Chennai on Red Alert – Heavy Rains

Chennai on Red Alert - Heavy Rains

Heavy rain Floods in Chennai. Flooding has been caused by Heavy Rain. 

Have we ever thought about the weight of the air? 

We know about the Oxygen Cylinders. We have paid for litres of Oxygen Cylinders for Corona Patients. So the gas which is filled in the Cylinder proves that Air has weight. We can easily carry a brick but more bricks will be harder to carry. From the ground to the skies, it is full of air. So the Air has weight, if air has weight it should have crushed the Humans.

Why air cannot crush humans?

The rain is caused by Low Pressure which is created by a Cyclonic Circulation. After the 2015 Heavy Rains, Chennai has witnessed a Downpour in a Single day and is flooded. 

What will happen next?

There are many questions. Let's discuss this in detail. 

North Chennai, Villivakkam all roads have been disconnected due to flood. There is no electricity in these areas. Nearly 40 Transformers have been shut down. The River dams near Chennai have filled and they are going to be opened. When hearing this news the Chennai people should have panicked. 

Chennai on Red Alert - Heavy Rains

In 2015, 20 Cm’s of rain poured on Chennai. But in 2021, in a single day, nearly 23cm’s rain has poured upon Chennai. 

Is the Heavy rain over in Chennai?

No. The govt has issued a red alert. The Govt has said that upto 3 to 6 days there will be heavy rain. Due to Low pressure in two areas heavy rains may hit Chennai. We should understand the Low Pressure which creates Heavy Rains. 

Air has weight. Air is in fluid form around us. The Air is in Fluid Form. The Air has mass which is all around us. The land has gravity force. So if you place a brick in your palm due to pressure it should drag it towards the Land. This is due to the air pressure. The Air Pressure is both in the up and the downside of your hand. The Air Pressure surrounding you is even. This is the reason humans don't feel the pressure. 

If you lift your hand and place a vacuum cleaner beneath your palm. It will start to suck the air beneath your palm. We will think that the Vaccum Cleaner is pulling your hand. But the reality is the vacuum cleaner is not pulling your hand but it is sucking the Air Pressure below your palm. So the Air above your palm will pressure your palm and you will think that the Vaccum Cleaner is pulling your hand. This is air Pressure. Our bodies are surrounded by an Equal amount of air pressure. This is why Humans cannot sense Air Pressure. This safety to humans is on earth due to an equal amount of Air pressure. 

Chennai on Red Alert - Heavy Rains

While travelling in a car if you show your hand outside, your hand will go back because of the Air Pressure. The Air Pressure has been measured from Sea Level. 

Will The Air Pressure be level under the Sea?

There will be different levels of Air on various seas. If there is a Temperature of 26 Degree celsius. Due to the heat, the air will become hotter. This Air will evaporate from the sea. When this Air Evoparetes then there is a vacant space left by the previous air. So the Air Pressure will start to fill this space. The Evaporated Air will carry water. Water can be as a Liquid, Gas and Mass.  The Evaporated water after reaching an altitude will become cooler. In A Low altitude, the water remains. 

For ex: If there is a bus that is crowded in the back. We tend to go to the front where it is free. When the Evaporated air leaves a vacuum. The Earth will try to fill the vacant area with Air Pressure. The Earth’s rotation for one hour may reach upto 1000 Kilometres. The Earth will rotate the air which is present in the Low Altitude. When this happens the Clouds and the water they carry in the air move. 

Rain, Heavy Rain and storm. It is called Storm, Hurricane, Tornado, Typhon. The Low-Pressure Rain moves at 31 Kilometres per hour.  32 to 51 Kilometres is called Heavy Rain. 52 to 62 Kilometres will be Extreme rain. 63 to 87 Kilometres is called Storm. From 88 to 117 Kilometre it is called Severe Strom. 222 Kilometres above is called Cyclone. 

Please have a look at the graph in the video. The Graph will have H or L. There will be numbers. These are called Isobars. They will map the areas which have the same amount of pressure. Some areas will have circles that will have the same amount of pressure. The H and L denote High and Low-Pressure areas. There may be numbers like 1003,1005,1008 which measured the amount of pressure. 

In Chennai, the weather forecast says that Low-Pressure rain has hit Chennai. This may not become a storm. They have analysed the data and released the Weather forecast. There are two Low-Pressure areas in Chennai. So for five days, there may be heavy rain. Red Alert has been issued to Chennai. 

Chennai on Red Alert - Heavy Rains

In 2015, People in Chennai suffered a lot due to heavy rain. To store and drain the rainwater from the city, nearly 3000 to 5000 Crore Rupees was allocated. But still, the rain is causing issues for the Chennai People. The water is not draining and the Govt officials should be held responsible. They announce various plans but still, the Chennai People suffer due to heavy rain. 

Why is there no Permanent solution?

Villivakkam Lakes. In 1762 The lake was nearly 200 Acres. But in 2021 it is only 20 acres. So the Lake Area has been transformed and houses were built. There is no way for the water to drain from the area. The Drainage system is built near the houses and it is not proper. The Water cannot move and stays in one location. We cannot change this Structure. We must Re-structure Chennai to solve this issue. The Infrastructure has to be changed and the drainage system properly built to solve this issue. The Land will try to absorb as much water as it can. But there is a limit and it will not absorb more water. 

The Govt knows this issue and doesnt care about it. In Two way roads, the Concrete walls have been built. These walls are the reason for the water which are on roads. The Infrastructure and the planning are worse in Chennai. Due to Houses and Buildings built in Lake Areas and due to Climate Change this situation and suffering will continue. This is the case in many districts. 

The Govt, Govt Officials and the people should take action. The Lake areas should be evacuated and drainage systems should be built. 

You cannot predict Nature. The World is taking important decisions in COP26. UN and many organizations say that Chennai will be under Water within Years. 

What will the people do?

Many around the world will try to help our people. Near Chennai, there were nearly 30 Lakes which are transformed into houses. The Govt officials must take severe action and build the Infrastructure needed. 

People who live in Chennai must be careful. As the Rain May continue and the water may enter your house. Please have a radio and your mobile charged. The Electricity will be disconnected. 

This is a lesson. Learn from your mistakes. Please stay safe. 

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