China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ at Ladakh | ExoSkeleton vs India

China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ at Ladakh | ExoSkeleton vs India:

Must a good guy always get beaten up?

Why Can’t he hit back?

China is stealing intelligence from India and call it Psychological warfare. 

India has hit back by stealing data from China. 

Chinese Infrastructure, Weapons and Companies. We will discuss this topic on a weekly basis. There will be a video released weekly. We need to understand this topic to know about the next “Enhancement”.

What is this enhancement?

In Syria, there are many minefields. To disarm the mines, a SuperHuman Soldier called K2 was sent. 

Who is this K2 SuperHuman Soldier?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We will continuously hear this word SuperHuman and will discuss it. In 2013 America talked about it. In 2015 Russia Spoke about it. IN 2019 China is doing it. Finally, in 2021, India will speak about SuperSoldier. 

These Four Countries will compete against each other in Technology. Due to this competition, we are now in the creation of Super Human Soldiers. 

How can a Human be transformed into a Super Human?

If a Human is enhanced he can become a SuperHuman. 

How is this possible?

The answer to this question info has been released in recent times. In 2019, India’s DRDO has said that research has been started in ExoSkeleton Technology. Many companies have been involved in Research of the Exo-Skeleton Research. Right now they are creating a Prototype. 

We discussed the K2 SuperSoldlier. A Human wearing an ExoSkeleton suit. In Syria, this Suit is famous because mines can be anywhere in Syria. The Killrate of these Mines is huge. 

How was the Super Soldier able to defuse the minefield?

The Answer is Exo-Skeleton. In the Upcoming years, this Exo-Skeleton will be used by Soldiers. This Exo-Skeleton will also help disabled people. This techonlogy will be used in various scenarios. 

In the Exo-Skeleton there will be many motors, Hydraulics System, Sensors. It works in the Joint of the body. When a human using an Exo-skeleton wants to stand the sensors will become aware and will assist the Human. The Sensors will start a particular Motor. This motor will provide force to quickly make the Human stand. So there is the possibility that a human can jump longer. 

China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ at Ladakh | ExoSkeleton vs India

In the Ladakh Region, China says that it has deployed Super Human Soldiers. These Troops are not robots but Soldiers wearing the Exo-Skeleton suit. Ladakh is a mountainous area. Walking in the region is hard. It is harder when you have to carry 30 Kg Weight and walk. 

Can a Human carry 150 Kg Weight in these regions?

In the coming days through technological advancements, it can be achieved say, Researchers. The Exo-Skeleton suits will be used for this heavy lifting. 

In 2013, China Search for the Exo-Skeleton Research started. America’s DARPA has already achieved this technology. In the next video, we will discuss DARPA’s achievements. 

China didnt want to give the research to Provate Corporates. They wanted the Govt to conduct the research. The project was given to The Norinco NorthWest Institue of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. They create a digital design. After the design is completed it is changed into a model. Then the model has been changed to a Prototype. The research started in 2013, reached Prototype stage ion 2015. China in 2019 conducts a contest called Super Warrior. Any company can be a part of this contest. So the participants show their prototypes and the Chinese govt decides whether to use it in their army or not. More than 42 companies which produced 29 Prototypes was selected by the Chinese army. The Selected Prototypes have been sent to the Chinese army. The Prototypes reach Norinco and they conduct research. Norinco says to make a deal with the Companies and asks for the complete details of the Prototype. 

In 2019 the Norinco Research was completed. In Sep 2020 Chinese army released a video. A Soldier climbing the mountain is wearing the Exo-Skeleton Suit. This Exo-Skeleton helps the soldier carry 30kg extra weight. 

Will this weight affect the human body or the bones?

China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ at Ladakh | ExoSkeleton vs India

No, it will not affect the bones of the human body. This Exo-Skeleton has a charge for three hours. The maximum usage of these suits reaches 8 hours. So If a Human can carry 60 kg weight, he can now carry 95kg Weight with the use of the Exo-Skeleton. This is the job of the Exo-Skeleton. 

Is this the only usage of this Exo-Skeleton?

If there is a Target which is a very long range. When the Human wants to shoot this distance, there may be tiny vibrations in the human body which may result in a miss. There are so many factors like Heart Beat or Wind Direction. This exo-Skeleton will assists the human to make a perfect shot. 

You would have seen the Gimbal Stabilizer. It is used to stabilize the device for the photo to be taken. This Exo-Skeleton can be a stabilizer for humans. So the Exo-Skeleton will assist you in getting a perfect shot. If this Exo-Skeleton suit is given to a Soldier he becomes Super Human Solider. 

China equips many Soldiers with Exo-Skeletons and conducts various research. 

In 2019, India’s DRDO has officially announced its research on Super Human Soldiers. India is intensely researching Exo-Skeleton Suits. Many Indian Technology companies have been given orders to research this technology. This will enhance the Indian army. 

18th Dec 2020, Another Discussion between China and India over the border dispute will take place. But understand that within April 2021, the Indian army is going to build 30 to 36 Helipads in the Ladakh Region.

India is also enhancing the Ladakh Region. The next enhancement is the Brahmos Missiles. The Indian govt has allotted 28000 Crore Rupees to Indian army to develop various techonlogy. A Total of 7 Projects in these 6 Projects have been given to DRDO. 

China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ at Ladakh | ExoSkeleton vs India

In The Eyes in the Sky Project, India is going to add 6 Aircraft into the Indian Airforce. The Govt will buy Flights from Air India and will enhance it and use it in the Indian airforce. India is going to change these flights to hacks or Eagles in the sky. These Flights have 360 Degree and have a range of 400 Kilometres. These flights will be our eyes in the Sky. The Signals will be delivered from these flights to Command Center. 

But these technologies are available in many countries. 

What does China have?

How many does China have?

How much does America have?

We will give you the answers in the next video. 

We will discuss the Indian border Enhancements. Eyes in the Skies Project. 28000 Crore Rupees Projects. We will discuss in detail. 

Please search for Exo-Skeletons. 

What s the current status of India in this technology?

What is DARPA’s exponential growth?

In Universities and Colleges, Seminars should be conducted in the topic Ex-Skeleton. 

Within the coming five years. Army Personnel will be wearing Exoskeleton suits. 

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