Dark Web Part 2 – Red Room | Peter Scully Pure Evil Monster

Dark Web Part 2 - Red Room | Peter Scully Pure Evil Monster

People who are very young, Pregnant Ladies and elder people please don't watch or read this post. 

In a city in the Philippines, two children have run to a police station. They were half-naked. The Kids age were 9 and 12. The Children started to tell the Police what has happened and the Police started crying about the horrific events. 

A Police officer had a doubt in this case. Reward money of 5 Lakh USD was offered in the capture of a Criminal. 

Are the Children pointing towards the Criminal?

In 2014 the reward money was offered. 

Is the Criminal a Terrorist or a Member of the Dark Web?

This is Dark Web Part2. 

5 Lakh Reward Money will not be offered to a Most wanted Terrorist. The Philippines, Australia, Dutch and many international Police were searching for this Criminal. This international Criminal’s name is Peter Gerard Scully. 

Who is this Peter Scully?

Many who analysed this man refused to give any information. But they said that this man is Pure Evil. Peter Scully was born in Australia and enters Philipinnes in 2011. He told that he wanted to support children and their education. He wanted to finance Children’s education. This was his work and hobby. 

Scully was assisted by two female Criminals. One Woman called Liezyl Margalo is told was the Lover of Scully. She was a Malaysian. She brings two children to Scully. She returns to Scully’s apartment that evening to see that there are chains in the necks of the Children. These chains are Dog Chains. Their dresses were torn. Liezyl knew that Peter Scully was a Psycho. Scully immediately paid a huge sum of money to Liezyl. Liezyl accepted the money and told Scully she will bring in more Children. 

What was Scully doing with the two Children?

In Dark Web Part 1 we discussed the Red Room. 

Does a red room exist?

What is a Red Room?

Many say that the Red Room is a myth. Red Room means a small Room with minimum lighting which will be in Red in Colour. The Victims will be tied in the room and will undergo horrific treatments which we cannot describe. The Victims will be sexually abused. After the Victims are sexually abused they will be tortured and Killed in a Live Stream. This is the Red room that has been mentioned in a Japanese movie. 

Many after seeing the Movie were shocked. Many wanted to figure out the truth. Red Rooms exist in the Dark Web. But many don't know about it. So it is considered a myth. 

In the Dark Web using Onion Routers or a TOR Browser. People will visit these websites. If a user wants to move to another website they have to use the Virtual Tunnels. We explained it in Part1. 

So If a Live stream has to travel from one website to another, it has to cross many servers. This will delay the live stream. So the Red Room live telecast is impossible is the answer for many people. 

Why is there no proof online regarding this Red Room?

The Red room viewers are Billionaires and Rich people. The Normal people cannot access this Red room. There will be a URL of the Red Room which will be shared. The Cost of getting the URL will be in lakhs. 

After paying they will be given a URL to a live stream where a Woman will be Tortured, Sexually abused and Murdered. Imagine the Demons wanting to view this online. These Human Animals are the Red room customers. The Payment may be from 10000USD and the bidding will start. The Viewers can live chat and make command the Torutureres by paying money. This is the red room concept. 

Peter Scully started a website. The Website name was No Limits Fun. He creates a video for the website. The Video’s name was Daisy’s Destruction. In this video, he tortured a Child with Vax. This Hot vax was poured into the Girl’s vagina. This Horrific and Disgusting act has been taken as a video. He shares the video with many Human animals. For viewing the video a person has to pay 10000 USD. If they want to rewatch the video they have to pay another 10000 USD. This is called Pay Per view in the Dark Web. 

Daisy’s destruction and two live streams became viral news on the dark web. We discussed Hydra. A man called Lux who is a part of Hydra asks the Video from Scully. Peter Scully wanted to post the Video in Hydra Marketplace for more views and money. Scully gave a clip of the video. 

Lux’s Website is in the Dark Web. His website name was Hurtcore. Lux released the clip on his website. Many lakh people viewed the Video. Every day 15000 people downloaded the video. This happened in 2012-13. The Human Animals viewed this Video. 

There was a photo were an 18 Old baby was posted. The information about the video was received by the Dutch Police. The people in the video were speaking Dutch. But after an investigation, the Dutch Police determined that the people were not Dutch but Austrians who are speaking Dutch. They said that an Austrian should have made the video. 

A list of passengers travelling to Austria and the Philippines was taken. After investigation more than 1000 IP addresses. There was no clue for the Police. It is not easy to find a single person on the dark web. So the Police released a reward of 5 Lakh USD for the Criminal of the video. 

The Two female Phillipnes bought in new children of Scully to torture. In 2014-15 two children who were tied in the Red Room escaped. They immediately informed the Philippines Police. 

The Police immediately acted and arrested Peter Scully. After his capture, the police found out that he has tortured 13 Female Children. He has tortured and then killed the Children. He even buried a child near his house. The Remains of the Child was dug up by the Police. The Child’s age was 12 yrs old. 

Peter Scully after sexually abusing the child has asked the child to dig the grave. He was telecasting this through a live stream. This horrific video was watched by a group of Monsters. In 2015 he was arrested. In 2018 Peter Scully received a death sentence for his crimes. 

But the network of these Monsters is huge. All evidence about this network were collected and kept in a room. Within One Year the Evidence room caught fire. Peter Scully’s information about the Network was destroyed in the fire. 

How did this fire accident happen?

How did they punish Scully without Evidence?

This become an International Issue. The Judge said that without evidence Scully will be punished with a Death Sentence. His lover and Lux were also caught and were sentenced to 15 yrs in Jail. 

We should protect our children. We have started this Dark Web to educate and caution people. We will discuss one more Live Stream and true events which happened on the Dark Web. 

How will this affect Normal people?

How will it change our lives?

How can we escape and protect our children?

We will discuss more in the upcoming posts. We will next discuss a Live event.

We will also test whether we are in the Dark web unknowingly. 

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