Cockroach Motivation – Motivational Speech


Good news is going to come in your life. Monday Morning after getting up a Notification from Youtube from Tamil Pokkisham. Before we look into world and internal news this post is news about you. 

How to win in your life?

In life, we learned a lot and we want to share it with you. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Many say that there is only issues all the time for us. But we couldn’t know that we have got a great mother a great friend or great surroundings. During that time, we don’t ask God why he hasn’t given to others. 

But if there is a sorrow we tend to look at others and get angry upon god. So without getting angry how can we overcome the burdens?.

A small story about a Cockroach. 

Is there a story for Cockroach?

Take a utensil and rub the oil in it. Turn off the light and after one hour there will be a cockroach inside the utensil. That Cockroach will try to come up. We will simply think we can wash the utensil. Turn off the lights for 2 hours and now see that the same cockroach will keep trying to get out of the utensil. It knows that there is Oil so it is unable to get out but it keeps on trying. That Cockroach thinks that it will never lose in life and will keep on trying. A Small cockroach tries for two hours. 

We have everything, we have Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and we also have relatives. 

Why can’t we come out of any situation?

Why can’t we win?

These are the questions we should ask. This life without giving anyone worry we should die is not called life. 

Can we dedicate our life to somebody?

It doesn’t mean you have to dedicate for love or friendship. 

Cockroach Motivation - Motivational Speech

Another small story. A friend walks and the opposite of him an old aged man comes to him. The old guy is selling clothes. The person asks “What is the price of the towel”. He replies “30rs”. He asks for two towels. He gives the old man 200 rs and the Oldman gives back 150rs. So the person asks he has bought two towels which are worth 60rs. The old man should give him only rs140. But why give him rs150. The old man says his vision is not good.

The young man then says that he has half an hour to go to the office. He also says that he will sell the towels for the old man. Then he sells the towels to the people. He is in the marketing field so he sells all the towels. The old man cries in joy. The old man doesn’t even know the young man. So we should salute the person who helped the old man. 

So similar to this story we can also help others in any situation. We will show you a video now. A fire will burn in your heart, but after some days the Fire will dim. Don’t let the fire go down. You can help people. You can help your friend. You can help your colleagues. 

If you are unable to help them use your kind words. People are looking for persons who can comfort them with kind words. We can show our love to everyone. 

If I show only love i become a Pushover?

You will never become a fool.  If you lose today then you are going to win two times over. 

How can i win?

It is easy to win. But first, you should ask the Winners how they won. It may be a friend or a Colleague. Aks them How they did win?.

They will give you one or two tips. So we have a tip now, we have to implement it in our life. People don’t do this 90 out of 100 don’t do this. 

So if we receive something from someone we should give back or do good deeds for them. Many will give us tips but have we done something for them. We would never be given anything back. 

So the person who gives the tips, if some good things happen to you with the tip, then you should share your experience with them. 

Cockroach Motivation - Motivational Speech

For Ex: A Friend from Office helped me, because of that there was a huge change in my life. When you share the experience his life and your life will be fulfilled. 

Life will have many unexpected turns. These turn to turn into good turns you would need good friends, good relatives and the advice which we get from them. So when you follow the advice and share the experience. These unexpected turns will be good turns. 

I went to a shop in Coimbatore. The shop was a Platform shop. A guy was selling keychains. There was writing in his shop. 

To live we don’t need eyes, but there is a way. 

The blind in the dark also work so save their family. You can also do it. Get up strong. Good things will happen. It may be late that’s it. So like the cockroach we should keep on trying. 

The Cockroach will come out of the utensil. The more it tries to come out the more oil it will take of the utensil. The path will not be in oil so the cockroach will escape.

We if we keep on trying facing all burdens then one day victory will be ours. 

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