China’s Genome Study – Study or Deadliest Weapon

China's Genome Study - Study or Deadliest Weapon:

Don't steal food. In the Modern world they are not stealing food but Human Genome, Genetics, DNA. They will not steal this data which is against Communism. 

Will China commit this crime?

China as a communist country must not commit this crime. But still, China is rapidly developing in Genome Study. 

Is this true?

We have heard about the normal Dog. 

Have you heard about the Muscular Dog?

There are so many varieties in this Muscular Dog. 

Why is China creating these dogs?

What is meant by Military Civil Fusion?

Who are Super Soldiers?

How much data has China stolen from Pregnant Women?

Does the international community know that data of women was stolen from nearly 80 countries by China?

Who is protecting the data?

The data is protected by China’s Communist party. 

Let's discuss this in detail.

In 2019, MIT Technology Review released a report. The Chinese Army is creating Muscular Dogs. This dog has a lot of Muscles. 

How did China create these dogs?

China said that they edited the Genome of the dog. China has edited the Genome of Dogs and Vegetables. 

In 2019, Twin Babies will be born. The father of the Children is an HIV Patient. So the patient's wife has given birth to Twins. The Gene of the Twins was Edited. Through the CRISPR technology, the Chinese have done some modifications to the Genes of the twins. After 2019, another baby was born using Gene Editing. One Person in China was arrested for this crime. 

Can one person conduct this Gene Editing?

No. There is another source that claims that a Chinese University is researching Genome studies. 

What is Gene Editing?

For Ex: One Person has powerful eyesight, another person can sprint long and another person has a capability. So adding all these capabilities and adding these genes into a baby. So the Baby will have extraordinary capabilities than normal humans. This is not nature, but it is Human-made. This is the reason China is developing CRISPR technology. 

How is this technology a threat to the International community?

India and China have been having major issues in Ladakh Region. We also know that Tibetan Soldiers are a part of the Indian Army. China has started to recruit Tibetan Recruits. They have been given training. 

For more Proof Please Check the Link in the video.  

China has started to train Tibetan Recruits. Nearly 120000 Tibetan Soldiers Genetic data are with China. 

Where is China storing their data?

The CCP has funded an organization to protect Genetic data. 

Does China do a Genetic Study only on Tibetans?

China has stolen Genetic Data from people in More than 80 Countries. This information was leaked in 2020 and it was the topic that was debated in 2021. 

Which Corporate is doing this theft?

This corporation is called BGI. BGI through labs is conducting tests. BGI takes tests on Pregnant women in 10 weeks to identify the issues. This test is called NEFTY(Non-Invasive Fetal Tryzone Y). Before taking these tests they get the signatures from the People. The countries include Germany, Spain, Denmark, Britain, Canada, Australia, Thailand and nearly 80 countries. Before the signature, there is a terms & Conditions page that says that the data will be sent to their country. So the people cannot file a case against China. 

This Act was identified by Reuters. The news said that BGI and PLA after reprocessing the data obtained. They do a Genetic study and are stored in the Genetic Database. More than 80 Lakh people's data is stored in the server. This data includes Women and Children. 

What are the Chinese going to do with this data?

Take for Ex: The weather forecast. We gather data for ten years and we will predict the rainy season in a region. If we have data that says that in January the region has had rain for over 100 years. We can easily predict that rain will pour down in the month. 

So with more data, we can accurately predict the events. When China has completed the Genome Study of many people. China can easily predict the diseases which will affect a region's population. After the case study has been completed by processing the data, China will be able to edit the Genome Structure of their population. This will create a Quality Population. This is China’s agenda. 

China wants to create a Quality Population. They also want MCF Military Civil Fusion. By 2049, China wants to achieve both these objectives which create Perfect Humans. 

China in 2019, announced that “ The Genetic data can be a national security matter”. 

Why is China creating this as a National Security?

In 2015, The Chinese govt decided to Restrict Foreign researchers from Accessing Gene data from the Chinese People. China has banned other countries from retrieving data from the Chinese people. But China is taking the data from other countries. There is proof that has been published by the Chinese media and Newspapers. 

Why didn't the International Community take steps against China?

Nobody knew it was happening around the world. Until 2018 nobody knew but in 2019, China released news that China has edited the Gene of the Twins. The International community started its actions against China. 

The data which has been received from Pregnant women have given results. The results say that nearly 537 Children will suffer from diseases. China edited the Genome Structure of the Children to avoid these issues. 

For Ex: After 20 years you will suffer from a heart attack. After informing them they will also give the treatment. 

How will this affect Human Society?

This is against Nature. But China says that it has identified many Viruses. It conducts studies to remove diseases from Humans. 

Now we can understand how China was able to control Coronavirus Deaths. Through Genetic Studies they have safeguarded the Chinese People leaving the Entire World to suffer. 

After conducting research, China doesn't want to share the data with the world. Meaning it has some other agenda. 

Many corporations have paid 5 Billion USD to buy 

Is this website or Company valuable?

No. This company has the Genetic data of many people. You can even sell your Genetic data for 269 USD. So if you sign and give your Genetic data these companies are ready to pay you. With this Gene they can create a Clone, Or an Enhanced Human with the Gene. They can even predict diseases and treat them accordingly. Unimaginable things can be done with this Study. 

When they include AI and Big data into this project. Humans will be enhanced which is unpredictable. 

We have heard the news that China is creating Super Soldiers. 

Is China the only country that is conducting this research?

Is America conducting research?

America's National Security Commission on AI NSCAA. Many branches under NSCAA are conducting many Genetic Studies. Uk also conducts Genetic Studies. But China is the country that has advanced greatly in this research. 

Did we learn something about China?


Is China hiding many things from the world?

China in the coming years may complete its Genome Studies. Tibet is at a high altitude. The Tibetans have mastered living under such conditions. China wants to take the Tibetans Gene and edit it and change the Chinese Soldiers Genome. Now China will be able to send Chinese people to live in Tibet. China can do anything. 

We will discuss in detail the Super Soldiers. We will discuss the Projects for super Soldiers by China. 

Super Soldiers + Quality Population + Military Civil Fusion. We will discuss this through the Connecting the dots method. 

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