Cuban Missile Crisis – The leftout Story from the World

Cuban Missile Crisis - The left out Story from the World:

Fidel Castro Could be the reason for starting World War3. Nearly 20 Crore People may have lost their lives. That day could have become a dark day in the life history of John F Kennedy. 

How did they avoid war?

Recent news has come out about this U2 Aircraft.

Is this aircraft a Boon or a curse to the Humankind?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We discussed Cuba Veriyattam Video. Nearly 1800 comments were all positive comments. Many didnt not hear about this history. But after the Cuban Missile Crisis, many histories have been hidden. 

This history is deliberately hidden because they thought that the world would be divided into 3 or 4 parties. The main reason was the Nuclear Weapons. In 22nd Oct 1962, the world was in fear of Nuclear Weapons. 

This information was received by America and Mossad before 22nd Oct that Russia is installing Nuclear Weapons in Cuba. 

What did America’s action be before they got the intelligence report?

America used Spy Planes for Intelligence. 

In 2020, The Same U2 has been upgraded with a Co-pilot Seat. This Co-Pilot is not a Human but an AI or a Robot. 

Can a Robot fly a U-2 Stealth Plane?

If this is possible then the Humankind is ready is face another enemy. America has successfully tested the robot flying the U-2. 

Why did America conduct this test in the U-2?

If there is a small error from the robot that would result in worsening the relations between the two countries. This may even start a war. In this situation, America is using AI to operate the U-2. This AI is said to the fourth Gen Robot. So they have already passed the third stage of testing for the Third Stage of AI. 

They have released information about the operations of the AI Co-pilot. SO when the Pilot issues command through radio, The AI will listen to the commands and then execute a decision on its own. The AI will have to Switch on the buttons and also turn the direction of the plane, Refuelling the plane all will be decided by the AI. 

Cuban Missile Crisis - The leftout Story from the World

If there was an AI in the year 1962, there are no possibilities of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

In 16th Oct 1962, A U-2 Spy plane flies over Cuba. The plane takes photos for Six Minutes. Within the Six Minutes, the Plane takes more than 900 Photos. The Photos has been sent to American Intelligence agency for authentication. When the Americans authenticated the Photos, America confirmed that Russia is building Missile Silos in Cuba. 

In Oct 22 six days after the U-2 photos. John F Kennedy announces to the World that the Nuclear war is going to happen. He also warns the world and Americans that Russia has been installing Missile Silos in Cuba. He called for a Quarantine of Cuba. In 1962 This word “Quarantine” or Blockade was the talk of the world. 

The Blockade of Cuba Started with American Naval Ships surrounding Cuba. Americans didnt allow any ships into the Cuba Ports. They quarantined a country. After this America sends many U-2Planes to take Photos. 

Did these U-2 Planes fly over Cuba?

No. If America wanted to invade Cuba they need to know the Installation sites in Cuba. They also needed Russia Missile Locations. Nearly 100 U-2 Planes were engaged in this counting Operation. 

When did Americans come to know about the U-2 Planes?

In 1956 The U-2 Spy Planes have started their Service. But The International Community didnt know about these Spy planes. 

In 1960 USSR spots a plane which is flying in a very high altitude. 70000 feet High. This Spy plane is flying double the altitude flew by passenger planes. But the USSR were able to identify the U-2 plane and shoot it down. Then the News spread and the Americans came to know about this U-2 Spyplane. 

So in 1960 USSR shoots down the spy plane. 

Which Photo made it possible for America to go to war with USSR?

Please Look at the video 7.40. If we look at the picture we have come to many conclusions. But this photo shows an Anti-Missile System known as S-75. S-75 is similar to the recent S400. So to shoot down enemy aircraft these anti-missile systems have been placed. 

Cuban Missile Crisis - The leftout Story from the World
Cuban Missile Crisis - The left out Story from the World

America now asks a question,

Why has USSR stationed an S-75 Anti Missile System in Cuba?

America determined that there are other Missile Launchpads and these s-75’s are for protection. SO America flew many U-2 Spy planes over Cuba. In 1962 with nearly 998 Photos, A Nuclear Weapon has been assembled by the USSR against America. 

John F Kennedy calls his top Officials and Conduct a meeting. They discuss the next action from America. The Top Army Officials many of them were eager for a fight. They wanted to invade Cuba. They also told that USSR will attack America if it does, America can use Nuclear Weapons on USSR. 

Jonh F Kennedy didnt listen to this Advise he remembered the destruction of World War2. John F Kennedy has filed in an operation to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba. John F Kennedy gets new advice called The Quarantine or Naval Blockade of Cuba. 

In 27th Oct 1962, The World was ready for war. The Americans call it Black Saturday. 

Cuban Missile Crisis - The leftout Story from the World

How was the name Black Saturday given?

USSR knew that the U-2 Spy planes have given the information to America. They also knew many U-2 Planes are flying over Cuba. But One U-2 Plane crossed into USSR border, No other Plane has entered Russia Airspace for Intelligence gathering. 

How did this U-2 Spy Plane enter the Russian Airspace?

Exactly Six Hours ago, on 26th Oct Russian have shot down a U-2 Plane. But America sends another U-2 Plane into the Russian Border. This was the talk of the world. 

The U-2 Plane had a small Navigation Problem, thus entering into the Russian Airspace. But the pilot’s history came out into the Public after thirty years. 

After learning the Pilot’s History. We can understand the Stress the Pilot has to go through when he enters a U-2 Spy Plane. 

The U-2 Spy planes were used under the Project called Star Dust. The U-2 plane will fly over the enemy border, When the Air in the country reaches the sky the Plane will gather the Air using a Filter Paper. Using the Filter paper they can come to a conclusion whether the country has used Nuclear Weapons or not. There was a system which gave these results. 

The Pilot who flies in the U-2 Plane if they reduce or increase the speed of the plane in 70000 Altitude the Plane will burst into pieces. The Oxygen level in that altitude will be very low, so the Pilot will have to endure Hydrogen Bubbles in his body. There are so many issues for the Pilots. While Taking Photos the Pilot has to fly the plane in the S-Shaped trajectory. Amidst all these issues the U-2 Planes were able to do their jobs. 

Cuban Missile Crisis - The leftout Story from the World

To fly a U-2 Plane the Pilots have to undergo rigorous training. 

Where is this training be done?

The training for these Pilots is conducted in Area51. So Pilots who were trained in Area51.

How did they manage to enter the Russain Air space?

What did the America Pilot do?

This Pilot has been in a Chinese Jail for nearly 600 days. 

Was the Pilot transferred to Russia?

Did America save its Pilot?

An action film with twists will be our Next Video. 

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