CIA & IB Operations in the Himalayas – RAW PART4:

CIA & IB Operations in the Himalayas - RAW PART4:

Why Did America ask for help from India?

The Indian Spy Agency RAW was involved. China has become Hostile towards India. Now it's time for India to give a reply to China. China in 1965, has become India’s enemy and a betrayer. 

What did RAW and RN Kao do in this situation?

How did the CIA Operation become a failure?

What did RAW and RN Kao learn from this failure?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

This is RAW Part5. 

From 1959 the USSR approached China. The USSR wanted China to develop Nuclear Weapons.  The USSR said it would give the technology and support to China to develop Nuclear weapons. America didn't want communism to spread across the Globe. But the USSR and China wanted Communism to spread. Both Countries had a secret meeting. 

If America came to know the details of the Nuclear Plan. America cannot send its U-2 to spy on China. This was the year America was fighting in Vietnam. America was facing a devastating defeat in Vietnam. 

In 1962 China invaded India and the War started. Using the war as a reason America wanted to befriend India. America needed support and India needed Allies. The USSR and China were allies and India recognized that it needed an ally like America. 

There were no friendly relations between India and America. But on 16th Oct 1964, China announced to the World that it has tested Nuclear Weapons. China has tested Nuclear weapons in the Xinjiang region. 

This was shocking news and a worry for India. America knew that China was developing Nuclear weapons. But America was not able to stop China. 

In 1964-65 America Approached India for help. India has only the IB Intelligence Bureau. There was no RAW. RN Kao and Mullik were ordered to attend a meeting. This was for an important Operation which was requested by America. 

What could India do?

The answer was India was ready to conduct the Operation and help America. Their idea was to place important equipment in the Nanda Devi Peak which is 22000 feet high. Using the Installed hardware if China tests a Nuclear weapon information can be gathered. Based on the Information America can stop China. America can stop Communism from spreading. This was the help asked by the CIA to India. 

Nine CIA officers came to India for this operation. Four of India’s Officers are assigned to this project. The Operation was named Operation Hat. This equipment was 59 Kilos which had a 10 feet antenna. The Equipment was dismantled and carried to the top of the peak. After taking it 22000 Feet, they had to be re-assembled. After the installation of the Equipment India can spy on China. This was the Objective of Operation Hat by India’s IB and CIA. 

The Indian soldiers were given this task. Many Americans disguised as Indians climb the peak. The Crew were carrying the equipment to the Nanda Devi Peak. Nanda Devi Peak has been divided into two parts which are North and South of the Peak. The Nanda Devi peak is also called K2 Mountain. 

CIA & IB Operations in the Himalayas - RAW PART4:

When the Soldiers were climbing, within 2000 Feet High they were hit by a storm. The crew were worried it could be a snowstorm. The Crew were carrying a Monitoring station. There was an important part which was called SNAP Powerpack(Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power). The fuel for this power pack was Plutonium-238. Its Life span was 87.7 years. So if there is an accident the Plutonium will damage the Mountain with Radiation. 

The Soldiers who took this mission were given a salary of 1000 to 2000 USD which was in 1964. The crew was led by Manmohan Singh Kohli. Due to the Storm, they had to stash their equipment and return to base. 

After 1966 they returned to the location of the Equipment. When they went back they saw that the equipment was missing. The area was covered in Ice. For two to three days the crew dug the location to retrieve the Equipment. The Ice has covered the equipment and it is impossible to retrieve the Equipment. 

Is the Equipment still in the Himalayas?

The Climate change which is happening in the Himalayas has been caused by this equipment which went missing. This was a power generator that was fueled by Plutonium 238. Plutonium was used to keep the Generator from Freezing. This equipment has become a Mystery.

CIA & IB Operations in the Himalayas - RAW PART4:

Do Indians know about this lost Equipment?

No. The Indian government sent Search parties to recover the equipment. The IB and CIA stopped the project. During this time, China has already increased its Nuclear Capacity. 

From 1964 to 1996, China has tested more than 45 Nuclear Weapons. Now America again asks for help from India. 

Now America has changed the Location to Nandakot Station. America says that it needs to set up a Monitoring station to spy on China. A New Crew was assembled and the Climb started. The crew knew the issues they faced. So they worked carefully and started to install the Monitoring Station in Nandakot Station. A Monitoring station was installed successfully. 

Did they collect the Information about China?

They received some information. But the CIA removed the Monitoring station the next year. We discussed that this Power generator was fueled by Plutonium. This was causing a major issue for the team. The Power Generator due to the heat started to melt the cave in which it was installed. Many issues may arise if they continue the Station. So the CIA decided to dismantle the Station and took it back to America. This Operation was closed down in 1967. The Indian people didn't know about this Secret Operation. 

But in 1977 an Important magazine in America published a news article. After the news was published, The PN of India in 1977 Morarji Desai accepted that the Operation was carried out. He also added that this Operation was carried out by IB not RAW. This operation was a failure for India. 

India didn't want to believe in China or America. After learning many lessons in the Intelligence department, RAW was created in 1968. 

In 1971, RAW was involved in a very important Operation. 

What were the RAW Operations?

When is Ajit Doval's entry into RAW?

Please search more for Operation Hat. The River Ganges may be polluted by Radiation because of this lost Equipment. Any time there can be a blast in the Himalayas where the Plutonium has been sleeping silently for years. This theory is true. The equipment is still missing and deeply buried in the Himalayas. 

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