China & Taliban – China’s Plan for Afghanistan

China & Taliban - China's Plan for Afghanistan:

The Laws Maybe different. But the masses are attracted to religion. The Greatest example is the Taliban. The Taliban have announced that they will ask questions if there is an issue for Islam People around the world. But some people say that Islam Law is different from the Taliban Law. 

The Taliban have announced that China will be their closest ally. 

Will the International community recognize the Taliban?

Let's discuss the answers. 

From India, Srilanka to Afghanistan leaders has been using Religion for Politics. If they want to divide or group the people they use Religion. Using religion India was split into Two which gave birth to Pakistan. 

So the Religion will become an issue. The World does not care about the Taliban.

The Haqqani Group said that it will not speak about the J&K issue. The Haqqani Group have said that they will raise their voice for the J&K People but will not encourage Violence. 

Al-Qaeda has requested the Taliban to capture J&K. The Taliban have said that if there is an issue for Islam people in any country, then the Taliban will interfere. But the Islam Law is totally different from Sharia Law. The Taliban is using Religious Politics. Now the Islam people who live in many countries will say that the Taliban are fighting for them. This is also Psychological Warfare. 

The Taliban law is a disgrace to the Quran. Many Islam people said that the Taliban rule is not Islam Law. But when time goes by they will look to the Taliban. This causes fear. 

The News says that Pakistan people are supporting the Taliban. The US weapons seized by the Taliban's are sold to Pakistan. This shows that the Taliban will ally with Pakistan. The Taliban Spokesperson has said that China will be their closest ally. He said that China is going to improve the Infrastructure of Afghanistan. China will invest in Afghanistan. 

Now we can understand the dealings of the Taliban, China and Pakistan. 

How have the International community reacted to this Coalition?

US president Biden’s image in America has reduced by 6 to 10%. The American people have said that Joe Biden’s decision to evacuate American troops was the wrong one. 

News says that the Afghan women have started their Protest in the Country. The US has said that it will not recognize the Taliban immediately. The UK and the EU have strongly said that they will not accept the Taliban and the New Afghanistan. But they are willing to have a hotline or Direct communication to the country. This Hotline will be used to protect their citizens in Afghanistan. But they will not recognize The Taliban. India has taken the same decision. India will not take decisions to recognize the Taliban. India has said that after monitoring the Taliban rule they will make a decision. So the International community is waiting for the Taliban’s actions and their rule. 

If the Taliban poke their nose into the J&K issue or portray an image that they are Anti-US and Pro-China will isolate the Taliban from the World. 

China doesn't control the entire world. The Great Example is Srilanka. Srilanka said that China is its Closest Ally. But Now Srilanka is in a Debt trap by China. The Situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse. Similarly, Pakistan believed in China. Now Many Countries have stopped aid to Pakistan. 

China & Taliban - China's Plan for Afghanistan

So If the Taliban ally themselves with China. The Western Countries will see Afghanistan and the Taliban as their enemy. This will create new issues in Afghanistan. 

America according to its records say that more than 1000 US Citizens or Afghans are in Afghanistan. America has created a Secret base called the Eagle Base for these people. Using the base they will evacuate the remaining people. 

India has said that it has 20 to 30 people in Afghanistan. Many Afghans have applied for visas to India. The Indian embassy in Kabul is currently operational. 

How is the Indian embassy functional?

The Indian embassy has employed local Afghans to work in the Embassy. India is paying these Afghans but the banks are not functioning. India is also gathering Information from Afghanistan. India has not totally left Afghanistan. India has employed Afghans to work and send the Information needed. 

Amidst this news, the Taliban's have decided to fight against the Nati-Taliban in the Panjshir region. More than 300 Taliban's have lost their lives in the fighting. Saleh has said that the Taliban have blocked Humanitarian access. The Previous Afghan govt has never blocked Access to the Taliban. The Taliban have blocked all access for the Anti-Taliban. Saleh has requested the UN & World Leaders to interfere. Saleh has also announced that the Anti-Taliban will not go down without a fight. They will never have peace talks with the Taliban. 

The World Media said that the Taliban and Anti-Taliban will come to an agreement with Russia as the Mediator. But Russia’s efforts have resulted in failure. When Russia decided to support the Taliban. America has started its attention towards Ukraine. America has wantedly send money aid to Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine still have the Crimea Crisis. 

World Politics focuses on “Enemy of my enemy is a friend”. China is still trapping many countries with its Debt Trap. This will lead to the Destruction of China.

When 9 Chinese Engineers were killed in Balochistan, Pakistan. The World was against Pakistan because of China. Afghanistan has many ethnic groups, so if the Anti-Taliban group bombs Chinese engineers, The Belt and Road Initiative will be closed. Without the help of Afghanistan China cannot continue its Belt and Road Initiative. The Initiative starts from Gwadar Port. But the Entry for the Initiative is Afghanistan. If there is no entrance China cannot complete its Belt and Road Initiative. 

China & Taliban - China's Plan for Afghanistan

China will try to ally with the Taliban for their Initiative. The Taliban will use this purpose. If there is an issue between the two, The Taliban will immediately turn against China. Many Proxy wars will be conducted. This is closely monitored by RAW, CIA and Mossad. So there may be Bomb blasts happening in Afghanistan. There are many chances for someone to bomb the Chinese workers. History says that to create a Civil Crisis bombs have been planted. At All times this attack will be directed at the Terrorists. So any blast will lead to the Taliban. The World Powers will use this opportunity to make the Taliban and China enemies. 

How will China & Taliban relationship be?

After all the events which have happened in the world. Spread of Coronavirus, Ally with the Taliban, Sri Lanka Debt Trap. We have seen the Atrocities of China. 

Why is the International community not standing against China?

The Debt trapped Countries say that China has helped them. But the People who live in these countries say that China is the reason their lives are greatly affected. 

In China, there is news which says that they have conducted research on Keeladi. Chinese Students in Universities have been taught this information. 

If China wants to destroy Indian Culture. They have to conduct research on their enemies. After completing their research they will act against us. 

China wants to learn the Tamil Culture and will try to turn the people against their own country. 

While this research in Tamil is studied in China. This is a Proud moment at the same time there is danger.

The ex is Thiruvalluvar has no religion. Some people say that Thiruvalluvar relates to Christianity. Some People said that he was a Hindu. 

So if they take proof and combine it with religion. They want Thiruvalluvar to be their religion. 

After learning Tamil, China can conduct Politics in India. There is much proof and History to be shared. We will discuss it in the Upcoming posts. 

Why are the Chinese learning Tamil?

What can China do after learning Tamil?

We will discuss this in another post. 

Why is Tamil taught to Chinese students?

China & Taliban - China's Plan for Afghanistan

In Malaysia and Srilanka, the Chinese language has been taught to the students. China could have learned Malay and the Srilankan language. They will try to influence the Chinese Language. So now these Countries are not educating the Chinese Language to their students. 

Do we need this in Tamilnadu?

There is a big conspiracy behind this event. 


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