CDS General Bipin Rawat Chopper Crash

CDS General Bipin Rawat Chopper Crash

India has lost one of its top Military Heroes. CDS(Cheif of Defence Staff). In the 1999 Kargil war, there was an issue. India needed a power that would control the Army, Navy and Airforce. 

From 1999,2001, 2006 and a decision was taken in 2019. In 2020 India appointed its first CDS General Bipin Rawat. He has voiced his concerns in Politics. He was a dedicated Soldier of India. 

Bipin Rawar played a Pivotal role in 2015 when India conducted its Counter-insurgency Operation. 

How did India lose its First CDS Commander?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

We cannot believe that India has lost its first CDS Commander in a Helicopter crash. The Mi17V5 has flown more than 100 times from Coimbatore to Nilgris. All VIP’s in India use this Mi17V5 Helicopter for transport. 

The Mi17V5 is the Workhorse of the Indian Army. Its transports troops from one location to another. The Mi15V5 is a multi-role Helicopter. 

In the 1940’s it was manufactured by USSR. India imports Helicopters from Russia. India has spent a lot of money and the Mi17V5 has done its job. 

Bipin Rawat arrives in Coimbatore from New Delhi. His travel plan was to fly to Nilgris Wellington Defence Staff College. The Helicopter accident happened when travelling to Wellington. The Helicopter crashed just 10 Kilometres from Wellington. 

After hearing the crash people ran to the spot. They have seen the dead bodies. The Witness said that the Helicopter hit the tree and crashed. 

Now there are questions which are raised by many. Bipin Rawat was the Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces. He was the first Army General for our Armed Forces. He was a retired General who was called back to serve his Country. 

Bipin Rawat's father served in the army. The general was a man who lived to serve his country. On many occasions, we have seen Powerful men die in Mysterious accidents. 

The Mi Helicopter has registered 1000 flying hours. This Helicopter was maintained and was in Top-Notch Condition. This is the reason it was used for VVIP’s transports. 

If there is a liftoff there is a Manual Checking and Automated Checkups before Takeoff. For the Travel of Bipin Rawat, he was accompanied by his wife and his Commandoes. They could have checked the Helicopter many times. 

After all the checks, only Ten Kilometres from its Destination. Due to poor Visibility, the Helicopter has crashed. After the crash, there was an inferno for 1 ½ hour. The govt has announced that through DNA tests the victims were identified. 

The Indian Airforce has confirmed the death of Bipin Rawat and his Wife. There is only one Survivor Group Captian Varun Singh. This crash in a huge loss for India. This has questioned the Indian Airforce reliability. 

Pakistan has paid its Condolences. We don't have any information on China. Bipin Rawat was the Man who stood firm against Chinese threats. India has lost its Bravest Son. 

Who will be appointed the Next CDS?

The CDS position is only three years. India believed that he will be the CDS General from 2020 to 2023. This accident has called for the Position to be filled. 

If the Helicopter managed to hold for 5 minutes Bipin Rawat Could be alive today. 

Is there a mystery in the accident?

Was it just an accident?

The Indian army has retrieved the Blackbox. An Investigation into the accident has been started. The Investigation updates will be shared. 

Our Salute to our CDS General Bipin Rawat 1958-2021. 

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