 59 USD, but the price of One Litre Petrol has increased to rs90. The reason for the price is simply put, the Central govt has added its Profits as Taxes to the Price. The State govt also has added VAT Tax to the Price. 

Will there be losses to the government if they cancel these taxes?

There are segments where the government can earn profits. But these Segments are now in the hands of Private Sectors and still, they are giving it. So to sustain the government they have to Force these taxes on the Indian People. 

If we are against the Public Sectors changing into the Private Sector. Some People may call us fools. 

For Ex: If a village needs transportation, the govt will give transport facilities to the Village if it is under the Public Sector which doesn't care about the losses. In the Same village, there will be another road which can be given to Private Sectors where profit can be earned. Lending the Road to two Private Corporates will create competition. Due to this competition, People will receive benefits. If there is a competition between Corporates the Prices will go down. Due to this competition, there are chances that the Indian People will consume Quality Products for Low prices. The Private Sector should not act in Monopoly. 

By giving the Profitable sectors to the Private Companies the Competition will bring in new profits. If there is a loss in a sector, change it to Public Sector and do it as a service to the people. This must be the plan of the Indian govt. 

The big Corporations or Businesses will not accept this plan. They will ask all sectors to be privatized to create a fake Demand or Artificial Demand. They will create issues for the Central govt. The Govt argues that by giving subsidy the govt is facing losses. Due to the Loss, they have to increase the taxes. The BJP and Congress Govt said the same. 

These Political Parties which become the ruling parties of India will decrease the taxes for big Corporates and businesses. In the 2020 budget, They decreased Corporate Taxes from 30% to 25%. 

So the Indian government is giving concessions to the Corporates which amount to many Crore Lakhs Rupees. Due to these concessions, the Indian govt is facing rs200 to rs300 Crore Rupees on a daily basis. 

Imagine these concessions to the corporations are stopped for ten days. It will amount to 3000 Crore Rupees. If the govt gives this 3000 Crores to the Poor. They will praise the Indian govt. 

Why is the Indian govt not doing it?

If the Indian govt takes this kind of decisions,

Will there be new issues created by the Corporates?

Are they fooling the Indian people only with Petrol and Diesel Prices?

There are six or Seven ways the government is fooling the Indian people with Petrol and Diesel. 

We must discuss these Seven ways in another video. 

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