China’s Three-Stage Plan against India – Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfare:

We can have China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfarepeace talks. But we will never give up even one Inch Land for India says the Chinese Newspaper. Today two Lieutenant Generals from India and China will have a discussion to solve the China and India Border Dispute.

Will there be a solution to our problem?

You can check in any Newspaper, this talk will not lead to a solution but to the first stage of Peace. 

Why is in known to be the First stage towards Peace?

What are China’s Cunning plans?

This is China’s Political Warfare.

What is this Political Warfare?

Is China threatening India through Psychological Warfare?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Before reading the post. Please clear your mind. If you think deeply, we will understand China’s Behaviour in the border via this post. 

What is the difference between China and India armies?

India’s army is an army which Protects India. An Army to protect the People of India. But China’s Army PLA(People’s Liberation Army). 

Does PLA Work for the country and its people?

No. PLA is an army which protects the CCP(Chinese Communist Party). So CCP’s army is the PLA. So there is no army for the Chinese. PLA has entered into Indian Territories. But their media in their country spreads much news. These Chinese media say that the Indian army has entered 24 Kilometres into the Chinese Territory, so to send the Indian army back, the PLA has to gather its strength in the border. 

You can ask us. These Kind of news are coming in Indian Media against Pakistan?

We should understand the CCp’s Communist Army called PLA. 

What are their Policies?

Victory without war.  So without a bullet being Fired they will ensure their Victory. Take the Corona Virus situation across the world. China’s market was worldwide. Now India has been placed as the third Most affected Country. China has escaped this issue, their economy has not fallen. So China is using the situation now, without Any Bullet, Without any War China’s Economy is first. 

China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

This mindset is followed by PLA. This warfare is called Political Warfare. Sun Tzu’s Supreme Art of War is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. 

There are so many branches in Political Warfare. We need to understand these branches to understand the Politics which has been played. 

Is China’s Target India or America?

America is their target Cut and right. 

But Why is China provoking India?

Why is China acting aggressively against India?

In Newspaper, we could have read that they are trying to turn away the Attention from the Hong Kong issue. The second one is to turn away the attention of the Trade War between China and America. The third one is to turn away the attention from the Origins of the Coronavirus issue. Many of us could have read and shared this news in various angles. 

Is this news the truth?

Every Angle is true. China’s main objective is to oppose America. India is supporting America so China wants its Revenge. This is a simple matter.

How did China take its Revenge on India?

Through the Political Warfare. Political warfare has three categories or it can be called three Warfares. Three warfares or three Ws. The first one is Public opinion warfare. The Second one is Psychological warfare. The third one is Legal warfare. 

China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

May 19th the Chinese media released news that the Indian Army has entered into Chinese Territory we have no other way but deal it with the PLA. This is Public Opinion. They release this info in many languages. China has many media which supports its actions in many countries. They say India was the one who entered their Territory. We can see many media in Tamilnadu which supports China. The support is based on their Policies. For Public opinion warfare, they have been getting the support from People. 

China created Wolf Warriors to speak against People or Countries which has spoken against China’s Policies. The Chinese have created People to create an opinion among the Public. For Ex: Amul’s Brand has been banned in Twitter for some time. After so many struggles they re-initiate the Amul account. The reason is the post which they shared. Amul is an Indian Product and they were opposing the Dragon it’s just a Cartoon. For this action, Twitter has blocked the account of Amul. So this is a Public Opinion Warfare. 

China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

The Tik Tok users this is for you. Tik Tok is an app created against the Youth of India to spoil them and engage them in a useless app. This is also a Public Opinion Warfare. So if people are against China then their opinion will not be shared. In Tik Tok, you cannot post against China. But you can post against India its Prime Minister and you can also post against Tamilnadu. But you cannot post a video against China in Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok Users Please post a video against China. They will ban the video. This is Public Opinion warfare. 

Next Comes Psychological warfare. The Satellite Image of China was released first.  The satellite image shows that they have stationed 4 Jets and their Infrastructure is visible in the Image. 

Where did this satellite image come from?

An MNC has released the image. China was able to Ban Twitter Account. If the American President video has been released in Twitter they try to block the video by using Copyrights Violation. 

How was it possible for an MNC to obtain this satellite Image?

We can easily identify the 4 jets stationed there. The Jet Model number is J11, J17, 16. We were able to find the model. So our Indian army could have obtained many details. 

Why they leaked these details?

The answer is Psychological warfare. This is called Sledging in Cricket. The Australian players do this a lot. If they want to out the batsman they will provoke the batsman. They will provoke them will words and Symbols. This is called Psychological warfare. The batsman may get angry and they can easily Out him from the match. This is the method used by the Chinese Army PLA. The release the image where they have stationed 4 advanced jets against India. This will create Anxiety in the Indian Population. This will create Political stress in India. So this is a Psychological move, by doing this India will not support America or stop any agreements with Australia. So this China’s Plan. China is doing this warfare against our Young Generation by releasing Apps such as Tik Tok. 

China's Three-Stage Plan against India - Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

Finally, it’s Legal Warfare. China’s act against India is valid because the Indian army entered its Territory. The Indian army has given a strong reply to Chinese Political or Psychological Warfare. 

Did China think about Defeating India using Legal Warfare?

No, they thought to defeat it us through Psychological warfare. 

How did they do it?

They used Nepal and Pakistan as Trump cards. The pressure from China, Nepal and Pakistan turned into a high-Pressure Situation for India. So this pressure will lead to Interior Issues in India. China wanted to defeat us Via this pressure. But India didnt move a muscle. 

The Next was Prvoking India by stationing Chinese Troops in the Border. India did the Mirror Deployment strategy, So India didnt move a muscle there also. The next pressure is to stop India from Supporting America. 

Today the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Media are saying that China and India can solve this issue via Diplomacy. But China doesn’t want India to support nor America to support India in this Issue. The Chinese govt will never say that the Border Dispute is over. 

Based on the border issue they wanted to oppose America. Based on Nepal they wanted to oppose India. Based on Pakistan China wanted to weaken India. All these efforts failed. Now China says that it will give Priority for Peace talks. They also say that this is the first step in Diplomacy. 

Why is it the first step?

We will discuss this in the next post. 

How did the peace talks happen?

What were the results?

We will discuss it in the upcoming posts.

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One thought on “China’s Three-Stage Plan against India – Tik Tok Psychological Warfare

  1. Your explanations about the dynamics of China and its manipulations are well defined. People should comprehend it well. When I watched NEWS X Rishab Gulati explained as to what should India do to politically establish representations in the Legislature for Gilgit Pakistan and POK. This idea should be explored. In India we need political action that will be a long term approach. Even when the Government /Governance changes , certain established things should continue. In the past our leaders have been clueless as to what to do on long term basis. This weakness should be rectified. Tamil Nadu politics needs refinement to reflect national priorities. It is hard to neutralize power seeking behaviors. We need to train and indoctrinate 2 to 3 % of the population to develop good national governance strategies.

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