China’s War Against America & Taiwan | Who will win the war?

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China's War Against America & Taiwan | Who will win the war?:

South China Morning Post is China’s Propaganda Machine. So The CCP’s views or ideas will be delivered by this website to the World directly or indirectly. This is the purpose of the News Media called South China Morning Post. 

In their website, there is information that the Chinese army is ready for a possible invasion of Taiwan. 

Is this the only Website the news is available?

No, this news is available in many media. This is China’s way to take control of Taiwan. There are so many facts and truths in this news. The reason is when the American Presidential begins or ends, within the time frame China has to take over Taiwan. Suppose if China doesn't do that Taiwan will remain free from the Clutches of the Dragon say the World Analysts. 

What will happen if there is war?

This video is a Prediction or you may call it Imagination if the war happens. This video will take you to the War Scenario if it happens in the future. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

So before we go into the Prediction or Imagination. Let’s discuss the current situation. 

In the South China Sea and the East China Sea, China has changed the Missile locations which were targeted towards Taiwan. China has replaced it with More advanced Missiles. A Satellite image has been released. 

Which missiles have been replaced?

The Old Hypersonic Missiles such as DF-11’s and DF-15’s are replaced by DF-17 Hypersonic Missile. China has also stationed the S400 Anti Missile System against Taiwan. If any Jetfighter leaves the airfield from Taiwan, the S400 will become armed and Active. The S400 has a range of 600 Kilometres. From China, it is only 160 to 170 Kilometres to Taiwan. So if any Taiwanese Jet fighters are in the air if there is a war, then China can easily destroy Taiwan’s, Air Force. China is fully locked and Loaded. 

The Chinese President has instructed his troops on Preparing for war. Anytime War can happen so the troops should be ready. 

Is this war against Taiwan?

Taiwan President has said that Taiwan has no relations with China after 2016. The reason is the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen. Tsai was against the domination of China. She was elected President in 2016. She is re-elected again as the President for the Second time in 2020. 

China's War Against America & Taiwan | Who will win the war?

After she becomes President she calls Donald Trump and talks for Ten Minutes. China was furious after hearing this event. When Taiwan celebrated its National day, Indians Congratulated the Nation and it was trending on Twitter. Indians sent their Wishes to Taiwan as a separate Country. When The Taiwan Presidential Inauguration happened, Indians and Americans were invited and they attended the Ceremony. All these events are the fuel to the already enraged Dragon China. 

In 2019, The Chinese President says that Taiwan cannot be peacefully included in China. If it doesn't happen then there will be war. 

Is this the time for War against Taiwan By China?

After the American Presidential Elections neither Trump nor Joe Biden Wins, America will not let go of Taiwan to China. So China has to act quickly to solve the Taiwan Crisis because they don’t have much time. The World is already blaming China for the Coronavirus and Economic Crisis throughout the World. So China’s economy will take a hit in the coming years. If this happens China cannot act against Taiwan. Many countries are ready to supply Arms to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Position in the International Community is Increasing. China doesn't want this to happen. They have to put a stop to the Taiwan Crisis. So China’s only way is a war against Taiwan. This news has been released by the Chinese media. 

How can China defeat Taiwan?

There are four stages for China to achieve its goal. The first stage is China has to face America. 

Why should China act against America?

If China occupies Taiwan, China will become the greatest threat to America in the Pacific. Taiwan has 15 Deep Sea Ports. So if China occupies Taiwan then China’s Navy strength will increase Ten times. So if there is a war against China and Taiwan, America will declare war against China. China’s Plan will be to destroy the America Satellites in Space with Missiles. China may try to hack the American Satellites. This will be China’s First Stage of attack. 

China's War Against America & Taiwan | Who will win the war?

China’s Second stage will be targeting American Military Bases. In Japan, there are American Military Bases. In the Pacific, America has many military bases in small Islands. China has to destroy these American Military Bases. If China does it successfully, then only then can it deploy its Navy. Whether it’s Small or Big American Military Bases China has to destroy each and every one of them. This is China’s Second Stage.

Thirdly when destroying the American Military Bases, Simultaneously China has to launch its Missiles against Taiwan. The reason is Taiwan has already stationed Missiles Against China. These Missiles targets are China’s main Economic Hubs. So When China is destroying the American Military Bases it has to destroy the Missiles which are in Taiwan. If China fails to destroy the Taiwan Missiles. Then the Taiwan missiles will hit their targets and it will affect China’s Economy heavily. Thus resulting in a defeat for China. 

The last and Fourth Stage. America will be on Red Alert now. Americans could have arrived at the Taiwan Strait at this time of War. China has to fight the Americans in the Taiwan Strait. After this Chinese troops have to travel 161 Kilometres through Taiwan Strait and begin its Invasion. 

So these are China’s Strategies of War if it happens in the future. 

What will be the actions of America, India and Russia?

When America receives the message that China is going to invade Taiwan or China have Destroyed the First American Satellite. America will go into Full alert. For America its a two Stage war. 

In the first stage, America will lose to China. But in the Second stage, America will keep hitting China so they cannot immediately react. 

Let’s discuss the American First stage of the attack. Before we discuss it, we must know about the FIrst Chain and Second Chain Concept. If there is a war between China and Taiwan there are so many islands in the region. There are many countries in the area. America has military bases in each and every country. 

The Islands belong to Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. Please Check out the Video 8.23 you can see the first chain of Islands. The American troops in the First Chain of Islands will fight against the Chinese troops. If the First China of the Island is broken and China has gone through it. Then comes the Second Chain of Islands which belong to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. There are four Islands which are under this Second Chain of Islands. These two Chains have been created as War Strategy against China by America. America has already signed agreements with the Countries which own these Islands. America has already built its Military Bases surrounding China. So China to win the war has to break these two Chain of Islands. America will focus on these two chains of Islands to fight against China. 

When China is destroying the American Military Bases in the Islands. Three American Aircraft Carriers may come to the Taiwan Strait. When the three Aircraft Carriers arrive, the Chinese Airforce will try to destroy these Aircraft Carriers. So the fighting will be tense. Analysts say that two of American Aircraft Carriers will be fully destroyed and will sink. One Aircraft Carrier will survive the battle. 

China’s Aircraft Carriers and Submarines cannot fight against the Strong American Navy. The Chinese navy cant survives for one hour against the American navy if there is a war. The Single American Aircraft carrier will destroy the Chinese navy. But America will not be able to handle the air attack. The Survived American Aircraft Carrier will return to America. When the Carrier reaches America, it will give the full information about Chinese Formation, location and Strategies. After the information is passed, the Drones will start their flight from America. America will send it many fake flights with drones. The drones will send real-time information of Chinese troops and Airforce to America. America will unleash its Fifth Generation Jet fighters on China. These fighters will destroy all Chinese Sources and troops. 

When this happens the Chinese Navy would have been hit hard. Americans now know the information about Missiles and Chinese Air Bases. So American Airforce will destroy the Chinese Air Bases. 

China would continue to destroy the American Military Bases. This is America’s First Stage where America would have lost many bases and Two Aircraft Carriers. Many American Jet fighters may be shot down and American Soldiers would be dead. 

But America will take the Second stage carefully. The Information from the First Stage of Attack is in American hands. They will know the locations of the Chinese Missiles systems. America will unleash its F35B the World's First Supersonic Stealth Aircraft. This F35 B has short takeoff and Vertical landing Variant. These aircraft don't need any runway. So Americans will use their F35 B’s Effectively. America will send F35 B’s from various locations towards China. America will now have full information to destroy the Chinese army and Missile Systems. F35 B’s will do their jobs perfectly. Taiwan will also have access to F35B Aircraft. 

For so many years Taiwan has been requesting F35N aircraft from America. China is saying not to give Taiwan F35B Aircraft. If China goes to war with America, then surely America will provide F35B’s to Taiwan. 

China's War Against America & Taiwan | Who will win the war?

So the State of art Aircraft from Taiwan and America will destroy the Anti Missile System of China. America now will start its propaganda war. America will inform Japan that China has destroyed its Military Bases located in the Japanese Islands. Japan will declare war against China immediately. The Philippines, New Zealand and Australia will declare war against China. 

Already there are issues between Australia and China. South Korea will also declare war against China. So all these countries will go to war against China. 

Now is the time America will turn towards India. America will instruct India to deploy its troops on the border with China. Then the game will get serious and intense. 

Let’s discuss this further in the upcoming video. 

What will the next part of the video contain?

We will discuss what Russia will do?

Why is India deploying its troops on the border?

Will India Declare war against China?

What will be Russia’s Stance?

We will discuss all this in the next video. 

Remember this is a Prediction or Imagination video of what may happen in the future. 


America’s First stage of Attack against China is over. America faced a huge loss in the first stage of the attack. We discussed in Part1 that America’s Second Stage of attack will be perfectly planned and executed. 

What is this Perfect Strategy?

Is it possible to land the troops in China easily?

No. America has to ask for help from its allied Countries in this war. When America is fighting against China, Iran may declare war against America and ally with China. 

What will be the actions or decisions of North Korea and Russia?

How will India’s entry into the war change the course of the war?

Let’s discuss in Part2.

Under the Concept of Taiwan 2021, we are discussing this topic. 

Within the last two months. Nearly 16 times America's faceoff with China has happened. America says that China is provoking Taiwan, so they will send their Aircraft Carriers and Submarines to support Taiwan. America’s Jet fighters fly near Taiwan. China also sends warplanes into the Taiwan Strait. China also conducts Military exercises in its region near the sea. There have been many issues. 

So now let’s continue with our War. America has lost its first stage of Attack. Both Countries will try to hack the systems of the other country. America will now have the capability to predict China’s Next move. The American Hackers will try to steal the information from Army Websites and Servers. The First Drone attack which has been launched against China will be a success. These drones would not be returned to their bases, which contains valuable information of all Chinese Military bases Locations and their missile Launch systems. The drones will also carry information on the Strategies of China and the Servers locations. 

Americans will try to hack the servers in the location which is given by the Drones. America will try to disable the Technology of China. 

How much time would America need to disable these systems?

For Chinese Troops to reach Taiwan it will take 7 hours. The first stage of attack would have happened within these 7 Hours. 

Can the Chinese Army survive the 7 hours and take control of Taiwan?

No, The Chinese army cannot do it. Taiwan is well prepared. Taiwan has been planning for this for nearly 30 years. So they have planned it perfectly. 

Taiwan's infrastructure is great. Per Capita income of Taiwan is greater than China. Taiwan’s technology will also be helpful in this war. 

If the Chinese army sends a large force to invade Taiwan. They can only enter Taiwan through two locations which are only 10% of Taiwan Region. These two routes are the only possible ways for CHina to enter Taiwan. 

The remaining regions are Forests and Mountains where the Chinese army will be unable to enter. Thus Taiwan is naturally secured. Their Defense system will be on full alert. So 7 hours may extend to 14 to 15 hours for China to reach Taiwan. 

America by this time will have a list of countries which are against China. America will request help from these countries. Japan will declare war. South Korea will also enter the war. South Korea knows that North Korea will not directly be involved in this war, but indirectly North Korea will support China. North Korea’s biggest enemy is Japan. So to fight against China and North Korea Japan will declare war. 

What are Japan’s Strategies for this war?

The Prime Minister of Japan is Suga. Suga’s Foreign meetings are happening now. He has travelled to Indonesia and Vietnam. There is world politics happening here. These two countries are against China for claiming ownership over their regions. Indonesia and Vietnam will support Japan. These two countries will secure their borders. Vietnam will try to re-occupy the Islands which has been claimed ownership by China. 

So the First Island of Chains will act against China now. China’s routes will be shut down and blocked. 

Next Comes India’s Border. There will be a phone call to India stating to Protect the Borders of India with China. India will bring the Border disputes and will station its troops in China and Pakistan Borders. The reason is until today India and China have not retreated from the Ladakh region. Nearly 60000 Indian Soldiers have been deployed by India at the border. 

If China goes to war with Taiwan. China will be concentrating in attacking Taiwan. America will try to change the Concentration of China towards India. 

America will send a request to India.

Can America use the Kolkata Port?

India will accept the request. The European Union’s NATO forces will come to the Kolkata port. These troops will be stationed against China. One half will stay and the other half will go towards Pakistan and Iran. America will take over Pakistan’s Gwadar Port. Pakistan cannot oppose America. So without any opposition from Pakistan America will take over Gwadar port. 

India’s Troops will be deployed at the Pakistan and China border. Now China has to fight a Four Frontlines war to fight. China will have to fight against America, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan. 

Still, China has the World’s largest army. But This large army is not experienced or Veterans in war. 40% of China’s Navy will be destroyed Solely by America. If India and Japan Contribute to China they will face a huge loss. 

The Next wave of Missile and Aircraft attacks will continue against China. When the attack is happening. China will have a discussion with Russia. China will ask for help from Russia. 

Russia will accept help but not the CCP regime but to help the Chinese People. Food and Medical supplies will be directly supplied by Russia to China. Russia will sell weapons to China indirectly. Russia will also ask China to give back the regions which are occupied by China now. These will be the agreement between Russia and China. Russia will not be directly involved in the war. 

But Russia will say that it is ready to become the Negotiator for a Cease Fire. The same way Russia became the Negotiator for the Armenia and Azerbaijan War. Russia will request that it acts as a Negotiator in the war. Russia will not be directly involved in this war. But indirectly it will export weapons to China. Russia’s wealth will increase dramatically if this war happens. 

China’s Export and Import during the war will be completely stopped or Blocked. When many countries are against China. 

What will be China’s Next Move?

China will give a warning that it will use Nuclear Weapons in the war. When this warning comes out, The Allied Countries will furiously attack China with their full power.
During this time, India will try to reclaim its lost region Aksai chin. There are chances that India will try to reclaim Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. India will be helped by the Quad Countries. Using this opportunity India will reclaim its lost territories. India has to fight through to reclaim the lost lands. 

North Korea and Iran will remain Silent because they have no other way to act. Turkey is ready to attack. If China Supports Turkey it will become a World War. Turkey will avoid World War3 so they will not support China directly. If Turkey supports China, there will be a huge change in the Arab Countries. This will be the entry point of Israel. If Israel enters the war, the weapons of Israel will be provided to Allied Countries. Israel will supply weapons to India and America. These Weapons will be the most advanced weaponry. 

The world is yet to know the advanced technology which is available in Israel. China openly showcases its strength to show their power to cause fear. But Israel doesn’t need to show its strength but it has hidden many technologies which can be used in war. So Israel will give the advanced Technology and Weaponry to the Allied Countries to wage war against China. This is the reason Turkey will not enter into the war. 

But Turkey will strengthen their position in the Syrian Border. When Turkey eyes for Syria, this war between China Vs Taiwan will become Turkey Vs Russia. So the countries using this war will try to take control of their lost territories to other enemy countries. So the World will be at war, but in a Discreet mode. 

When this happens there will be a war cry to defeat China by many countries. Britain will station its Drones against China. France will want to help India by sending troops to Defeat China. If China attacks these troops, France will declare war against China. 

Thus the European Union, America and India declare war against China. This will become three frontlines for the Chinese PLA. Countries which are in South China like Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines will destroy the artificial Islands which are created by China. Then They will rebuild their Military Bases in the Islands. 

When China gives a warning of usage of Nuclear Weapons. The International Community will together oppose China and will declare and recognize Taiwan as a separate Country. The very next day America will say that it is going to build a military base in Taiwan. The reason is Taiwan will be a separate country. America will build its military base in Taiwan. If this happens China can’t even think about Taiwan for the next ten years. The Hong Kong People will start to rebel against the Chinese evil CCP regime. Tibetan People will also rebel against China. 

If India declares war against China. Tibetan Revolutionaries or freedom fighters will be on the frontlines to attack China in the Indian army. Tibet will ask for a separate Country. Hong Kong will also do the same. China will have a Civil crisis in its hands. 

Russia will use this to their advantage. Russia knows that one day or the other it has to go to war with China. Russia’s strategy will be not to help China but destroy them completely. Russia will try to go back to its roots as the Leader of the Communist Countries and it will try to use this war. 

This is the prediction if there is a war between China and Taiwan. 

You may ask us a question.

What do Taiwan People wish for?

Only 1.5% of the Total Population thinks that Taiwan must be a part of China. The remaining Majority of the people think and say that they will never join with China and they need a separate country. Five to Six years ago The opposition to China was only 40 to 50%. But China’s way of handling Hong Kong and the laws passed against Hong Kong instilled fear among the Taiwan People. This is the reason 98.5% of Taiwan people hate China and want a separate country. 

More than 70% of the Taiwan people believe if there is an invasion of the issue by China, they will be supported by America. The agreements which were signed in 1979 and 1995, China thought of invading Taiwan and America stationed two Aircraft Carriers to help Taiwan. Thus resulting in a Chinese Retreat. 

So based on the history and the events which are happening now. World Analysts confirm that Taiwan will be a separate Country soon. They have predicted that this will happen within 2035. 

But China has recently said to Prepare for war to claim Taiwan. China is also not retreating from the India China Border. China's aggressive stance against America is continuing. This all will lead to a War Crisis. This is the prediction. 

What will happen after the China Taiwan war?

How will relations be with Russia and China?

Will Russia become Soviet Union of Russia?

Will the Ottoman Empire be created again?

Who is India’s Real Enemy?

Is it China or Pakistan?

No. They are not India’s Real enemies. Analysts say it is Turkey.

What is the truth behind this theory?

The reason Rockets and Missiles exist today is because of Hitler.

What did Hitler do?

By fooling Hitler. Russia and America stole Technology.

What are the facts and the truth?

Why is Switzerland still a rich country?

What is the reason many Peace talks are done through the Geneva Convention?

Answers to all questions will be posted as videos. 

The history will be retold. The truth which is known to us and which is unknown and hidden from us will be revealed. 

Your Comments will be proof to continue this 2021 Predictions series. Please share our Channel with your friends and relatives. 

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