China Spy Network Part 2 – City Brain Project Explained

A voice of a person has been heard. Its a phone call or his voice or he sends a text message. When this happens the Aadhar Card Number of the Person has been Changed. The data is recorded in the Income Tax data. The documents in the person’s name in the Police Station has been updated. Totally that person’s Govt records will be updated. 

How is this technology?

If a person talks against the govt. There will be a point system called Social Credit which will decrease. IF the Social credit goes -5 that person will be unable to attend any public event. That person cannot exit his premises. 

What will you do if you are in this situation?

Let’s Discuss China Spy Part 2.

This system is online in China. The Xinjiang Regions where the Uyghurs live is turned into testing grounds. 

How is this possible?

In the World The top 10 Universities which work on AI. Three very Important and leading Universities are from China.

What would info would we gather by discussing this topic?

Many things will be unheard to you. 

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Now let’s discuss China Spy part2. 

We discussed the GSD(General Staff Department). This GSD Dept is the one which transforms the data in the Internet into supporting the Evil Regime CCP. GDS has many branches. Two PLA, Three PLA, Fourth Warfare, Psychological Warfare, and many more branches. Xi Jinping always mentions this word called Sharp Eyes. He always mentions this term when he talks about events in the past or present. 

What are this Sharp Eyes?

These are CCTV’s which constantly spy the Chinese people. Search for “Sharp Eyes Project China” you would get much info. 

Can they control a human using a CCTV?

How were they able to control a human using the CCTV?

When Coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan, China rapidly. For a person to leave his house he has to Scan the QR Code. When they do this their colour code will change into Grey, Orange and Red. Red Colour Code people should not get out of their houses. 

How are they monitoring the people?

It is done by Artificial Intelligence. This is not your average CCTV camera. The footage is recorded and processed through algorithms. These Algorithms have so many patterns. Many get confused when we speak about Patterns and Algorithms. 

For Ex: A Person is leaving his house from the front of his house. IF the person goes out through the backside of his house there will be pattern change. An Alert to monitor this person will be sent as data. All this has been processed data.

China Spy Network Part 2 - City Brain Project Explained

Uyghur People can also use WeChat. Through WeChat, if a person donates to a monastery then that person will be monitored by the Chinese Officials. 

Another Ex In a house if the lights are turned off at 10 in the night, if the light is on till 12 then an alert will be sent for the change of pattern. Then the Chinese Officials will start monitoring the house and conduct an investigation.  Today this is happening in China, Tomorrow it may happen all over the world. This will be integrated into each and every country within 2035. 

There is a camera called Amazon Security Camera. In America, front of every house will be monitored by these cameras. We can easily see the person standing outside the door and even have a conversation without opening the door. The Police Dept in America without the knowledge of the People were monitoring these cameras. This news went viral in America. The Police officials accept the allegations and say that they were protecting and safeguarding the people from Crimes. When America is using Amazon Security Camera to spy.

Why Cant the World use this same technique?

If you don’t believe in this discussion. Please search for it online. Please Search for City brain Project. 

Who created this City Brain Project?

This project was created by Alibaba. Alibaba is a corporate giant. Alibaba’s Cloud-based system is this City Brain System. The data which is received will be sent into many supercomputers. They will combine the records and change it into a 3d Structure. 

For Ex: Drawing a House in the paper could not be understood by many people. But if you give them a 3d Model of the house they can understand it easily. When we see the 3d Design we will imagine the Structure. By receiving more data we can view the data real-time. To see real-time data they have to build this Project called City Brain. In every Traffic signals, CCTV is installed. Throughout the city CCTV camera’s are installed. All these data will be sent to the City Brain Software. 

Next comes Automotive Vehicles. Automatic cars will send the data to many servers. 

For Ex: You are trying to reach a destination, So you on the google map. Google map suggests the best possible route to the destination. 

How does Google map know?

Many people will be using google maps or they may be sharing their locations online through GPS. So google absorbs this as cumulative data. If 4 persons in a junction on their GPS and send data to Google. So google will know that these 4 persons are moving slowly and thus predicting that there is traffic. So if a 5th Person approaches the Road, google will inform the 5th Person that there is traffic in that road and will suggest a different route. We are only sharing this information so you might understand what is happening around us. There is nothing to be afraid of. 

China Spy Network Part 2 - City Brain Project Explained

Within 2035 we may see a different world from the current one. This video is a small trial of how people will live in that world. 

So CCTV is everywhere. Auto Cameras has been installed and recording data. The City Brain PRoject will collect the data and send the data to the Police Officials of that City. 

So if you swipe a card in a shop, this data will be available to the Police officials. If you are wearing a SmartWatch that data will also be transferred. The Smart Phone which you have will also send data. There is Smart Diaper for crying out loud. So Everything is smart. 

So when everything is changing Smart, the data is gathered by the software and given to the Officials. 

Facial Recognition is an important part in Artificial Intelligence. This will come below Image Processing. So through Facial Recognition if a person is identified, that person will have a National ID System. So the Supercomputer will compare the data with the person within Milliseconds. It will also retrieve the Personel Credit Score.  

This Score will tell the ruling govt, whether that person supports the govt or not. 

What does his text message say?

What does his facebook post say?

What does his tweet express?

To monitor all this data, an Algorithm was created and is operational in China. The Uyghur People will bury their mobiles underneath the sand. They will break their memory cards and burn them. 

Why they do it?

The Chinese have sent a virus to the mobiles used by the Uyghur People. So in China, if you buy a Mobile phone by Default there will be some applications installed. Mobile Companies have integrated a processor in these mobiles. If the mobile receives any Arabic Letters the Mobiles will m\immediately send the data to the Chinese Officials. If A person shares a photo of a monastery, the Chinese officials will take that person to a different place. The Uyghur People thus are in Concentration camps in China. The Uyghurs are the lab rats for the City Brain Project.  

Please search for Tianchi Big Data program. Nearly 1,20,000 Developers and 2700 Academic Institutes and businesses from 77 Countries and regions work in this project. Data Scientists from 55 Countries are currently working on this project. This project belongs to Alibaba. So according to Alibaba in AI China has to be Number1. Alibaba and the Chinese Govt have a lot of combined projects and connections. 

A Country within three to five years which masters in AI. Will have dominance over the world. They can easily overcome their enemy using the data available. 

So in the AI Dept, if America takes One step, China is taking Ten Steps. 

Is there proof for this theory?

In Ethiopia, the Core project of the City Brain has been installed by the Chinese. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a sample project of City Brain is running now. Countries like Kenya, Uganda and Mauritius are using China’s surveillance system.  China has done this through the Belt and Road Initiative, they promised these countries of improving the infrastructure of the country. This has been unknown to the people of these countries. 

So Asia, Europe and Africa and even in Latin American Countries China’s Spy network extend and is operational. 

For Ex: Ecuador has received USD240 Million worth of Surveillance Equipment from China. Bolivia has installed the Surveillance network in their country. Venezuela has bought the National ID system from China. In Srilanka, Hambantota Port has been monitored through this System. We have all the proof needed. 

Where will this all end?

This is just a beginning. 

What is your understanding of this topic?

Is this topic interesting to you?

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