Christopher Columbus – Age of Discovery

Christopher Columbus - Age of Discovery:

Before America's Discovery by Columbus, Indigenous people were living and North, Central, and South America.  they were living there for a long time. The real aim of Columbus was not to discover America but to discover India. Columbus knew that there was a country which is renowned for its natural resources and spices. Discovering India was the main aim of Columbus.

Why Columbus had this aim of discovering India?

What's the main reason behind his aim of discovering India?

What was Columbus like from his birth?

In this article, we will discuss the answers for some of these questions.

America's - Which was called as the new world consists of North Central and South America. When we speak about North America, From snowy Canada to New Mexico, the indigenous population which occupied this land were Mayans. In the lands of Peru, there was another indigenous population called the Inca’s. Both Mayans and Inca’s are highly civilized people. History says that these people have discovered a lot of things like a Mayan Calendar. With the arrival of Columbus to America's is indigenous population have been destroyed completely. it is said that Columbus discoveries have led to the destruction of 12 indigenous groups.

The main reason behind Columbus aim of discovering India is trade. Christopher Columbus was born in the year 1451 Genoa, Italy. He was an Italian navigator, colonist, and explorer. The main reason for all his discoveries is to become rich. He wanted to be a Rich entrepreneur. At that particular time, many European countries were sending a lot of explorers or colonists to lands which are unknown. Lands with rich resources earned a lot of money for the Explorer. the European countries even named these explorers as the Governors of the found colonies. so Columbus's aim was to find a land which is rich in natural resources, then conquer or destroy the indigenous people. After colonizing these lands the Explorer becomes the governor of these colonies. If he succeeds in this am he will become one of the richest governors and will earn a lot of respect from his mother country.

For example:  have you seen the movie “Avatar”. In this movie, we can see that the humans invade another planet and that planet is occupied by the indigenous group called Navi. this is a prime example of what happened when the European colonist discovered the unknown land which was occupied by a lot of indigenous people. When we research these discoveries you may find that a lot of indigenous people have lost their lives. The horror and the massacre which has been inflicted by the so-called conquerors or explorers or navigators is really astounding. still, they have been remembered as heroes whereas the indigenous people who lived and lost their lands to Invaders have been called Barbarians.

In his 2oth age, he worked on a merchant ship. There are some theories that Columbus has also done piracy. His education from Lisbon school taught him mathematics, astronomy, cartography, and navigation.

An opportunity was given to Columbus with the Rise of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinople played a major role in creating this opportunity for Columbus. In Modern Times Constantinople is called Istanbul which is in Turkey. So Constantinople was the city which connected Europe and Asia. Traders from all over the world will follow the Silk route which connected from Europe to China. On those days the only route which was available and open to trade was the Silk route. So when Constantinople fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. there was a war between Muslims and Christians which was raging. when the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople they blocked all trade. the Europeans were unable to trade with Asia. Without resources from Asia, the European States suffered greatly. Only land route the Silk Road has been blocked and many leaders of the European States decided that they have to discover countries like India, Japan, and China via sea routes.

The Portuguese were the first of the European States to look for a seafaring route. the other option which they had was to go through Africa to reach Asia. But Columbus went to the Portuguese king and said that there is another possible way to reach the Asian continent. he says to the king that this objective can be achieved if we cross the Atlantic Ocean We might reach the Eastern part of India. But the ocean to the west was not yet discovered. But the Portuguese king Had his doubts and said to Columbus that it's not possible because the king believed that the Earth was flat. This was the time when people believed that the earth is flat. In 1500 when Giordano Bruno said that the earth was round he was named a heretic and was burnt at stakes. Then came Galileo, people still refuse to believe and called Galileo mad or crazy person. So in Columbus time people never believed that the Earth was round they all thought that the Earth was flat. Columbus even approached two other European states like England And France but still, they didn't believe the theory of Columbus.

The next European state which Columbus approached was Spain. To finance an expedition of this proportion is a huge task and needs a lot of money to be invested.  the Spanish after a brief period of time agrees to help Columbus. Spain, on the other hand, didn't have a route like the Portuguese which was through the African continent.

Spanish didn't want to finance Columbus expedition from their treasury.  so Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand devised a plan of obtaining the money  For the expedition. Spain was a devoted Christian country which had Jews and Muslims living among them.  the king and the queen ordered the Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity. many of them did convert to Christianity but secretly they continued to follow their religion. The King with the help of spies found out the people who were secretly disobeying his orders and obtained their wealth with arrests and executions. This wealth directly went to the expedition of Columbus.

With the wealth obtained Columbus had the money to obtain three ships named The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria.

So Columbus had his army and three ships for the expedition. The agreement between the king and Columbus was any Colony which has been found will be a Colony of the Spanish state. Any Colony Columbus finds will be governed by himself. The wealth of the colony will be equally divided between the king and the governor.

The year 1492, 3rd August Columbus sets off to find India. After 50 days into his journey, Columbus didn't find anything. The Crew’s morale was low.

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