China 15 Elephant’s Journey Mystery & A Small Story

China 15 Elephant's Journey Mystery & A Small Story:

A Journey by 15 animals that extended for nearly 16 months. Nearly 7 Crore Rupees of destruction. 

What was the destination of these 15 elephants?

Why are we discussing Elephants at this time?

Let's discuss this in detail

Wherever we look there is Negative News everywhere. The Virus issue, Vaccination demand, Political rivalry. 

Among these negative news, one Photo has become Viral in Social media. After so many days we have shared this Elephant Photo on social media. 

Totally 15 Elephants, 6 Females, 3 Males and adolescent elephants and 3 baby elephants. This group has been travelling and the distance was over 500 Kilometres. After a long walk, The Elephants were resting and a Drone Photo was released which was awesome. The Baby elephant was sleeping near its mother. We could have wanted to see elephants sleeping. But this photo amazes us that the elephants can sleep in this way. The Elephant family was having a great nap in that amazing Aerial Photo. 

China 15 Elephant's Journey Mystery & A Small Story

You may ask us a question,

What is positive about this photo?

These 15 Elephants started their journey last year. 

Are they moving from one forest to another?

Nobody knows the real reason for the migration of these 15 Elephants. In the start, 16 Elephants leave their home and start their journey. Two among the Sixteen elephants left the group and went back into the forest. So 14 Elephants started their journey last year from April 16 to 20th. 

In November 2020, A Female elephant was going to give birth. To protect the baby elephant the group stayed in the location for nearly 15 months. After Five months staying in one location and confirming the Baby Elephant is ready for the journey. 15 Elephants left the place and continued their journey. 

Their journey took 16 months to cross 500 Kilometres. 

Where are these elephants moving?

What is the reason behind this mysterious migration?

There are questions, but no one can answer these questions. 

The Elephant in their journey came across Roads and Human settlements. They crossed Roads, Borders and towns. In China, A Law was passed not to harm these 15 elephants. 

This event is happening in China. Leave out the Virus part for this post. Let's focus on the Elephants. 

China 15 Elephant's Journey Mystery & A Small Story

In China, there is an Elephant Protection law. So the Chinese people didn't bother this group of Elephants. But these elephants for food invaded farms, and for water, they went to houses. This was the reason behind the 7 Crore Loss for the Chinese govt. 

This elephant group has been followed by 14 Drones. Nearly 960 People are behind these 15 Group of Elephants. Nearly 76 cars and trucks are used to follow these elephants. 

What could be the reason for these cars and trucks?

They predict the Travel path of the group. We talked about the Aerial Shot of the elephants sleeping. From that particular location, nearly 20 kilometres apart is a City which is residence to 70 Lakh People. In order for the elephant group to change their course. The Chinese officials are placing Food in large quantities to change their course. So the elephants don't enter the City. For the group, many Water tanks have been built to cleanse their thirst. The Elephants are not disturbed in any way, the Chinese officials are doing their job. 

China 15 Elephant's Journey Mystery & A Small Story

This particular Wild Elephant group has not threatened the Humans in their path. The Group is travelling without making any trouble. 

The Wildlife observers say that the food provided to them is enjoyed by the elephants. But they are not able to identify the reason behind this mysterious migration. 

Will the elephants continue their long journey?

The possibilities are high to continue their journey after crossing 500 Kilometres. This elephant group has become viral in social media. So the Chinese govt has broadcasted a live feed to know the location of these elephants for the Viewers to enjoy. Many people have come forward as volunteers to help the elephants in their journey. 

These volunteers are not diverting the Elephants, but they are asking the people to move away from the Path of the elephants. People have been evacuated from their houses for two or three days. The Chinese government has instructed the farmers to harvest their farms. 

This news is good and awesome news regarding these groups of elephants. To protect 15 elephants, many people are coming together and helping these animals. This is a happy event. 

This earth doesn't belong to humans alone. It belongs to each and every living creature. We the humans are the ones, who are plundering the earth’s resources and destroying mother nature. 

We have built buildings in the paths of the Wild Elephants. We have destroyed their living space. Among these issues, the 15 Elephants have started their journey to enjoy the world and what it can offer. The Elephants have been provided Water and food to continue their travel. 

China 15 Elephant's Journey Mystery & A Small Story

When sharing this news with you, we feel that magical moments can happen at any time in this world. 

Another Small Story for Positivity. 

This can be a story about Army Soldiers. 

The soldiers are climbing a mountain and the temperature is freezing. They feel having something hot would be like heaven. While they were climbing they could see a Tea Shop, but the shop was closed. The soldiers tell their captain that drinking coffee could make their life easy. The Captain says that the shop is closed.

Due to the freezing cold, the soldiers say that they are suffering to protect the Tea Shop Owner. So why not break into the shop and have a Cup of Coffee. The Captain, seeing the suffering of his soldiers, accepts to break open the Tea shop. After breaking into the Tea shop, they drink their hot Coffee and eat the snacks which are available. After they have had their fill, the Soldiers leave the Tea Shop. But the Captain places money in the shop. The Soldiers ate for Rs600 and the Captain laid Rs1000 in the Tea shop. 

The Next day the Owner arrives and sees his shop opened. The Owner’s daughter was suffering from a disease and he wanted to sell the snacks for rs500. When he saw his Shop was robbed, he felt heartbroken. He needs the money by selling the snacks in the shop because his daughter is serious. The owner thought that he was robbed. Then he saw the Rs1000 which was left by the captain. He was overjoyed when he saw the money. He was puzzled “ Who would have left the money?.

He remembers that he prayed to god the last day to give him rs1000. He thinks that God has given him the money. He thinks that god ate the snacks and left rs1000. He takes the money and saves his daughter. 

He returned to his shop after some days. He sees the Captain and Soldiers coming towards his shop. The Captain and his soldiers saw that the Tea shop owner was very happy. 

The Tea Shop owner then invites the Soldiers and offers them free coffee. The soldiers asked the owner for this happiness and they asked for a reason. The owner replied that he had prayed to god and god had answered leaving him rs1000. He also says that he has been giving free coffee for two days. 

The Soldiers didn't know that the Captain had left the money after they left the shop. Eating the snacks in the shop and leaving the money for them was a small and the right thing to do. But to the owner, that event was God's grace. The owner thought that God had helped him and saved his daughter. 

So as humans if we do offer a small help. Like clearing the path for these 15 Elephants in China. This might be a huge help for the elephants. This might help the next generation. 

So any help you offer might be a huge gift for another person. This post is to show you the elephant's journey and the Aerial photo which was shared online. 

These 15 Elephants have travelled 500 Kilometres which directly crossed paths with the humans. There is hope that the Elephant group will reach their destination. 

Similar to this, A Corona free world or a Human Population strong enough to fight against the virus. There is still hope for our next generation which must be created by us. 

Positive news with a Small story. Please comment. 

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