CIA Part5 Operation Silver & Gold – Total Disgrace for CIA

CIA Part5 Operation Silver & Gold - Total Disgrace for CIA

On 19th Oct 1945, two months after the Atomic Destruction in Hiroshima and Nakasaki. The World is in fear. An English Writer wrote an essay. The Essay's name is You and the Atomic Bomb. Readers after reading the essay were intense. 

They wanted to know whether the Cold war started or not. This essay is the starting point of the Cold war. The cold war is a scenario where two countries have not declared War officially but will work against the enemy country. From 1945 The Cold war between USSR and USA started. 

America wanted to gather information from the USSR. To do this they created a Spy agency called the CIA. 

We have already discussed Four Parts of the CIA series.

This is CIA Part5. 

The Objective of the Cold War is to destroy the enemy nation using various sources and methods and Win the War. This is also called Proxy War. The Cold war was an entire Proxy War. 

USSR had a big issue, their Top secret information is leaking to America or MI6. So USSR decided not to communicate through Radio. They wanted to use Telephone Communication. USSR had various HQ in the World. One HQ was in Berlin.
We have posted a video on the Destruction of the Berlin Wall. Please check the Description in the video. We have explained how West and East Germany were united. 

USSR has headquarters in Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria. 

In 1949, MI6 Received intelligence. The information said that there is a phone line that connects HQ Austria to the Russian HQ. If they can find this line they can listen to The Russians. This is no easy task. 

The MI6 started an Intelligence Operation called Operation Silver. Operation Silver was headed by Peter. He rents a shop in the area near the HQ. He buys a house near the shop. The house has been turned into a Spy Post with all the Equipment. 

Why did MI6 rent the shop?

Their excuse was to start a Clothing Business in the Shop. They advertised that many Unique Products are sold in the shop. This caught the attention of the customers. Business picked up rapidly. They said that they were going to upgrade the shop. So they closed the shop for 1 week. Within One week they dug a tunnel beneath the shop. 

MI6 has to build a 70 Feet Tunnel. They dug and found the Russian Telephone line. Now MI6 started to eavesdrop on the communication of the Russians. This information leads to the Independence of Austria. 

In the Korean War, they used Telephone Tapping to obtain Top Secret Information. At one point in time Operation Silver was stopped. CIA came to know about this Operation. 

The Year was 1952, Russians were using Telephones to communicate. CIA needed Intelligence on USSR, So they called Mi6. CIA wanted to conduct a joint operation with MI6. 

Britain immediately accepted the request from the CIA. The Intelligence Operation was called Operation Gold. But MI6 called it Operation Stopwatch. The Two countries had separate names for the Operation. 

CIA and MI6 started the project in 1952. For one year they had many discussions. They had to select a perfect Team, Spies and Agents. They had to plan the whole Operation to find the Phone Line. In these discussions, there were the top three important agents named Peter Lunn who was Head of the Britain Branch. CIA’s Head was William King Harvey. The Codeword was PB Jointly. 

They separated the Operation into Four Phases. The agents much reach Berlin in Phase1. They had to find the right place where the Telephone cable was installed. In Second Phase CIA has to buy a building and employ local workers. The Third Phase was America will dig tunnels and Equipment and Cables needed to Tap the line will be provided by MI6. The Fourth Phase will Provide Intelligence for both Countries. So the discussions for these four phases were completed. 

In 1953, they started the First Phase. There is a third person involved named George Blake. In August 1954 they started the first phase in Berlin. Using a scanner they identified the Russian cable. They also see a building for sale. They buy the building immediately. But the agents have bought the building for a high price. 

The Authorities started an investigation. CIA agents said that they were going to build a factory. They said that this factory will provide employment for local people in Berlin. They called upon Engineers and workers to lay the foundation. A basement was built for a factory. They needed a basement for the factory. This work was given to the local engineers so there was no Alarm. The Workers built a Basement. 

In Operation Silver the agents dug 70 Feet. But for Operation gold they needed to build a 1428 Feet Tunnel. This tunnel should be deep. When they do this they will cross the Berlin Wall above and enter Russian Territory. There were roads and paths which was used by Russian Tanks which were 60 Tons in weight. The Tunnel has to withstand the weight of the tanks. 

CIA and MI6 need to clear 3000 Tons of Sand for their Operation. The sand must be stored in the tunnels. 

America CIA’s job was to dig the tunnel. The Phone line was found. The Equipment to tap the calls were installed. The MI6 has installed all equipment. The Location of this tunnel is directly below the Russian Border. The agents due to the tanks rolling above them feared that the tunnel may collapse. They did a steel moulding that can bear the weight from the tanks. The steel moulding was supported by Pillars. 

After the Construction, they started collecting data. In 1955 CIA and MI6 were tapping the USSR phone Lines. Through the Berlin tunnel, they were obtaining information. 

We still don't know how the USSR discovered the Berlin Tunnel. The CIA document reveals that due to heavy rain the tunnel was flooded. The rain causes some issues in the Phone lines of the USSR. When they dug to rectify the issue. USSR has discovered the tunnel. Thus the Operation was shut down. 

The Information was obtained by the CIA and MI6. In London, there were 300 employees to translate the information.  In America, many were employed to translate the Data. In 1956 Operation Gold came to an end. 

But Geroge Blake in 1953 when the CIA and MI6 were discussing the Operation was released from Korea. George Blake was arrested in Korea for his Spy activities. George Blake entered Britain as a hero. So America and Britain blindly believed in George Blake. They didnt know that he was a Double Agent. 

When CIA and MI6 were ready to dig the tunnel. George Blake has already passed the information to KGB. USSR knew about the entire operation and let the CIA and MI6 continue their operation. USSR didnt send any important messages through the Berlin Tunnels. George Blake was in Britain so the USSR didnt want to compromise his position. For one year KGB was passing false information when CIA and MI6 were listening. 

Employees were recruited by the CIA and MI6 for translating the data. It created many Lakh documents which were false information. Through Project Gold CIA and MI6, didnt obtain any valuable information. 

George Blake was arrested by the British authorities. He escapes the Prison with the Help of the KGB. George Blake lived in Moscow until his 95 age. He died in 2020. 

So CIA’s Operation Gold is a failure and disgrace for the CIA. CIA did some strange projects which wanted to control other people’s minds. 

What is the anime of this Project?

CIA Propaganda was strong. CIA propaganda machine was so powerful it dethroned many Political parties across the World. We will discuss this in the upcoming posts. 

After digging a tunnel and listening in for one year. No data was valid. 

How would the CIA react?

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