DARPA VS USSR – ARPANET & Synthetic Blood

DARPA VS USSR - ARPANET & Synthetic Blood:

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This is not a conspiracy theory. Please Check Out the links in the description of Videos you will find the research papers. 

What are we going to discuss in DARPA Part3?

Why was DARPA started?

When did they start DARPA?

We said in the previous video that Internet was Developed by DARPA. But the information in our Books mentions that ARPANET Developed Internet. 

How is it possible that DARPA Developed Internet?

IS DARPA Developing Technology against Soviet Union Russia?

We have discussed Robo Human and Facebookism. But the content seems to be from a Scifi Movie. 

Will this happen or not?

How to believe in this theory?

Before 1992, the Internet was considered to be a Scifi Movie. But now in 2020, it is known that we can speak through the internet to anywhere in the world. But if we say this in 1992 people will call us fools. 

So every Technology Developed is done this way. 

In 4th Oct 1957, USSR launches a satellite called Sputnik to space. America was surprised after hearing this news. Americans were developing Luxury Technology like TV and so on. The Cold war is happening at that time. But USSR we concentrating in Science Technology and Space. 

America thought that USSR will defeat it if it continues in the path. 

What was the reason behind America’s Fear?

There was no internet in those times. There was only Telephone Communication. So if an enemy bombs a territory that must be communicated via a telephone. These were all Wired Telephones. America feared that USSR will disconnect the communications. They also feared that the USSR will dominate the space. 

After 1958 America Educational Syllabus changed. Physics, Chemistry and Biology become important subjects. So Americans wanted to advance in technology. America decides to form two Organizations. 

The Two Organizations were National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) and they also started ARPA( Advanced Research Projects Agency). Both Organizations came under other transaction categories. Please use the links in the Video to know more. 

If a govt is funding a lot to an organization. This funded money is the tax paid by the Citizens. The govt has to show records of the spending of Tax Money. But The Organizations which comes under Other transactions, money funded to them will not have any records. 

These two Organizations come under Title5, which says that federal acquisition streamlining act of 1994 law is not recognized. There is a category called Red Tape. These two organizations will not come under the red tape Category. The Documents will be tied by a Red Tape. These are important files. So the records of these two organizations don’t need to publish the documents into the public. ARPA after years changed to DARPA.  

ARPANET was changed to the Internet. ARPA conducts much research. They send out requests to many Scientists and Companies. The question that the USSR Sputnik Satellite has been launched.

What is America’s Reply?

If communications are disconnected, What can the American govt do?

Universities like MIT began to show their research. In 1962, DARPA announces that JCR Licklider has developed Galactic Network. The theory of two Computers Communicating with each other was proved. So on 1962 JCR was hired by DARPA. In 1965, they developed “Packet Switching”.  They discover that a Message can be sent as small packets through a Network. They discover that computers in different locations can send messages as Packets with Each other. This is when they introduced ARPANET. This was the birth of ARPANET. 

Using ARPANET they connect two computers. They send a message called “Login” from one computer to another. But Unfortunately, the other computer didnt receive the full message, but it received “LO”. The remaining letters disappeared. DARPA again start their research. After many tries, the same message was delivered to the other computer. So in 1970, only 4 computers were connected through ARPANET. 

A University in Hawai developed another network called ALOHANET. So DARPA wanted to connect both the networks. DARPA Develops Transmission Control Protocol. Thus ARPANET became the Internet. 

So through Transmission Control Protocol which was developed in the 1970s and became the Internet. The Internet which was developed in the 1970s was made public in 1992. So they allowed the Public and companies to use the Internet after 20 years of development. For 20 years they were into research, Infrastructure and the profits they can earn all were calculated. DARPA was involved in various research in these hidden twenty years.
DARPA didnt do one or two projects. They don’t even have a laboratory. Their Laboratory means University Labs. The Maximum workforce of DARPA is 120 to 300 Employees. 

What is DARPA’s Role in research?

If there is a Brilliant Professor in a University, then give him a project. If there is a scientist working ina lab give a project to him. So giving Projects to many people and take the output from them is the work of DARPA. There are so many projects which have been completed by DARPA. Please Check the video 12.00. 

Are there possibilities that DARPA is trying projects which comes in SCIFI Movies?

There is a huge Possibility. Synthetic Blood is DARPA’s main Project. This project was started in 2008 and it’s still running for 12 years. DARPA announced that Synthetic Blood will be available to the public in 2017. 

What is this Synthetic Blood?

America is at war at all times. DARPA was given a project for developing Synthetic or Artificial Blood. America’s Soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq. Soldiers get hurt and the supply of blood has been delayed. Due to this many soldiers have lost their lives. This was the reason behind developing Synthetic Blood. We will discuss in detail about this Synthetic Blood in the next part. 

Next Comes Mind Control Arm. Soldiers who have lost their legs and hands are huge in numbers in America. A Project which allows the Soldiers mind to control an artificial hand or leg. 

DARPA wanted to create Insect Machines. They also have a project to travel from one Star to another. 

There are many projects which are considered high-level Projects. Let us discuss this in the next part of this series. 

We are going to identify each and every project of DARPA. The success rate of these projects. DARPA” S Secret Projects. 

Why are the details about these Secret Projects haven’t Made Public?

So let’s discuss in the next part.

If you believe this to be a lie or Conspiracy Theory please comment. We are here to clear your doubts. 

If any fool says that Vicky is speaking Conspiracy theory. We will not answer. But please we want you to give them a fitting reply. 

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