Criminal Tribes act – How the British Oppressed Indians

Criminal Tribes act - How the British Oppressed Indians:

XXX we have seen this many times. Some use it as a symbol to view porn videos. Some might use this symbol to note that it is an important file. 

What is the main reason for this symbol?

Thuggees were murdering so many people, to stop them the British bought in plans. The thirst was Freedom was raging within Tribes of India to suppress them the British needed a plan. 

So the British start a Dept called Thuggee and dacoity Dept. That organisation passes a law called the 30th law. To symbolize this law they used XXX. 

X In roman numbers denote number 10. So XXX=30. So under this law thuggess will be arrested and people who are arrested will be slaves. These slaves can be sold, Murdered, They can be beaten. So people turned to slaves is XXX.

Today’s Topic is Criminal Ancestry. 

We have already discussed Thuggess History. Please read the Below article. 

Thuggees History Explained

There is also another post which will be shared. 

How Thuggess were hunted?

What laws were passed?

This post how this Criminal Ancestry law had an impact in Tamilnadu. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

In 1871 The Criminal tribe’s act was passed. They had to pass these laws in every state in India. The Madras Presidency protest against this law. The British say that they have some modifications to the law and pass it in 1896. The Madras Presidency still protest against the law. 

So in 1911, they do some more modifications and in 1913 they pass this law. The total castes included in this law is 213 castes. They all belong to this Criminal Ancestry. The huge population were declared Criminal Tribes. 

In 1913 they pass it in Tamilnadu. Within 1918 many tribes are bought into this law. The people who oppose the Brtish are automatically included in this Criminal tribes. In 1938 nearly 90 castes are included. 

Which castes were mainly included? 

Criminal Tribes act - How the British Oppressed Indians

We will explain a few. But this is a sensitive topic. Please don’t blame other castes. Please see the video to get more information about his from 4.22 to 6.11.

The castes were created to the jobs which they did. So based on castes please don’t comment for this video. Some castes suffered a lot please see the video for more details. 

Did so many castes affected by this law?

Did they have any connection between these castes?

They didn’t have any connection. People who oppose the British belong to this Criminal Ancestry. 

For ex: People who ate pig meat belonged to Criminal ancestry. 

So if they arrest a man who is a thuggee and while investigation if he shows other people who belong to other castes, they will be included in this Criminal Ancestry also. People didn’t oppose or didn’t have any rights to oppose this law. 

How people were affected?

We should learn this to see how our people were oppressed and suffered a lot. People didn’t sell the salt as it belonged to the east Indian company now. So people didn’t care about this and they were selling salt on their own. To stop this the British said that because a particular caste is selling salt and they belong to Criminal tribes they were arrested. 

So if the British say that they will only sell products and if any caste did sell them. Then they were named Thieves and arrest them and oppress them. 

The Kallar caste had this unique sense of identifying people who had murdered or committed a crime. Their original job was to guard. These people had experience in finding out the real culprits. So the British approach these men to find the culprits, they investigate and find the real culprits. As earnings, they received Thuppu Kolli. The British we impressed but they want to degrade these people’s talents. So The Kallars were included in this Criminal tribes. 

Many castes were added into this law. 

So after adding a particular caste to the law. What happens next?

Criminal Tribes act - How the British Oppressed Indians

They have to confirm their identity in a police station. In the night-time, people who belong to this Criminal tribe aged 18-60 all males must come to the Police station and sleep in the open space near the police station. They have to get up in the morning and come back. 

There was a Card called Night Card. So if you want to go to another village. You should use this card. These cards were three in numbers. One will be in the police station, the other will be given to the village where you are going to, the final one will be with the guy.  The card will contain a name, which caste they belong to, and the reasons for the visit. If you miss this card that guy will be arrested. The arrest will lead to 3 to 6 years in jail. 

Why causes for the arrest?

For carrying a matchbox they were arrested. A barber for having scissors was arrested. 

The people should go and sleep in the police station. Whatever their reasons can be, they should come and sleep in the police station. People revolted against these crimes. 

This was called South jalian wala bhag which happened in Madurai. 

People who know about this please comment. Next post will be about this Southern jalian wala bhag. How it happened?.

How did this law act against Indians?

How did they prove this Criminal tribe is a false act? 

What books related to this issue were published?

We will discuss in detail in the next post. 

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