Chempakaraman History – A Forgotten Tamil Fighter Part2

Chempakaraman History – A Forgotten Tamil Fighter

Please read the part1 above. We are going to discuss a thriller in this post. We have already Seen What SMS Emden has done. People who have not read it Please check the link here. This post will be the final post about Chempakaraman. 

But if we look into World War 1 and 2 then we will discuss Chempakaraman's role in those posts. When we speak about the History of Afghanistan we will have to speak about Chempakaraman. 

We all know that for 30 years Chempakaraman Wife was struggling to cremate his ashes in India. In 1934 Chempakaraman died. After that, his wife was wrongfully said as a Mental Disorder patient and was kept by the Nazis in a Prison. 

Why was she kept in a Prison?

When did INV Became INA?

Chempakaraman started Indian National Volunteers. Subhash Chandra Bose started the Indian National Army. Inv was changed into INA.

Beloved Tamil people.  Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

From 1914 to 1918 World war 1 was raging. At the end of the war, the Treaty of Versailles has been signed between the British and Germany. The British say to give Chempakaraman to them. The German government refuses to accept the Treaty of Versailles this happened between 1918 to 1919. The same German Govt which was not willing to let go of Chempakaraman has given poison to him in 1932. 

Can you believe this? 

Chempakaraman History – A Forgotten Tamil Fighter Part2

So In Afghanistan,  to set up an interim Government of India many countries have assembled there. When the Interim Govt of India was formed Chempakaraman was named as the Minister of External Affairs. King Kaiser of Germany wanted Chempakaraman to be the First prime Minister of India when it got its Independence. We should consider the power of Chempakaraman. Nehru in his book stated that Chempakaraman was living as a lord in Germany.  He was very popular among the students. He had a detailed plan of how India should get independence. Nehru wrote this in his Biography. We all know Gandhiji. but Gandhiji knew Chempakaraman. 

Gandhiji told “ you are that Chempakaraman who is popular among the  Kenyans. The man who fights for the oppressed people all over the world. May I get a hug from you”. Then he hugs Chempakaraman. Not only Gandhiji, but Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose also approaches Chempakaraman and tells him to lead the fight against the  British. Chempakaraman tells his plans and changes INV to INA. Nearly three times both of the men have met and spoke a lot, Chempakaraman gave full analysis and statistics to Subhash Chandra Bose regarding which countries will help India to achieve her independence. 

So Chempakaraman ha formed Indian National International Committee. Many Indians who lived aboard supported this committee. In 1914 SMS Emden attacks Chennai and Chempakaraman and Mullar escapes to Germany again. World war 1 is raging in full force, Indians who were in Germany work for them, while the British Empire was using the Indians from India. But Chempakaraman thought to join these Indians into One and fight against the British in full force. So he send a Plane carrying Paper notices where Indians were fighting with the British, The notice papers contained “ TUrn your guns against the British. By doing so you will lit the spark for the Freedom of India, Dont fight with them but against them”. This was the message. 

He also starts Another organization called the oppressed people's Association and Lower National Association. People who are suffering as Slaves and Racist attacks will Receive help from the oppressed people's Association. For this, he goes to Batavia, Burma, China Egypt, Turkey, America, and South Africa. He meets all the leaders of these countries and requests them to join a fight with the Indians for their Independence. He always gave speeches on how people are oppressed by Colour and religion or ethnicity. Chempakaraman was very fluent in nearly 12 languages. When he went on a world tour to spread his message, he goes to Kenya and gives a speech for which he got a lot of praise. Gandhiji hair devoted and he said when I visit South Africa I have to meet this man  Chempakaraman. Chempakaraman gives assurance to mahatma that he would definitely meet him.

Chempakaraman History – A Forgotten Tamil Fighter Part2

For his services to the world,  Chempakaraman receives the most distinguished award from Germany by King Kaiser. After this, he is named a Representative of Indian trade in Berlin. The more he becomes popular the more Enemies are trying to catch him. So he changes his identity and passport and travels to California America. When he saw that the black American communities where racially abused. He stood up for the Black Americans And got into an argument with American President Woodrow Wilson. He also explains the discrimination carried out on Black Americans. Woodrow Wilson says that he can't do much at that time. He visits many places in California and talks for the Oppressed people there. This lead to the British and American Govt looking for Chempakaraman.

He then goes to Africa to rally support for the Indian cause. In South Africa, he conducts various debates and gives speeches to people there. The British come looking for him in South Africa and he leaves and goes to Germany again. 

So in 1930, he returns to Germany and starts his work. Many Indian Leaders who visit Germany will dine at Chempakaraman House. This was the time he gets married to Lakshmi Bhai. The list of leaders who visited Chempakaraman was Subhash Chandra Bose, Nehru and his father Motilal Nehru, Indira Gandhi were some among them. In 1931 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel when he came to Germany visited Chempakaraman house. So Chempakaraman House was the starting point where India’s Plan for Independence was discussed.

So The British announce a reward for whoever brings them Chempakaraman Dead or alive. The bounty was 1 Lakh Pounds. So Spies were continually following him. 

So in 1939 Second world war begins, Chempakaraman Speaks with Subhash Chandra Bose that this could be a great opportunity to change the INV to an Indian National Army.  until and Indian Army has been assembled there is no chance of success against the British empire. So Chempakaraman gives out a detailed plan of what Subhash Chandra Bose has to do in order to achieve great success in this scenario. Where he has to attack, The Choke Points and  Canals which control the movement of shipping. Everything was given to Subhash Chandra Bose by Chempakaraman. He also instructs to form the army with the Indian who is living aboard who wants to fight for their nation. 

Subhash Chandra Bose gets into the action of forming the Indian National Army. But unfortunately, he is arrested by the British Empire. But Subhash Chandra Bose begins his fasting, and with the help of some friends, he escapes from prison. She goes to various countries and begin to who formed the Indian National Army. 

Chempakaraman planted the seed transforming INV to the Indian National Army. But he was not there to see his creation he died in 1934. Germany was ruled by Hitler in 1933. Hitler says about the Indian people that” They are not worth to be Independent”. Chempakaraman got furious and got into argument with Hitler asking him to apologize for his speech. So Hitler apologizes to Chempakaraman. He insisted that Hitler write an apology in paper. Hitler does that, this is How Chempakaraman fell into the bad side of the Nazis. In a gathering of Top officials, Chempakaraman was given food and it contained slow poison. His body condition becomes worse nad he leaves for Italy for Treatment. Then he returns to Germany where he dies. On his death bed, he tells his wife that his ashes have to be spread in India only. His wife wanted to fulfill his last wish.

So when she receives the ashes Chempakaraman, The nazis said that she is mentally affected by her husband's death and she has been jailed. But her friends help her escape from prison. She leaves Germany and travels to Italy from there she travels to Spain and finally arrives in Mumbai, India. 

After 30 years of suffering, she meets Indira Gandhi and tells her about her Husband. Indira Gandhi was amazed to see her and helped her by spreading the Ashes in Trivandrum. If we see this as the only History then it will be so. A man capable of speaking 12 languages, and traveled all over the world amidst the always increasing enemies.  He also gave speeches and fought for the oppressed people all over the world. 

The life of his from 1914 to 1934, his achievements, his sufferings, his aim to achieve the Freedon of his people. The movie industry of ours now takes a lot of unwanted movies, but they will not a biography movie like this. Our request to Tamil Directors to make a movie about this Great man. Each of you who has read this post please speak to your relatives or friends about Chempakaraman. Each and every Tamilian have to speak about this Great Tamilian. How India has considered and revered Subhash Chandra Bose the same has to be done to Chempakaraman also.

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