Corona Virus Vaccine – India’s Contribution to the World

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World:

Will they find a vaccine for the Corona Virus or not?

One Scientist says that it will take 18 months to develop a vaccine. Another says that they have developed the vaccine and will be made available within Sep. 

Which story to believe?

Why are there issues to develop the vaccine?

If there is a vaccine. Can they give it to all people?

Many Countries are watching and waiting for India. To find a vaccination India’s role is very important. 

What’s the truth?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

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So today’s topic is Vaccine.

Can they develop a vaccine or Not?

Many Sceintists have different opinions on this question. One says that they can develop the vaccine. Another says no they can’t. 

What are the reasons both sides say?

First, let’s discuss the No Vaccine scenario. In 2002 and 2012 SARS and MERS these viruses belong to Corona Virus Family. Till now there is no vaccine for SARS and MERS. When this is the situation how will they find a vaccine for COVID-19?. This is the first question.

Nearly 48 questions are unanswered by the sceintists. When these 48 questions are answered then only we can find a cure for the virus. 

We have never heard about SARS or MERS. If coronavirus is active now.

Why is that the 2 viruses are not active?

They say these 2 viruses disappeared. SARS kills 700 people and Sceintists start to their research on the virus. China was in the frontlines of research for SARS. When testing the virus escaped the labs and started to spread. When SARS was spreading and a vaccine was under development. FDA American’s Food and Drug Administration announced not to use any kind of vaccine because it could have created many issues and the numbers of patients were less. 

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World

MERS then started to spread, it killed 800 to 1000 people. There was no vaccine for the virus. Lastly COVID-19.

Why are the sceintists unable to develop a vaccine?

So the vaccine to increase our Immunity system against the virus will contain they will recap the virus which makes the virus unable to damage our body cells. So they change the virus and inject it into patients. So the virus will be between Alive and dead status. SO when this virus enters our system our body will create the antibodies to fight against it. This is how a vaccine operates. 

But the issue now is they don’t know when the COVID-19 virus is activated and de-activated. Fully cured patients are again affected by the virus. SO the sceintists cannot guess when the virus is activated and de-activated. 

In some patients, the symptoms begin to show in 14 days, some 28 days, and many have no symptoms. The patients who don’t show symptoms suffer for two days and lose their lives to the virus. This is a huge mystery to sceintists. 

We now know that this virus can contract animals. Some tigers and cats are dead. 

How did it spread to animals?

The sceintists have no answers. In France, they have discovered that the virus is in Water Streams. 

How did it spread to water sources?

Suppose if it can spread to water sources during the rainy season will the virus spread?

This question is also not answered. 

How many confirmed cases?

No Answer from anyone for this question. India says to send back the testing kits. A single test kit costs rs600 from China. But these test kits are defective are ready to be sent back to China. So there are chances that there are many untested patients in the world. 

How many people are affected by the virus?

What are the real numbers of dead people?

The stats which come out are false until now. This is not accurate information. So with these stats, only the sceintists can start their research on the virus. This question is also not answered. 

Next is the Symptoms. They said that the symptoms are fever, headache and cough. Now they have discovered new 8 symptoms. The symptoms numbers are going high daily. So due to this also creating a vaccine is becoming hard. 

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World

How did China Contain the virus?

This is a Million Dollar Question. If they give the reason we can easily develop a vaccine and China doesn’t want to cooperate. So due to these questions, there is no vaccine. 

In the world, the fastest Vaccine developed was MMS. It took nearly 4 years to develop the vaccine for the disease. This is the fastest developed vaccine in the world. 

For Coronavirus Oxford University has said that they have developed a vaccine. Israel says it has the vaccine. China is testing the vaccine. So please refer to any scientific papers which say that the vaccination is ready. In that paper, the last paragraph will be a Vaccine for the Coronavirus to be developed quickly is impossible. Scientists are now in a confused state. 

The next big issue for Sceintists is that a group in now in work to find a vaccine and make lots of money with it. Sceintists have to protect the people from that group. 

IF that group injects a vaccine which contains a virus. There is a chance that it will give birth to a new type of virus. So sceintists have said BE Careful. 

Let’s Discuss The University of Oxford. Last Thursday they said that they have developed a vaccine and it is in the testing phase. Till now only 6 vaccines have entered clinical trials. So for Clinical trials, only six vaccines are selected. 

How many companies are developing a vaccine?

Nearly 100 Companies are conducting their research. So from 100 companies or organisations, only 6 vaccines are allowed to Clinical Trials. The Oxford vaccine is also entered Clinical Trials. In the first phase, 550 patients have been injected by the vaccine. Nearly 1000 patients have become a first human trial for the vaccines. So after this trial patients who are above 70 will be tested. Age and the Immunity Power will be included in the discussions. They will move to the next phase. After completing three clinical trials, only the vaccine will be available to all. 

Before all these tests, Oxford has said that they will produce Millions of vaccines. The vaccine to fight against the virus will be produced in Millions with India’s support. 

IS UK Developing a vaccine with the support of India?

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World

This news is confusing. But this is the reality. We don’t know the truth but America knows it. America’s State Secretary gave an important announcement. He says that America and India combined are trying to develop a vaccine. They want India to side with America. An Indian Corporate with Oxford is producing Millions of vaccines. The manufacturer name is the Serum Institute of India. This institute is producing and exporting nearly 20 vaccines to 160 countries. 

The Price of these products is very low in the world. Serum and Oxford have developed a vaccine called CHAD OX1. This medicine is not only for Coronavirus. They have said that it will fight against many diseases. The diseases are Lassa and MERS. 

SERUM has said that with the support of Oxford they are developing a vaccine. Using their own resources they are producing the vaccines and in September they will be ready to export the medicine to the whole world. This event will turn into a great time for India.

Already India is going to take leadership of WHO. Serum and Oxford are developing a vaccine. 

Are there other organisations in India trying to develop a vaccine?

A Hyderabad based company called Bharat Biotech. They have entered a partnership with the University of Wisconsin and US-based FluGen is in the early stage of vaccine development. So India’s contribution to finding a vaccine is very important. 

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World

Why many are believing in India?

We know Generic Medicine. India is one of the countries which largely produces Generic medicines. So India has the capacity to develop a vaccine. The International community is saying without the support of India they cant develop a vaccine. This is the reason Gates Foundation is praising India now. Bill Gates companies are in the competition to produce a vaccine.  

Who will develop a vaccine?

The Doctors and Sceintists who want to do good they will develop the vaccine or the evil forces which want to benefit from this virus and make this a huge market and control the world. 

Which Side will succeed?

Only Time will answer this question. The Objective of this post is there are many issues behind these vaccines. There are no vaccines for the Coronavirus family. If there are vaccines also they have been banned due to many issues. 

Corona Virus Vaccine - India's Contribution to the World

So the new vaccine which is going to be developed.

Is it good or bad for us?

When you receive this news.  We have to start the search. The Educated People, Students family members who read this post. Please search whether the vaccine will be good for us or not. Even in Raid Test kits, India was fooled. Indians have been fooled, we should not be fooled again. The solution to this problem is when news comes we have to search for the truth about the news. 

Is there any side effects for the vaccine?

What is the history of the organisation which develops the vaccine?

Can they solve the issue?

What is their agenda?

Will they do good or bad?

Please search it yourselves. Many could have understood the objective of this post. This is in our hands now. When evil forces are working against us.

 How can we fight back?

The people who asked the questions this post is the answer. Please search for the vaccine they develop. We can understand whether it is for the good or not. Please share this post with your friends who are looking for answers. 

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