Corona Virus In India

Corona Virus In India:

Is Corona Virus spreading rapidly in India?

What are the careless things will Indians do?

What carelessness did China do?

Why South Korea too was not careful?

If we are careful can we prevent the virus from spreading?

How many infected people have been cured?

What are their details?

We will answer these questions in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Everyone in the world now know about Corona Virus. Every time the news comes in it terrifies us. 

What will happen if it spreads in our Country?

What will be the situation if it spreads?

Everyone has fear now. So in this post, we will discuss only about India.

When it comes to India only 3 People from Kerala were infected. The three people have been completely cured and have returned to their houses. So worldwide Corona Virus has infected nearly 90000 people. We have been discussing a lot about this virus. 

How many have recovered?

Nearly 50000 people have recovered. The death toll is 3200. In this 3200 nearly 3000 are Chinese. The reason is the carelessness of China. 

Dr.Lee warned the Chinese People, but the govt didn’t care about his message. When the virus hits Wuhan, People start to go back to their homes in various places. It was Chinese New Year time, so they want to go to their houses. 

So the Virus origin place, nearly 5 Crore people left that place and went to other places. America didn’t have this issue, but now they say that 85 People are infected by the virus. Then Comes Italy and South Korea. 

In South Korea, Nearly 5600 People are infected by the virus. We need to see the main reason. 

Why these 5600 were affected?

So if we find the answer, our fear will decrease the virus. There is a religion in South Korea called Cheondoism. They keep their prayers secret. So one guy from the religion is affected by the Virus. He goes and asks a religious priest that he is infected by the virus. He says that to conduct a group prayer. Nearly 6000 people are called and they begin to pray. This is the main reason behind the spreading of the virus. Nearly 70% of people are from that group who attended the prayer. 

So carelessness is the real reason for spreading of the virus. 

What carelessness did India do?

Initially, only three people were infected. They have recovered and they were from China to India. Now they say that nearly 29 people are infected. Nearly 15 people went as tourists to Italy. They are the clients of Indian Software companies. So when Italians travelled to China the virus starts to spread. So from Italy, these 15 people have come back to India. Now, these People are in Isolation.

First Cases were Confirmed one from Delhi and Telangana.

How did they confirm it?

When the Delhi Person comes from another country we should have checked him. SO both these patients are from Infected Countries. So these two persons should have undergone complete testing. Our officers are again careless. This carelessness is the main reason. 

The Delhi person had the virus. He travels on a bus. Now the persons who travelled on the bus have been put into Isolation using Contact Trace method. 

The Telangana patient has arranged a birthday party. The party has been attended by the students. So now that school is closed now. Because the infected students may infect other students. So due to carelessness, this Virus is spreading. 

How will it affect India?

The heat of India may save us, so the possibilities of this virus spreading is very low.

How many in the world Population has the virus affected?

The ratio is 0.000047 %. So we don’t have to worry but don’t be careless also.

So Remove the fear and this post aim is to educate the careless guys. So don’t go to Crowded places because of South Korea Incident. 

IPL is going to come. People will be crowded in one area. There are possibilities that the virus may spread. When Coughing or Sneezing please close your mouth this is a request. Please try to avoid Handshake and do Namaste. IF you have a high fever please go to a hospital. So use these small preventions method. 

America has warned India. America said that if it starts to spread in India the govt will be unable to stop the virus. We need to understand the reason also. 

So if we take 1Sq Km there are 420 Indians living there. So our Population is huge considering other countries. We know that Indian Population is 135 Crore people. So many people in the landscape is a recipe for the virus to spread quickly this is the main reason. 

The second reason is within this 135 Crore people nearly 45 Crore people work in another state. So these 45 Crore people in a weekend will move to another location. So people will always be migrating to places. So we cant isolate them as he could have travelled to another state. This is the second reason for the virus spreading. 

The third reason is the Middle east.  The Middle East and India have close connections. Many Indians are working in the Middle East. So people who come back to India may carry the virus with them.  

So these infected people should be properly tested and isolated thus resulting in the prevention of Spreading of the virus. 

Will it affect everyone?

Is there a particular age group?

People who are above 60yrs are the most affected including Children. An Important thing please don’t take your Children into crowded places. The aged people who have low immunity power are affected and the virus kills them. So the aged people, The Hot climate all are against the virus. So please don’t panic. 

Why China lost so many?

China was the first to be hit. 

Why it is spreading?

How it is spreading?

How many people will it affect?

The calculation was taken from China. So the dealy while processing was the reason for the human loss of life. But now it has turned out to be a warning and everyone is awareness in high. 

So if some of our relatives are affected by fever we go to a separate room and cough. So many prevention care has been taken. So the risk of Corona is very low in India. 

If it did spreads it must be through our carelessness. 

Something is happening in world politics because of this Corona Virus. We will discuss that in another post. That post is a must read. 

If a war starts then someone is benefitting. Similar to that the virus is also a benefit for someone.

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