China wants to Rule the world – China Plan 2049

China wants to Rule the world - China Plan 2049:

Srilankan Govt is so close to China now. Pakistan is also doing the same. Before we start to discuss China.

Who is your Boss?

There will be only two answers. The one who gives us money is Boss. We listen to another person’s orders is boss. These two definitions belong to China. The organisations which control the world are controlled by China.

Would you deny this accusation?

The proof will be shared in this post. China is controlling us.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

A few days ago we posted America is controlling the world. Then we said Illuminati. Now we say China controls the world.

Are we changing our statements?

No. We should see the changes in the Geo-Politics. This is not controlled by A organisation or a country. They all are controlled by the Elite Group. The Richer people.

Which country has the most of the money?

China has it. China gives loans to many countries. China has a lot of money then they can easily become The Boss. 

Did China plan this recently?

This plan started 30 years ago. But in 2018, Nearly 2200 Rich People and leaders had a meeting. The Chinese President in the day of the China Communist party CCP gives a speech. This speech was for 3 hrs and 20 mins. The speech was contained.

China wants to Rule the world - China Plan 2049

What will China achieve in the coming 30 years?

How will China do it?

Why will China China do it?

The speech was a clear cut demonstration of the events which are going to unfold. The major decisions were based for the year 2049. So from 2018 to 2049, China should be number 1 Country in the world. China should be the power to control all countries. China will be the lead country in Space Force. China must be Number 1 in exporting to other countries. The 2200 people present in the conference didnt blink and were enjoying the speech. This will be China’s growth.

WHO an important organisation. So we listen now to the WHO. So WHO is the boss. WHO had America as Boss for some years. America has cancelled the funding for the WHO because they were supporting China. Now China has become the boss of WHO. China says that it will fund the WHO. 

Today WHO has released a Map. India and China have Border issues. This issue has been known to all countries. Whether its Ladakh Issue or J&K issue. This issue is an important one for the International community. WHO releases a map which says that Ladakh an Indian Region belongs to China. India strongly opposed it. India will place a request against the map to the UN.

China wants to Rule the world - China Plan 2049

UN(United Nations has 15 branches under its name. WHO is a branch of the UN. UNESCO is also a branch of UN. All these organizations come under the UN. So if India says that it will file a report against WHO in UN. 

Who is controlling the UN?

The search for us begun and the result is this post. While searching we found a lot of things. In these 15 branch Organisations of the UN, only one branch is lead by America. China leads 4 organizations. These 4 organisations are the most important. 

China wants to Rule the world - China Plan 2049

What will be China’s next move?

We simply searched what is china going to do in the coming 50 years?

Many websites, Media even Chinese Officials have told that China will conduct Six wars. From 2020 to 2025 China will conduct a major war against Taiwan. Then it will occupy the country. After the war in 2025, China’s growth in the South China Sea will reach its peak. The next war may be against Japan. In 2050 to 2060 The Sixth war will wage war against Russia. 

Will a Communist China wage war against a Communist Russia?

Is China a Communist Country?

China says its a communist country but it is not. So plans which China has set up is Perfect. In 2049, Belt and Road Initiative will be used by all countries this request was placed by China to the UN. 

How can China do this?

Now turn your attention to Agenda21. Leave the Conspiracy theory part. Agenda21 was set by the UN. Within 2030 the world people should be given a healthy lifestyle. 

They killed 1000 camels because they had water for only 100. So if 100 People don’t have anything to eat, kill 10000 People this is called Sustainable Development goal. We know that they killed 1000 camels. 

Sustainable Development Goal is called SDG. This is also called UN SDG.So through Belt and Road initiative, China will support SDG. China has pledged its support to the UN. America stopped funding UNESCO. The next day China announced that it will fund UNESCO. China says that it will be the boss. UNESCO replied if there is fund then we are your slaves. 

Now China is funding WHO. WHO will now listen to only China. Similarly, the four Important branch organizations of the Un are the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), International Telecommunication Union(ITU), The United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDP) and the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO). So these 4 branches are lead by China. In Paper it will be India, but decisions will be made by China. So WHO will be lead by China. China has funded 12% to UNESCO. 

China wants to Rule the world - China Plan 2049

SO China and these 15 branch Organizations have entered into 25 agreements. 

We know the IMF. IMF determines how India’s growth will be. It advises how India should proceed. So the IMF will be given instructions from countries such as ideas, this list of countries is topped by China. 

So slowly China is taking over an organization which is ruling the world. So whatever China says these organization must do and will do. So within 2049 China will control the world. The dragon will control everything. 

We know that to stop China many countries are trying their best. Whether it’s America or the EU. But after a stage. Will they be able to stop China?

This question ends in Corona Virus. The biggest tool for the International Community to go against China. If the International Community correctly uses this tool then they can defeat China. If China uses its Dragon brain and comes out of this issue. In 2049 China will be the Super Power. 

Somebody has to fund the UN. China was in third place right?. No China is in number 2nd position. The fund needed for the UN has been given by China in large numbers. For the past years, China’s fund has increased by 5%. They have increased their funding by 5%. The only reason is China wants to rule the world. 

Why is Srilanka allied with China?

There is a reason. There have been many accusations against Rajapaksa for inhuman acts and massacre of Tamil People. These accusations are placed by many countries and people. The UN’s Human right commission has filed a case against Murderer Rajapaksa. UN Human rights are controlled by China. 

Do you need Proof?

Just type in google DESA UN. Please read the results. We will also post this in our website. 

How China is controlling the UN?

Part2. We will discuss. 

Can we go and work in the UN?

China is giving training to its students to be employed in Major UN Organizations. These students are the workers in the Organizations. We will discuss this in another post. 

The proof is given in the Description of the video. 

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