China’s Five Finger Policy – India’s Chicken Neck

China's Five Finger Policy - India's Chicken Neck:

The people’s Republic of China. One is China and the other is Taiwan. 

On 1949, People’s Republic of China was created. 

What was China before 1949?

Near Arunachal Pradesh, there are three villages which belong to India. But there is an Infrastructure of the Chinese Near these villages. 

What is the truth?

What is the reason till now the Ladakh Dispute has not ended?

Will this issue come to an end in 2021?


Is China taking steps not to end this dispute?

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

The Person who loves his or her country will have a wish. They will want to know the issues surrounding their Country.

Why their country is facing these issues?

So they will listen to the news which consists of these issues. 

For the last 4 to 5 months we have been hearing about the Border Dispute between India and China. But behind this dispute, there is a vision of China. We have already discussed this topic. Our prediction was true by the events which are happening now. 

We need to understand a Person’s Vision. His name was Mao. 

Mao Zedong was the Founder of CPC. He was the man who created this new China. He was the man who changes the name into the People’s Republic of China. Until 1949 China was called the Republic of China. The people’s Republic of China includes Taiwan. But China’s Orginal name was the Republic of China. 

Taiwan says that it is a Separate Country and not a part of China. 

Why did Mao change the name to PRC?

Mao had a big dream. China should rule the world. China’s COmmunism should spread all over the world. To achieve that goal what China must do. He imagined how China should grow on a Ten Year Basis. 

Mao had to make sure that Tibet was a part of China. He wanted Tibet to be in control of China. Including Tibet, there were 4 regions which must be included in China. This is called the Five Finger Policy. He came to decision in 1949. 

China's Five Finger Policy - India's Chicken Neck

In 1950 China occupies Tibet and says that Tibet belongs to China. After the Tibet Occupation China started to become a Superpower. Tibet was used as a Water Resource and for Security Reasons. 

In 1947, India got its Independence. 

Why didnt China occupy Tibet before 1949?

Before India become an independent country. Tibet was under the control and many agreements were signed by the British. The British Empire saw the Tibet Region as their buffer Zone. The British knew that USSR anytime can become an enemy. If there is a war, The Region will be Tibet. So due to the war, USSR, China and Tibet may be affected. India was still a Colony of the British Empire. If there is an issue in the Indian B0order. The Indians will start a Rebellion. So the British wanted Tibet to be a Buffer Zone. 

When India got its Independence and left India, China’s strategy started to change. Mao Zedong ruled China from 1949 to 1976. After Mao came Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping ruled from 1978 to 1989. Mao Zedong was the president for more than twenty years. So Deng Xiaoping brings in a law that a President must serve for a certain number of years. 

In 2003 Xi Jinping became President of China in 2003. Xi Jinping becomes the Executor of the Dream of Mao Zedong. Xi Jinping says that he is like Stalin. He says that he will act like Stalin. These three leaders, Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping among them the third Leader Xi Jinping has become an issue to the World. The reason is Communism. The Communist rules and regulations. The Ideology of Communism. 

To fulfil Mao’s Five Finger Policy China has to occupy the Five Regions. The war strategy of Sun Tzu has been Followed by Mao and Xi Jinping. 

Xi Jinping is not the replica of Stalin but a Replica of Adolf Hitler. So we can call him Xitler. 

How does this Xitler ie Xi Jinping start his Execution?

In 1949 China became the People’s Republic of China. In 1950 China occupied Tibet. India raises a huge issue. India does not accept or recognize Tibet as a Region of China. In 1962 China Declared India. IF India could have won the war or help Tibet Revolutionaries get Independence. China cannot do much in 2020. 

China's Five Finger Policy - India's Chicken Neck

But due to India’s actions and its Foreign Policies. India lost the war and lost regions to China. So this border dispute started in 1962. 

According to the FIve Finger Policy, The Border Dispute between India and China started in 1962. China has occupied Tibet and Some Regions of India. 

China begins to execute the Five Finger Policy after the Occupation. 

Five Finger Policy means, Tibet is the Palm, The other Five Fingers are Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Ladakh. If China occupies all the regions then China will become a Superpower which cannot be stopped by any country. This was the vision of Mao and Xi Jinping Xitler is Executing the Vision. 

When the Ladakh Dispute was ongoing, there were many discussions between India and China. You would have heard the news about the 8th and 9th stage of Discussions. 

Our Foreign Minister Mr Jai SHankar says that in 2020 the relations with China will have deteriorated which has not been recorded for thirty Years. He says that after this dispute trade between India and China is Questionable. 

According to the Foreign Minister’s comments, we can understand that this issue has become a serious problem for India. 

China though continues peace talks with India. They have started to spread their Communist Propaganda in the Five Regions. 

When there was an ongoing issue in Ladakh. Nepal issue was created. We heard the news that RAW(Indian Intelligence agency) and Indian Army General had discussions with Nepal. When Nepal’s issue is sorted out, there is a new issue in Sikkim. 

On 8th Dec 2020, there was an issue raised in Arunachal Pradesh. After the Doklam Conflict, China’s Domination has increased in Bhutan. So according to these issues, it’s clear that China wants to Occupy these regions. 

What is the Counterattack by India?

In Ladakh India Stood Strong against China. Nepal refused India’s help but now the current situation is that India is helping Nepal. Nepal has started to side with India. Within two years China will make this a huge issue. 

The next issue is the South Tibet Region. According to China South, Tibet Means Arunachal Pradesh. China is claiming that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to Tibet and it is China’s region. India gives a counter statement. But China switches to Doklam, Bhutan. 

Two Kilometres from Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan, China started to infrastructure. China has been slowly constructing buildings in these regions. After the completion of these buildings, CHina starts a Project. This project is Resettlement for People. 

China has concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims. China right now is trying to change these people into Convicted Convicts. China has given the project a name which is a poverty alleviation program. China says that it is reducing Poverty thus building these buildings. 

China's Five Finger Policy - India's Chicken Neck

These Buildings are occupied by the Chinese army. Then CHina will say that the region belongs to them with the help of the Chinese army. This is China’s Big Plan. 

When India has disputes in the regions, China will say that there are Chinese People Residing in the area. China will show India as the Enemy to the world. The International Community doesn't know that these are Recently built Villages by China. Thus the International Community will condemn India. 

If India does not stop China’s activities. China’s actions will be supported by the International Community. If this happens there is the possibility that India might lose Arunachal Pradesh to China. Bhutan, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and all regions surrounding it will be occupied by China. China’s Current target is India's Chicken Neck called the Siliguri Corridor.

China’s aim is to create issues in Doklam Bhutan. If China constructs an Army base in the area, China will easily block the Siliguri Corridor. Thus India will not have access to Arunachal Pradesh and many states in the region. China’s activities are targeted towards this Siliguri Corridor. This was decided by China in 1949 and was executed in 2020. This is the Five Finger Policy. 

Will the border Dispute between India and China be over?

There are no Chances that this border dispute will come to an end. 

You may ask us a question,

When will it come to an end?

The answer is we should learn about Korea, Japan and China History. The rivalry between these countries. We should learn more about Bangladesh. When Bangladesh became a separate country China did not recognize it as a country. But now China is heavily lending money to Bangladesh. 

Will Bangladesh find out the True intentions of China?

Will Bangladesh become a Slave to China?

How can India use Bangladesh to counter China’s aggression?

We will have to research this topic. In the next part, we will discuss,

What are Bangladesh's current actions?

How can it be an advantage to India?

This topic is an In-Depth Topic. We will discuss Geo-Politics deeply. We will also discuss China’s Dream And Vision. 

How to break China’s Dream or Vision?

How to inform the International Community of this Chinese threat?

What is China doing to stop the spreading of the real news?

So the next part will be India Vs Bangladesh. 

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