Chempakaraman History – A Forgotten Tamil Fighter

Chempakaraman History - A Forgotten Tamil Fighter:

Chempakaraman. Ayaa Chempakaraman. Dr. Chempakaraman. Warrior Chempakaraman. He is entitled to all these honors. He showed the way for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Indira Gandhi,  Jawaharlal Nehru, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel when they went to Germany they stayed in his house. We will not believe it. He went and met the American president and he went to Africa to fight for the people there. He was the 2nd in Command in SMS Emden and was the spark to ignite or Independence struggle. We won't believe all this as we have never learned about him. So we have studied a couple of a PDF and a book and learnt from other Online sources we will share this post with 30000 people, there are nearly 8 to 10 crore Tamilians around the world. All we have to do is study this Forgotten hero’s history and share it with others. This will fulfill his life which he has lived. We will not do that and our Govt will also not do it. Our Govt only in 2009 only a Statue was placed in remembrance to him. The Topic which we are going to discuss in this post is an in-depth History.

An ordinary man who rose up against Oppression and want to struggle for our Freedom. He did not only struggle for the people of India but for the people oppressed all over the world.

How he was defeated?

How he had Lived?

We will look in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil people.  Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Chinnaswami Pillai and Nagammal were the parents of the Chempakaraman. He was born in Thiruvananthapuram. They were a Tamil family. In his Normal life, he saw that our people were slaves to the Britishers. We need to change this. A freedom fire was burning in his heart. 

At that time he leaves India and goes to Germany. Wait we saw in the last post that his wife was struggling for 30 years to cremate his ashes in India. A National War hero and a fighter to cremate his Ashes India took nearly 30 years to do it. This is nowhere to be seen in our history books. This is a disgrace to Tamilians. Our objective is not to hurt your feelings but to remind us how negligent we were and are. To the Enemies of the Tamil people, this post will be a disgrace and you should be ashamed of hiding this Hero’s History from our own people. We don't care. 

This society has played a great deal in Hiding or Forgetting this Hero’s History. This is really Surprising to us. When it comes to Chempakaraman he is only known for opposing Hitler. But they never mention how he has struggled to get there. And nobody was there to listen to him. So Kindly share this post with your friends.

This is a very Important Topic to discuss.

Chempakaraman History - A Forgotten Tamil Fighter:

In 1934, Dr. Chempakaraman was killed by Slow Poison. Russia Analyst has confirmed that Poison was in his Blood Stream. Jai Hind was the slogan of Subhash Chandra Bose is what we all know. But before him, it was Chempakaraman who said those words in the first place. He also started an Organization called Indian National Volunteers. How was this possible?

So we have to go back in time to 1908, Chempakaraman is a student at Maharaja College in Trivandrum. He was a man who was seeking Freedom. A man called Walter approached Chempakaraman and Became friends. This Walter was a spy to Germany. Walter’s Father was a Britisher but his Mother was a German. Walter’s mission was to stay in Trivandrum and collect data about the British Troops movement and send it back to Germany. Walter approaches Chempakaraman and Says” Man of your talents should be in Germany, You can fight for your Independence from there”. There are Indians And Indian Warriors in Germany, I could be a platform for you to showcase your talents and also Be the Ignition of The Freedom Struggle of India”.

Chempakaraman History - A Forgotten Tamil Fighter:

Believing in his words Chempakaraman Leaves India and goes to Germany. So In 1908 22nd Sept, NLG York a Germany ship set sail to Germany and Chempakaraman was on it to start his Freedom Struggle. So the ship first lands in Italy, he studies for a while in Italy. Then he leaves for Switzerland to complete his college studies. He tops in the marks and becomes a valuable student. He also becomes Dr.Chempakaraman. When he was studying he also spoke on various stages addressing the Indian People. His speeches were always against The British Empire. People who listened to him understood what the British have been doing in India. He became a leader and was always on the lookout from Promising Indians who will listen to his speeches.

He goes to Berlin, Germany and he starts a Maganize called Pro India. This Pro India was the start for the Free India which we got in 1947. In Pro India he wrote about British oppression and Why Indians must get their Independence.  His Ultimate Aim was to go to war against the British Empire.

Chempakaraman History - A Forgotten Tamil Fighter

In 1914 he receives an Opportunity  To become second in command in a light Cruiser Battleship. The ship was called as SMS Emden and Mullar was its captain. The German government offers this position to Chempakaraman. At the time Germany was ruled by King Kaiser. Pro India was active, now he forms a Pro India Committee. King Kaiser was really impressed with the performance of Chempakaraman. So he offers a Position to Chempakaraman as a Personel assistant to the Kaiser. Chempakaraman was on every occasion where King Kaiser was present. He was a powerful man. 

SO in 1914 World war 1 Started, King Kaiser informs Chempakaraman that war with British is Inevitable. Chempakaraman has his own views on the war. 

“ Why should I fight for Germany when I can fight for India?”

We are going to war with the British but if I fight for India it will become a spark to all Indians across the globe. She wanted to educate the Indians that this can be a starting point for the freedom of India. He analyses data on how to tamper with the trade routes between Britain and India. He gave his full plan to captain Mullar. That's is how SMS Emden Disrupted the trade routes between Britain and India.  Finally attacking Chennai and Destroying fort George. After Completing their Mission is Malaysia SMS Emden was caught by a Light Cruiser of the British and sank. There were Casualties but they manage to board another ship called “Ayesha” and travel to the Ottoman Empire. He goes back to Germany he informs this to King Kaiser. In 1930’s Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Subhash Chandra Bose everybody met Chempakaraman to ask about how to fight against the British. Many Ideas have been give by Chempakaraman and that lead to the spark in the Freedom of India. The next post will be detailed about how he guided them. 



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