China’s Spy Unit – Unit 61398 Explained

China's Spy Unit - Unit 61398 Explained:

Unit 61398. This unit is now ready to hack the servers in India. In 2021 the CCP regime will see its 100 years of establishment. China wants to conduct this ceremony as a big celebration. One of the things the Chinese want to do is the hacking of servers of India. 

Will this be possible?

How does the Chinese Spy Network work?

What can it do?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

India and China have a border dispute. Our Foreign Minister and Defense minister met the Chinese Ministers in Russia. They have come to a 5 Point Consensus. But these conclusions are not enough to end the border disputes. So the Border dispute continues to grow. Two Countries are gathering their army in the border. 

What will be Xi Jinping tactics?

Only one tactic. After Mao, the Chinese people have to believe that there is only one leader that is Xi Jinping to protect the nation. For this to happen he has to take actions against India and America and the Chinese People will recognize him. Xi Jinping is trying his maximum. 

After so many kinds of Disputes, this will surely lead to hacking. We already discussed and predicted that the Hacking of Indian servers is a Strong Possibility. 

What is the Connection between Chinese Spynetwork and Hacking?

Many of us could not have heard about this Chinese network.

Is there a Spy network for China?

The truth is there are Five Sections of Spy networks in China. These Five Spynetwroks are spying on India, America and Other Countries. 

Let’s discuss them one by One with Proof. 

First, we should know about Kevin Mallory Of America who worked in the CIA. But his debts started to rise and he has to pay them back the amount is 2 Lakh USD. CIA doesnt give him any job and he was unable to leave the CIA. He receives a message in Linkedin. He was given a job opportunity. The message came from a Chinese Survey Organisation. The massage stated that they knew the work of Kevin in the CIA, the records he submitted to the CIA. They wanted all the information from him and in return, his debts would be wiped out. 

The message was from Michael Yang. Michael Yang said that he was a Chinese Citizen and not a Spy for the Chinese Regime. But Kevin who works for the CIA was able to trace back the account and get full details. After doing his research he got the truth that Michael Yang is working for the Chinese Spy Network. But Kevin’s Debts are way high he has no other way out. So he helps Michael Yang. From 2017 to 2018 he sends data to Michael Yang. 

AT One point CIA arrests Kevin Mallory. Kevin has also travelled to China and America several times. CIA had the proof that he acted as a spy and arrest him. They search for him and find a Memory drive. In the Drive, there were confidential videos and messages of the CIA. The Drive was shared with Michael Yang. 

Who is this Michael Yang?

CIA starts to interrogate Kevin Mallory. Kevin starts to speak and give all the information. He informs the CIA that the Chinese have 5 Spy Networks. 

What must we know about these Spy networks?

With Money, China’s Spy network is capable of transforming other agents working in another Spy organization to work for them. Cases ere filed against Kevin. The Judge asks a question to Kevin about his betrayal to his country. Kevin says that he did it to find the Leader of the Spy Network. The Court refuses to accept Kevin’s statement. The reason is the money which Kevin received from the Chinese Spy Network. CIA has gathered all the information and gave it to the court. For betraying his own country he was sentenced to 20 years in Jail.

SO the Chinese Spy Network can spy on anyone. 

What is the latest news?

We know about the 25 Year Deal of Iran with China. Throughout Iran, Surveillance cameras will be installed. The camera will have an AI. All the Information about the people will be sent to the Iran’s HQ. China will manufacture hardware and software. China announced it on 10th Spe 2020. So through this CHina is going to spy on Iran people. 

Is China Spying on each and every one of us?

Yes, They are spying on us. America, Australia and Canada have accused China on Spying on its people. China is spying through the Huawei Chipset, ZE Chipset. These countries have discovered that China has been spying on its people. 

Five to SIx Years ago America arrests Chinese Military Hackers. Through Interrogation methods, the Americans knew that these spies belong to Unit 61398. This unit Alias names are Ugly Gorilla, Kandy Goo and WinXYhappy. Their work is to contact People living in America from various countries. They will send unwanted messages to these people. When the person clicks on the link they will steal the data from the Computer. 

Every HAcker does this. What’s their speciality?

It’s a new kind of strategy. This strategy is called Thousand Grains of Sand. They will collect small data. When they collect the whole data needed. They will start their work. 

Three months this spy network has been hacking the Indian Servers. Indian govt has issued a warning that Unit 61398 has infiltrated the Indian network and a warning has been given. 

Who have they hacked still now?

Blue Chip companies is a big corporate. Corporate or companies which are engaged in manufacturing product for the country like Defense, Scientific research. 

Can the Unit 61398 function independently?

The head of all Spy network is the General Staff Department(GSD). GSD in the internet whether its Twitter or Facebook they will steal information. This is the main job of GSD. GSD has many branches. GSD begins to create another department called the Military Intelligence Dept. So from GSD Third Dept of the People’s Liberation Army(3PLA). GSD is called 2PLA. We know about the PLA(People’s Liberation Army). GSD is a branch of PLA. 3PLA is a Branch of GSD. Then came Signals Intelligence and Joint Staff Dept Strategic Support Force(SSF). All these agencies contribute to the Spy network of China. 

Where is the proof?

America and India have now started to ban Chinese apps. You guys should have known Pokemon Go in the virtual world. But the game was banned by the Chinese. The Chinese said that through the game the data of the Chinese people can be collected and the user’s locations revealed. China bans the game to restrict people’s movements information.

But PUBG takes the Users full information. So it’s correct that we have banned PUBG and TIK Tok. 

What were china’s cunning ways after banning Pokemon Go?

Which Spy networks were working for China?

This happened in India.

When was it discovered?

We will discuss it in the upcoming videos. 

What we have discussed in this video is a small introduction. We will share the complete details on the Chinese Spy network. 

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