China’s Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered – India Australia

China's Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered - India Australia:

The Chinese Dream has been shattered into pieces. Russia has said that it will remain neutral. SriLanka One week ago said that it will remain Neutral. So many countries are not supporting China and remain neutral.

 India, on the other hand, has the support of Japan, America and Australia. Today after so many hurdles a meeting between India and Australia is going to happen. China is closely watching this meeting. The reason is the Malabar Naval Training. 

Will India bring In Australia?

What is the Malabar Naval Training?

We know Quad Countries, but Japan gives another plan called Diamond Security. 

What is this Diamond Security?

We will answer these questions in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

When the Roman Empire was there the Sea belonged to everyone. During that time the Sea had no borders or nor it belonged to any country or Empires. When the Roman Empire started to decline, All countries come to the conclusion that the Sea doesn’t belong to anyone.

On 1480 to 1490, there were two Superpowers. Spain and Portugal. The two Superpowers decided that half of the Sea belonged to one country and the remaining part belonged to the other Country. So they sign an agreement to using the Sea for Trade and War. So as years passed many countries laid claim to the Sea. 

On 1945, Sea near the Americas had oil resources. They discover that there are abundant Oil Resources. After the Discovery, there was a question which country had ownership over the Sea Region?. 
The 33rd President of America President Harry S Truman announced “Truman Proclamation”.The Territorial waters belonged to America. All Natural Resources in the region belongs to America. This announcement is a Disappointment for many countries. 

There was a request to divide the Water Territories which will belong to many countries. Due to this request in 1982, the UN declares many laws. This is called UNCLOS. 

So the sea, 12 Km from the land of the country is called Territorial Sea of that Country. 200 Kilometres from Land is declared the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Country. After these Laws have been passed they discover many Islands. 

For Ex: Let’s discuss the Philippines. The 7th Country to have a lot of Islands in the world.

How Many Islands belong to the Philippines?

On 2017 they said there was 7100 Islands. Later in 2017, they discovered 543 new Islands. Now the total count is 7,641 Islands. 

What happens after the Discovery of these Islands?

Their Exclusive Economic Zone Increases. So the Sea from the land exactly 200 Kilometres becomes their EEZ Zone. Now China is building Artificial Islands and Claiming that 200 Kilometres from these Islands is their EEZ Zone. 

So the Philippines and China have many issues with each other in the South China Sea. The Philippines have nearly 7,600 Islands. But only 2000 Islands have human Population. There are no humans in many Islands and they haven’t even named these Islands. China is Claiming these Islands. The Philippines turns against China in this issue. The Philippines is the 7th Country with Islands. A Stats say that Australia has nearly 8000 Islands. 

Which countries have the Most Islands?

China's Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered - India Australia

Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines. Australia is one among these Countries with Islands which is going to sign an agreement with India. This agreement is called MLSA(Mutual Logistics Support Agreement). India has army bases in many countries. The Army base can be used by India in other countries. So Australia and India can use these Army Bases. IF an Indian jet needs Fuel it can land in Australia and Re-Fuel. These all come under this MLSA agreement. 

Is this the only agreement which is going to be signed?

A Sea patrol between both Countries. It is called AUSINDEX. From 2015 there is an organization called AUSINDEX. It is a Joint Naval training program between India and Australia. After 2016, Australia requested to include it in the Malabar Joint Naval Training. India is the one who organizes the Malabar Joint Naval Training. 

China's Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered - India Australia

What is this Malabar Joint Naval Training?

On 1992, America and India conduct a Joint Naval training. Japan in 2016 requested to join the training. So the training becomes Trilateral Naval Exercise. From 2016 Australia wants to join the training exercise. India thinks that these four countries are already Quad Countries. These Quad Countries are against China. The Chinese call the Quad Countries as “Asia’s NATO”. 

NATO army is created by America to oppose Communism. Whether its Russia, China or Cuba. America will send the NATO Forces. So to control China the Quad Countries have been formed. India thought that if it includes Australia in the training Exercise this will create an issue. So India created a new organization called AUSINDEX. Now India and Australia have been doing their Joint Naval Training. 

But Now China is acting aggressively. To Control China, India can use Australia and the Quad Countries. So there are Chances that India may Include Australia into the Malabar Traning Exercise. 

China's Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered - India Australia

India calls in Malabar Naval Training Exercise. Japan calls it as Diamond Security. There is a history behind this Diamond Security. We will discuss this in another post. 

Are India and Australia going to sign only the MLSA agreement?

No. They are going to discuss another important Agreement. It is called the Maritime Domain Awareness(MDA). MDA means a protocol to patrol our Seas. The Philippines has introduced this Protocol. When this happened through 9-Line China opposed it. The reason was China claimed ownership of the Islands which belonged to the Philippines. 9-Line is China’s Border. Australia now wants to introduce MDA or else China will lay claim to its islands. 

MDA can be tracked through Satellites and many Security. So the Quad Countries are tracking these Sea borders. The data which is collected will be shared among the Quad Countries. 

So if there is an intelligence leak, many countries will warn each other. So they will warn if China moves against these Quad Countries. If India introduces MDA then China’s domination in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea will be reduced to half.  

China's Dream to rule the Sea is Shattered - India Australia

Now we understand that this MDA Agreement is very important to India. Today’s news is China and India have agreed to De-Escalation of the Dispute by taking back their troops from Flashpoints. But two Flashpoints are still Contested. June 6th we will have another peace talk. There are chances that the dispute will be over by that time. 

Our Intelligence Bureau has received a Report about Pakistan. Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI has called forth Pakistan’s Higher Army Officials and had an important discussion. After the Discussion the Pakistani army has provided weapons to Terrorists.  These terrorists are now in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Anytime now these terrorists may infiltrate India.

 This info is true because in the last 7 days our army has killed 13 Terrorists in the border. In Pakistan territory, our army has killed these 13 terrorists. So more than 25 terrorists have been killed by the Indian army. Pakistan has been a headache to India in various issues. 

There is an issue in Ladakh, LAC(Line of Actual control). In South Kashmir, the speed of Srinagar Jammu National Highway roads construction has been increased. This news clearly tells us that our Army is ready. 

The Media asks the Army

Why they are speeding up the project?

The army says there are no issues, they have already got permission to build these roads many months ago. Due to the Corona Virus, we have halted the Project. Now they say they have completed the project. 

So in Jammu Kashmir, many roads have been reconstructed. We are building new roads in the region. On the other side in the LAC We are increasing our Infrastructure. Overall India had many issues to face. But this dispute with China may be over soon. 

There is only one Big issue to India which is Pakistan. For this issue to be resolved, India has to take over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. 

Is it possible?

We will discuss this question in another post. 

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