Carbon Nanotube Technology 2600 Years ago – Keezhadi Excavations

Carbon Nanotube Technology 2600 Years ago - Keezhadi Excavations:

Nearly 2600 years ago. Tamils were using Nanotechnology. 

Can you believe this?

The Tamil’s used Clay pots which had Nano Technology Coating. 

How many of us know this truth?

If we talk like this, Many will come and oppose us. They will know that we are going to talk about Tamil Pride. This video is a tribute to those guys. 

We are going to discuss the Carbon NanoStructure which was discovered in Keezhadi. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

The Idiots who are born of Dinosaurs eggs must listen to this video. Please watch this video and Cry more. 

We were lately discussing the DARPA Series. We also discussed Graphite and Graphene. Synthetic Cells are going to be made of Graphene. Many of our Viewers were surprised to hear this technology. Some of you commented that these technologies will be only made available in 2200. 

Before 2600 Years ago, Ie 600BC. Tamils were using NanoTechnology. Tamilians Technology had no errors or miscalculations. The Persons who mocked the Tamil People’s Brilliant minds now must shut their mouths with a Ceelo Tape or Whatever they can find to shut it. 

So Keezhadi Before 2600 Years ago, Keezhadi maybe The Human Civilizations Cradle of Life. The Pride of Tamilians is safely protected in the area called Keezhadi. Archaeological digs have reached 5th and 6th Stages and still, we cannot find any records of the discoveries from the Indian govt. 

The Tamil People History, Their Culture, Their way of Life should be known to a lot of people, but at this time of neglect, we just want one or two Scientists to know about the Tamil History. 

The remains of many Clay pots were discovered in Keezhadi. The Truth Whether it's Claypots or Wells which was built by a Tamil Civilization cannot be denied by anyone. 

Some Scientists do Research with these Claypots Remains. They discovered that there was a Unique Black Coating in the Claypots. They also discovered that Carbon Nanotubes were in the Black Coating. 

Carbon Nanotubes in the Modern Era was developed in 1991 which is called CNT. From 1991 to 2006, In America, more than 4500 Applications for getting Pattern Rights for Nanotubes have been submitted. This data is from a Scientific paper. 

We have discussed Graphene in the last video. Carbon layers will be laid one upon another. This is called Graphite. If we remove all layers, the final layer of Carbon will be Graphene. So if you fold this Graphene into a Round or Cylindrical Shape then it is called Carbon Nanotubes. 

This Carbon nanotubes and Graphene comes under SP2 bond Type. Diamond belongs to SP3 Bond Type. So Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene are tougher than Diamonds. So Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene have the same Bond type and Carbon Atoms. Scientists call it “Wonder Material”. 

Carbon nanotubes and Graphene are very High Electrical, Heat Conductors which are tougher than other materials. They have the ability to pass Electrons. Their weight is very low. The Carbon NanoTube is used in the Bullet Proof Vests. There are so many advantages with Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene. 

How many types does the Carbon Nanotube Consists of?

Carbon NanoTube has three types. The First is Armchair CNT, Zigzag CNT and Chiral CNT. The Directions of the Nanotubes in which they are shaped will determine the type. After they have completed a Nanotube it is called Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes(SWCNT). If there are layers of these Carbon Nanotubes then it is called a Multi-Walled Carbon NanoTube(MWCNT). 

Can these SWCNT or MWCNT be created naturally?

There was a Scientific Paper released in 2008, 2017. The Scientific papers clearly say that Ancient Civilizations had this technology but there is no proof that Carbon Nanotubes were created Naturally. 

Science tells us that the possibilities of Carbon Nanotubes created naturally is very low. Somebody should have helped the process in ancient times. So to Create a Single-Walled Nanotube or Multi-Walled Nanotube it needed an external force. The calculations for creating these nanotubes must be up to point. 

The Scientific Paper which was released in 2008 says that from 2020 to 2025, this Carbon Nanotube and Graphene industry will be a Billion Dollars Business. The Future world will be dependent on Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene. 

Now you can understand the Importance of Carbon NanoTube. Now, This Carbon Nanotube has been discovered in Keezhadi. This news is not being talked about in the media. The media will not speak about it. But as Tamils, we should know about our History.

Some People may come and say that the findings were of Natural Occurrences. All Science is from nature. So when you name this natural occurrence it becomes Science. 

Gravity is Science. But it has existed for Billions of Years. When a person named it as Gravity it was changed into a Scientific Term but still, it is a Natural Occurrence. This is the Reality. 

The Tamils in Ancient times were dependent on nature. Their way of using Nature to their will was unique. They thought about how to use it to improve their lifestyle. The Tamils were one step ahead in research. So the Tamils in those ancient times knew that Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene were the toughest materials which were very High Electrical and Heat Conductors. 

SO Tamil People who lived 2600 years ago, needed the toughest material available on earth. Tamil had metals. But Tamils had Clay in large Quantities. The Tamils wanted to toughen up the clay. So the Tamils built Claypots but it broke too soon. So the Tamils Discovered that to toughen up the Claypots they should heat the Pots. These Heated Clay pots were not tough and it broke. Now he wanted a coating to be laid upon the Claypots. So through Trial and Error Method, they did a Coating in the clay pots. 

The Tamils who lived in ancient times did not have google. They had to use the Fundamental Trial and Error method which would have taken many years to complete their research. After many trials with many materials which would have resulted in failure. The Tamils developed the Carbon Nanotubes. Scientists who research these Claypots say that The Claypots had a coating and they have been heated. 

Can we produce Carbon Nanotube through heat Conductors?

The Carbon Nanotube which was discovered in 1991. Still, now Scientists are writing Research papers on how to develop these Carbon Nanotubes. So using the latest technology, the Scientists say that it will take years to produce these Carbon NanoTubes. 

Our Question to the Scientists is 

How did the Tamils develop the Carbon Nanotubes who lived 2600 years ago?

We said that the Carbon nanotubes must be heated. 

How many degrees Celsius was required?

Nearly 1100Dgree Celsius to 1400 Degree Celsius. In these extreme heat conditions only they could have created the Carbon Nanotubes. The Scientists of today say that the materials used for coating the Claypots may be Carbon Rich Materials. SO when we say Carbon Rich material it could be Vegetable oil or any other material. When it is combined with the Claypots under extreme Heat the Carbon NanoTubes may be created. The Claypots would consist of Iron Content. So Iron and Carbon together may produce Carbon Nanotubes. 

A Material which is 200 times tougher than Steel. So through this method, the Ancient Tamils would have created Carbon NanoTube Coated Clay pots which lasted for many years. Due to the Toughness of the Carbon Nanotube, The Claypot has been discovered as Archaeological Remains in Keezhadi. 

This answer is acceptable to us. But if somebody says accidentally the Tamils could have coated the Claypots which became Carbon Nanotubes. This is our reply to them. 

After many years of Trial and Error method for so many years, the Tamils have managed to develop Carbon nanotubes and used them in their Claypots. The Tamils are the first Scientist. These People lived in Keezhadi. The Whole of India should take pride in this discovery.

From 1996 to 2003, America is trying to buy the Pattern Rights means that Carbon Nanotube and Graphene will rule the world in the future. This Technology was used by Ancient Tamils 2600 years ago. This is the Undeniable Truth. 

Many will have doubts. 

Is the Claypot which is discovered in Keezhadi Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube or Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube?

A Carbon nanotube is 50000 times smaller than your one hair. It may be Single or Multi-walled. 

Science says that the Single-Walled nanotube may be of this Nanometer. But the Keezhadi excavations Coated Claypot says the theory is wrong because the diameter in these Claypots is very low compared to the Scientific Theory. 

Now we ask a question to Science.

What would be the technology used by the Ancient Tamils which has a very low Diameter than your Said Theory of nanotubes?

For this Question, there is no answer from Science.

How did the Ancient Tamils manage to build this technology?

How did they create these Carbon nanotubes?

What would be the advantages to the people using this technology?

If we research these questions we will get the answers.

 But will the Indian govt research this technology? 

No. They will never conduct any Research. 

They will give you an answer, it was accidental. 

Don't believe their Answer. 

We will provide another proof. There is steel called Damascus Steel(UTS). UTS came from the Tamil word Urukku. UTS was developed by the Tamils. They melted the Iron, and poured it into Clay, and included Wood Pieces which are Carbon, then they will Seal the pot which is made of Clay. When the heating process has been done, Iron and the Wood which transforms into Carbon and combine with Iron and thus Producing Steel. This is called UTS Steel(Ultimate Tensile Strength). This discovery was made by Tamilians. 

When did this happen?

It happened in The 6th Century BC. Nearly 2600 years ago. They had to melt the heat in 1400 Degree Celsius. So imagine the technological achievements of the Tamils which is extremely remarkable.

How are they saying that it happened accidentally?

UTS steel was developed by Tamils and we have a lot of Scientific Papers to prove this theory. If that Theory is true, then the Discovery of these Claypots in Keezhadi should be true. 

Tamils Developed a technology called Carbon Nanotubes and it was not an accident. 

People may reject this theory. If someone says that this video is wrong according to Science. Then we will come back Strong with Another video with Scientific Proof. 

In the upcoming video, we will discuss

How did Tamils manage to develop UTS Steel?

Please wait for the video. 

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