Code Red Climate War & Collapse of the EU | Nostradamus 2022 Predictions

Code Red Climate War & Collapse of the EU | Nostradamus 2022 Predictions

Nostradamus 2020,2021. Let's discuss the predictions for 2022. 

Are you going to discuss the events which are predicted by Nostradamus?

Some people have analyzed Nostradamus Predictions. 

From 1503 to 1566 Nostradamus lived in France. His family were Jews. But his father converted to Catholicism. He was brought up as a Christian and he writes a book. His book name is Les Prophecies. The book contains 10 Centuries. There are 942 Quatrains in the book. Studying the Quatrains the people have predicted the events and released them on many websites. 

How are they confirming the events with the Quatraints?

If you have seen our videos. You will be able to predict the events of the next year. 

For Ex: NASA’S DART mission. NASA wanted to change the trajectory of an asteroid. We know that the Satellite will reach the asteroid by next year. Its a prediction based on the information which we have obtained. 

With the news and the Nostradamus Quatrains, they combine and predict the Events for next year. We will discuss the events predicted by these people. 

We have to verify whether the 2021 Predictions were correct or not. 

In the 2021 Predictions, we said that AI will rule the world. The predictions of 2022 also contain AI will rule the world. AI is in a developing state. AI has not started to rule the world. SO the 2021 predictions are wrong. AI will rule the world in 2022, there is a possibility. But within 2025 it will happen. 

The next was War between the Brothers. 

Is it India Pakistan?

Is it Azerbaijan Armenia?

There was a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. There are possibilities that every year there may be a conflict between countries. We can also include Israel and Palestine. So this is happening every year. 

The next was the “In the City of God there will be a great thunder”. We discussed that a big city will be destroyed. The Predictions pointed to California. Nothing happened in California so it's false. There was a Zombie Apocalypse Prediction. But America’s CDC has said that there is a chance for a Zombie Apocalypse. Let's discuss the details in another post. 

The Next was the EU issue. There was a Brexit issue. The prediction was correct. 

The next Prediction was a Solar storm. It didnt happen. But many storms hit the world. 

The Important prediction was the coming of Antichrist and an asteroid hitting Earth. The Antichrist prediction is false. Many small and Tiny Asteroids have hit or come close to the earth. 

The last was that Pope Francis will speak out. Pope Francis is commenting on World Events. So that prediction is correct. 

Now we will discuss the 2022 Predictions. 

Nostradamus has predicted that an Asteroid blast may happen which may change the Earth’s position. 

The question is whether it's the earth or the asteroids Position.

NASA is on a mission to change the trajectory of the Asteroid. The mission name is DART. This will happen. NASA has given a warning that an Asteroid might come close to the earth. Nearly 18000 Asteroids are considered a threat to earth. Asteroids may come close to the earth, but NASA has confirmed that there will be no harm from Asteroids for 120 years. There are asteroids that are undetected by NASA which may a threat to earth. NASA has also not denied the threat of these asteroids. 

The Nostradamus Quatrain is “In the sky, one sees fire and a long trail of sparks”. 

In Centuria IV 14th Quatrain, “ The sudden death of the First Character. It will Bring about a Change and May place another Character in the Kingdom”. They have predicted that the North Korean Leader will die. The previous predictions said that Putin or Trump may die to illness. 

Trump was called a Mad man. 

In the 2022 Predictions, the leader will suddenly die and will be replaced by a family member. We all know that the North Korean Leader is losing weight and is sick. There is news which says that the Sister of Kim Jong Un is gaining power. We will have to wait and see for this prediction. 

The next Quatrain” For Forty years it will be seen every day: The arid earth will grow dry, and Great Floods when it will be seen”.  The explanation the authors have given is a Nuclear Explosion on earth. Due to the explosion floods may happen and the Earth may dry up. 

Nuclear War, China, India, Pakistan, America, Russia all have Nuclear weapons. Iran’s Nuclear Agreement. Anything can happen next year. This is Unpredictable. 

In Centuria II Eighth Quatrain says “ Sacred Temples Prime roman Style will reject the goffes foundations”. This is considered to be the fall of the European Union. 

Has the EU collapse started?

It started with Brexit. There are high chances that the EU may collapse. The Quatrain predicts that the EU will collapse next year. There are many issues within the EU. Another quatrain speaks about Refugees. In the Shores of the EU, the ashes of many refugees will be washed. 

The Poland Belarus issue started in the EU. There is a refugee crisis. Many people fearing war or regime change came to the EU. There has been a constant refugee crisis. Britain pointed the Refugee issue to exit the EU. The Prediction says that there will be an issue for the EU in 2022. 

The Next Quatrain says “ Under the Opposite Babylonian climate Great will be without the Outpouring”. It denotes a climate war. 

Climate war: Code Red for Humanity has been announced. Scientists have warned World Leaders to take steps against Climate Change. This issue is a great concern for humanity which was addressed at the G20 Summit. There are chances that a Climate war may happen in 2022. 

Many Countries will take steps to reduce Climate Change. But some countries will be against the Changes. So the Countries may have some issues between them. There may be a conflict between these countries. 

The next Prediction is Paris Under Siege. Somebody will take control of Paris. There has been the France VS Islam issue. Maybe this issue will become a huge issue in France. 

The Quatrain is in Centuria V “All around the great City, Will be soldiers lodged by Fields and Cities”. It means that Police Officers and Army will be stationed in the city. 

Next is the Quatrain from Centuria III “ Towards Midy Extreme Siccity, In the Depths of Asia they will say Earthquake”. The authors predict earthquakes in Japan. Japan has experienced big Earthquakes. Science says that there are changes in 2022. Other Authors have pointed towards America. They have predicted that there may be earthquakes in America and Japan. 

The next prediction is that the US Dollar Value will decrease and Inflation will happen. There are high chances that this Prediction might be true. Due to Covid and Cryptocurrency, this may happen. People have started to use Cryptocurrencies. There are high chances that the value of USD will go down which may lead to Inflation.

The next prediction is Computer Controlling Humans. In 2022 this Process may rapidly grow.  Many are buying Tesla Cars. In Norway, Tesla Cars are the second-most bought cars. This AI is happening throughout the world. 

So Among all these predictions, we must concentrate on the EU, France and Climate War. We must wait and see whether these predictions happen. 

This is the Nostradamus Predictions by many authors. 

After 2022, Nostradamus has predicted some events for the next 35 years. Let's discuss this in the upcoming post. 

How do you feel about the Nostradamus Predictions for 2022?

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