China 50 Drones PsyOps to Pakistan – Indian Swarm Drones


Have you heard this news?

China is going to give Pakistan 50 Wing Loong II Aerial Combat Vehicle. 

Can India Survive this Aerial Vehicle?

China is priding itself that Missiles which are very high in Price can only bring down these Aerial Vehicles. 

China’s PsyOps.

Let’s discuss India’s reply to China. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Drones consist of two types. The First is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), the other is Unmanned Combat Vehicle(UCAV). Combat vehicle drones will carry weapons. Using these drones they can obtain intelligence and also attack targets. This is called a UCAV. 

The Wing Loong II belongs to the UCAV.  China is going to give 50 UCAV drones to Pakistan. 

Is Pakistan only buying it or begging it from China?

Four months ago there was news that Pakistan was going to buy Drones from Turkey. Pakistan for Scouting and gathering intelligence has UAV250 and UAV350 drones. China is sending the Spy drones to Pakistan. 

We know that India’s main enemy is not China nor Pakistan but Turkey. The reason is if Turkey attacks India, the future plans of Turkey will be initiated. People who study Geo-Politics know that India should keep a very close eye on Turkey. Turkey will support Pakistan. Turkey has the top technology when it comes to drones. 

Azerbaijan and Armenia war happened. The International community watched it closely. The reason was Turkey introduced a New war Strategy in the war. Modern warfare included all unmanned vehicles with weapons. Turkeys unmanned Drones from Azerbaijan destroyed many Armenian army bases. The Unmanned Drones destroyed the Defense Missile systems of Armenia. Thus Azerbaijan emerged as a Victor. 

The Drones used in the war is now given by Turkey to Pakistan indirectly. Indian govt know about this issue. 

China wants to threaten India by giving these 50 drones to Pakistan. Chinese media have also said that India doesnt have drones which are capable of Destroying Wing Loong II Drones. They also said India has Anti-Missile Systems. 

China 50 Drones PsyOps to Pakistan - Indian Swarm Drones

The real question is 

Will India use its Anti-Missile systems to destroy the drones? 

Through this Pakistan will have Air Dominance. This Chinese news is just to threaten India. 

Our Indian media reading this news is starting to spread false information to the Indian people. 

The truth is Indian govt knew about this issue in 2016-2018. 

Does India has the technology to target and destroy the drones?

India has the technology. But it is not sufficient. 

Which country supplies India with the technology?

Israel made Harop Drones is used bu the Indian Air Force. The advanced version of Harop is the IAI Harpy. India is buying this technology and weapons from Israel’s Rafael. 

Rafael has given an announcement that nearly 200 Million USD worth weapons and drones were bought by a Country which is in Asia. They refused to give the name of the country. 

Days before this announcement, Spice 2000 Missiles and Spike Anti-Tank missiles were bought by India. India has requested the B-net advanced Communication system and Drones from Israel. India is currently purchasing Drones from many countries. 

China 50 Drones PsyOps to Pakistan - Indian Swarm Drones

Does India has the technology to produce Drones?

India right now is developing UAVs. Many Plans to develop UVAC’s are underway in India. Within Two years India will achieve the Technology Swarm Drones Technology. 

What are these Swarm drones?

We could have seen this swarm Drones in many Hollywood Movies. It may be a Drones or a Flying Object from these the swarm drones will be released on the target. The swarm Drones which is smaller in Size will explode when it reaches the target. The Swarm Drones can attack Air and Ground Units. This will be the Modern Future Warfare. Swarm drones will easily destroy Drones. India combined with many countries are going to develop the Swarm Drones. 

India has already signed a contract with Israel and America. India’s DRDO is trying to produce these Drones. 

Does China know about these contracts?

What agreements has India signed?

We will not be brief and will not share very crucial information. 

The Wing Loong Drones will be displayed in the video now. 

If you don’t believe in the swarm Drones technology and if you need an example we will give you one. 

In 2018, the Russian army base was in Syria. The Swarm Drones attack the Russian Army Base and explodes. The International community thus knew that Swarm Drones Technology is achieved. 

In 2019, Saudi Arabia Oil Refinery ARAMCO was hit by Swarm Drones. 

China 50 Drones PsyOps to Pakistan - Indian Swarm Drones

What will be the next technology in warfare?

Artificial Intelligence. Single Neuron. IF an Aircraft is a target, the Swarm drones have to hit the aircraft. For a moving target, the Drones needs Assistance from an AI to change Direction and Speed. 

For Ex: If we fire 30 Swarm drones aimed at a target. If the target is an AIrcraft and it fires a Missile. The AI will change targets of the Swarm Drones by Sending 15 to target the aircraft and the remaining 15 swarm drones will hit the Missile. This is the latest technology which will be available very soon. 

Lets now go back to Wing Loong II Drones.

Has anybody destroyed the Wing Loong Drones II?

The Houthi rebels who are fighting against Saudi Arabia. China and America are supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia. 

China media said to destroy Wing Loong II Drones India has to spend a huge amount of money. This is China’s Psychological warfare. But China forgot that Houthi Rebels didnt have any high tech Missiles, but they were able to destroy 80% China’s Drones. 

Can China Provide any proof?

China can only threaten, but they cannot show any proof. 

Will the Indian army take this issue lightly?

From 2006 Indian army knew that these issues will arise. The Indian army has engaged in Study and Research & Development needed to strike back at the enemy. 

Israel’s Aerospace Industries(IAI) and Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HIL) have a contract. The Contract is meant to develop UCAV Drones. 

The Defense Technology Trade Initiative(DTTI)  through this America and India has signed agreement. This agreement is to create Swarm Drones and Anti Drone Systems. India is already developing Anti Drone System. This is a reply to China. 

Are these the only two agreement?

There are Secret Contracts and agreements. Indian Corporates such as New Space Research Technologies are developing ALFA-S Swarm Drones. There is more information in this topic. 

These Swarm Drones are also called Suicide Drones. If there is an enemy drone these Swarm Drones will destroy the drones. 

So if Pakistan sends In Wing Loong II Aerial Combat Drones our Indian Swarm Drones will destroy them easily. There will be another video based on your comments. 

We have discussed many Technoliogcal Terms and Project names in this video. 

In 2018 Indian Airforce conducted a Competition called Mehar Baba Prize.  The Competition was to create 15 to 20 Swarm Drones. The Corporate or the Person who creates the Swarm Drones were announced Prize Money. The IAF will test the operational capacity of the Swarm Drone and announce the winner. This Contest is ongoing. China Please Stop your Psychological Warfare. We Indians are bored listening to your stupid Propaganda. 

Our Young Generation has started to learn many technical terms. 

If there is News against India. Please Search the reply of India. 

IF we search, we will be proud to be an Indian. 

Let’s discuss more in the upcoming video. 

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