Covaxin Indian Vaccine – 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground

Covaxin Indian Vaccine - 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground:

Bharat Bio-Tech India Limited(BBIL).

Have they developed a vaccine in India?

Covaxin is the name of the medicine.

How truthful is this information?

On Aug18th, Will Covaxin be available to the Indian Population?

There are a lot of questions. When we go in search for answers we will also have to discuss Bill Gates as well.

The Delayed Post reason is to cross-check the proof.  

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

What is a Monopoly?

One person will be in charge of all operations. So if there is a Monopoly and the small businesses have to buy products from that firm. This is called Monopoly. So this is how Big Pharma works. The Vaccine Program operates in this way. 

We are not going to discuss whether these vaccines are good for us or not. Instead, we will discuss the Corporate which is gain Profits by selling vaccines. We cant call it as Corporate but they call it as Charitable Trust. 

You will have a doubt. Is it a Corporate or a Charitable Trust?

Once you complete watching this video or reading this post. Please Declare for it yourself. 

The first topic. Bharat Bio-Tech India Limited has developed a vaccine called Covaxin. They say that they will distribute the medicine in India on August 15th 2020. India has developed the Vaccine. There are so many messages and posts in Social media. 

Covaxin Indian Vaccine - 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground

But in the world, nearly 144 Corporates are developing a vaccine for the Corona Virus. Nearly 11 Medicines in these 144 Medicines are recommended for Trials. In these 11 Recommended Medicines there are two medicines developed by Indian Corporates. Bharat Bio-Tech India limited is one among the two. 

SO BBIL with ICMR and National Institute of Virology(NIV). So these three organisations combined and have developed a medicine. We are going to test the medicine which will start in July 7th. So from July 7th to August 15th, the tests will be done. Within NEarly 32 days they have to complete a four-stage test program. Many Experts and Analysts say that it is impossible to complete the tests and distribute the medicine to the Indian People within August15th. 

BBIL has announced that the news which has been spread in just false. The Date has yet to be confirmed and it is not August15th. But within August 15th they could have completed Phase two of the test Program. 

How many Phases are there for the medicine to complete?

Phase 1 and Phase 2 determines the efficiency of Medicine. They will check the medicine on virus affected patients and take results whether there are side effects and other diseases. So they will analyse the patients for nearly 30 to 120 days. Phase 3 the medicine will be tested in patients in various regions. Phase 3 contains the dosage level according to the patient’s age. Many tests will be conducted in Phase 3. Participants may be from 1000 to 3000. In Phase 4 they will analyze how effectively they can distribute the medicine to the people across the country. Production and distribution will be determined. 

We have to Focus on the first three Phases. Covaxin will be tested on 360 to 375 patients. In Phase 2 nearly 750 patients will be tested. BBIL, ICMR and NIV have said that they will complete the Phase 1 and Phase 2 within 28 days. 

Is this possible?

Can they complete two phases within 28 days?

These questions were raised by many Scientists. Now the situation is there is a doubt whether the medicine will pass the trials or not. 

BBIL have said that under The Internationa law they are proceeding with the medicine.

What’s the Plan of BBIL?

They plan to inject the patient with One dosage of Covaxin, after 14 days they will start Phase2. In phase 2 nearly 250 Patients will be injected with the medicine. So within 28 days Phase 1 and Phase 2 should be completed says BBIL. 

The International Scientist community has accused BBIL, ICMR and NIV that they are using Humans as Lab rats. This is not possible. ICMR has clarified that they will complete the Phase1 and 2 Successfully. Then they will announce the results and the date is not confirmed yet.

 What is the reason behind this news that the vaccine will be released on Agusut15th?

There are two reasons. The Coronavirus has a big impact in the American Elections. When a vaccine has been developed if it is from America. Then the president will be re-elected in the next election.  This is the reason why Donald Trump introduced Operation Warp Speed to attempt rapid vaccine Development. Through Operation Warp Speed more than 300 Corporates are now trying to develop a Vaccine in America. Remember this news because we are going to say this as fake news. 

Like Trump, in India, the Bihar Elections are going to happen and BJP might be using this Covaxin for election results. The Coronavirus has affected more than 11 Crore People and more than 5 Lakh people have lost their lives to the virus. 

There are chances India may move up to Second most affected Country in the World. In many issues around the world, India has been the talk of the town. World Health Organisation Leadership is now led by India. The Indian People are getting affected in huge numbers. People are afraid. They can easily bring in a vaccine. These Pharma Corporates can make huge profits from India. 

During this time, there are two candidates for Vaccine from India called Covaxin and ZyCov-D. 

Are there only two medicines supported by the drug Controller General of India?

No. This is time to discuss the truth about the vaccines and Bill Gates. The details which we have discussed up to this point will be available in google if you search for it. 

Is there a connection between BBIL and Gates Foundation?

Yes, there is a link. For many vaccine developments, nearly Rs100 Crores was given by Gates Foundation to BBIL as Donation. So Gates foundation has funded BBIL. 

Who is developing ZyCOV-D?

Covaxin Indian Vaccine - 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground

ZyCov-D has been developed by Zydus Cadila. 

Is there a connection between Zydus Cadila and Gates Foundation?

No. But Zydus Cadila has signed an agreement with IDRI(Infectious Disease Research Institute). IDRI and Gates Foundation have Major connections. Billions have been given to IDRI from Gates Foundation. IDRI is the one which will co-ordinate the distribution of the Vaccine. 

So through this information, we can clearly understand that Zydus Cadila has an indirect connection with Gates Foundation. So Gates Foundation is a part of the Research to find a vaccine all over the world. 

So India has nearly 11 Companies trying to develop a Vaccine. The Indian Pharma Companies have already signed agreements with various foreign Pharma Companies. The agreement says that the Foreign Companies will develop a vaccine and the Indian Pharma Companies will produce the Vaccine in large quantities

So if Pharma in the World develops a vaccine they still need the Indian Pharma Companies to Produce the vaccine in required quantities. Indian Pharma companies are the ones who are capable of Producing and Exporting to other Countries. 

Already Two Important Foreign Pharma Companies have signed this agreement. The one is called Astrazeneca, A British-Swedish MNC and US-Based Moderna Pharmaceutical company. 

Covaxin Indian Vaccine - 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground

These two companies are the leading candidates in developing a vaccine for Covid-19. Moderna is developing a vaccine called MRNA-1273. This MRNA-1273 has not been tested on humans but the conducted simulation tests have resulted in failure. But MRNA-1273 has reached Phase3. 

Next AstraZeneca vaccine is called AZD1222. Both Vaccines have reached Phase 3 stages. So when these two medicines have passed the four Phases, the production of these two vaccines will start from India in massive quantities. So they have already signed agreements with the Indian Pharma Companies. These two are under the direct control of the Gates Foundation. 

We should have forgotten a medicine called Hydroxychloroquine. World Health Organisation and other Pharma Companies have dropped their research on Hydroxychloroquine. Replacing hydroxychloroquine is Gilead’s Remdesivir. The cost of this medicine in India is one dosage is rs5000. So if a Patient needs 6 dosages of this medicine. So that patient has to spend nearly rs50000 for medicine only. Only Rs5000.

Now let’s discuss the America situation. America is the most affected country by the virus. Due to the Corona Virus, normal people like you and I are suffering a lot. 

What are the World Govt’s doing?

How are they changing their World Politics?

They are changing their Black Money into White or they are earning huge profits from medicines or we are becoming Slaves to the Big Pharma. A great example is this Remdesivir medicine. America has bought 5 Lakh dosages by giving Rs14000 Crores. The Trump administration has bought 5 Lakh dosages which are the entire batch production of this medicine for July 2020. Then in August and September 2020, nearly 90% of the Production will go to America. The agreements have been signed. 

Covaxin Indian Vaccine - 4 Test Phases | Gates Foundation Playground

Has Remdesivir passed the 4 Phases of tests?

No. Remdesivir was developed many years ago which is like Hydroxychloroquine. Through this medicine, we can save only a few numbers of People. To save these few lives many crores rupees have been spent. The amount spend was only for 5 Lakh Dosages. The affected People in America is way high than the bought dosages. 

Covaxin is still in Phase2. MRNA-1273 and AZD1222 are in Phase 3 which have agreements with the Indian Pharma Companies. Many Countries have given Billions to these two Pharma Companies.

The Details which we shared with you are only the Tip of the Iceberg. We didnt discuss the Ice Mountain. To discuss the topic further we should know about this MRNA-1273. 

Please Search for this medicine MRNA-1273. 

Have they conducted Humans trials with this medicine?

What is the result?

If you find the answer you will know the proceedings of Moderna Pharma. The Connection between Moderna and Gates Foundation. 

Is there a connection between Moderna and ICMR?

Search for these questions. If you cannot find the answer. We will update you in the upcoming videos. 

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