DARPA’s GAV’s(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2:

Jan 17th 2021, 75 Drones flew in the sky. 

What is special about the day?

It's an Indian army day. There is a system which controls the 75 Drones. The Indian army shows that India has Army Combat Swarm Drones. When the Indian army is showing its Army Combat Swarm Drones. 

We must discuss the DARPA Projects on drones. 

What Projects does DARPA have in drones?

DARPA has already developed many High-Tech Drones. But they are going to buy a Single Drone which cost nearly Rs 5 Crores. In 2020 three stages of tests have been completed by DARPA. In 2020 DARPA has announced that the 4th and final stage will be conducted. 

What type of drones are they testing?

Is this drone the King of Drones?

Let's discuss in detail. 

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

We have already discussed Two Videos in Drones technology. We have also discussed DARPA Projects. If you have missed out on those Videos check out the description, the link has been given. 

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Swarm drones fly in groups. The Numbers of drones make it hard to control the drones. The control unit which controls the drones faces an issue the drones may fail on their missions. 

If The drones fail due to technical issues,

How will they retrieve the drones?

What are the possibilities of retrieving the drones?

Drones all over the world are called UAVs. But DARPA calls it GAV’s. 

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

IN World war 2 A Cartoon character was the talk of the town. The British Airforce was speaking about this Cartoon Character. The Character’s name is Gremlin. 

What does the Character Gremlin do in Cartoons?

The design of the character was to do dirty work. 

In World War2 The British Pilots said that their Fighters are damaged due to Gremlins. So if the Pilots didn't know the reasons for the damage to their aircraft. They said the damage was caused by the Gremlins. 

If people are unable to identify the causes of these damages. Thus DARPA implemented the Gremlin into their project and called the project as Project Gremlin. 

In 2015, DARPA was involved in developing a project called ICARUS(Inbound, Controlled, Air-Releasable, Unrecoverable systems). 

The words which have been used in ICARUS Unrecoverable and Air-Releasable did mean something. From a Plan, these Unrecoverable drones will be launched. The Drones will try to destroy the enemies. 

We discussed The term called Unrecoverable. These drones will not have a high level of Combustion Power. In 2015 DARPA was successful in developing Swarm Drones. But DARPA after years wanted the Drones to be Recoverable. After launching from the Plane, The Swarm Drones will hit the enemies, Destroy Military Installations causing havoc and then they have to return to the Plane. They also thought of Re-fueling the drones while in the missions. 

Can Drones Be Refueled Mid Air?

DARPA’s Gremlin Air Vehicles will contain Jet Engines. One Drone will cost rs 5 Crore. The Payload of the GAV’s will be High-tech. When the GAV’s become Swarm drones DARPA can conduct many high Tech warfare. 

So GAV’s meaning Gremlin Air Vehicles can refuel midair. The Re-fueling has been done through a socket system in the plane to refuel other jet fighters and planes. 

The Same Socket system will be on a plane for the drones. When the GAV’s are launched from the Military Plane. DARPA has said the New GAV’s are capable of flying up to 12 hours. But the Normal GAV’s can fly up to 2 hours, after their flight time of 2 hrs they will return to the plane from where they were launched. These GAV’s Will station themselves 125 Metres Below the Plane, A signal will be sent and the Socket will be released. After the Gremlins Connect with the Socket, the Re-fueling starts or they can recover the GAV’s. DARPA has tested this project and they have been successful in these tests. 

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

Now you may have a doubt,

Why does DARPA develop the Expensive GAV’s?

We should understand the High-Tech in these GAV’s. One GAV is capable of communicating with the mother ship from where it was launched. It also has the ability to communicate with other GAV’s. So when Drones communicate with each other there are possibilities they can become an Antenna. If this Antenna has been formed by the Drones, they can process the Enemies Radar Systems and Signals. 

Do they need the expensive GAV’s to process the data?

Are they testing these techs in 2020?

IN 1950s many countries started to use Drone Technology. Please Search for ADM-20 Quail Decoy Cruise Missile. 

We have discussed a Playlist called Marketing Playlist. We discussed the Decoy Pricing. A Significant example of Decoy Pricing in the elections which is going to happen. 

For EX: A Man called Munisamy. His Full name is M.Munisamy. He is the candidate for a main Political party and many believe that he will win the elections. The Opposing Political parties will nominate the candidates who have the names P.Munisamy, L.Munisamy. These Candidates are called Decoy. To reduce the value of M.Munisamy, they will nominate other candidates with the same name. Through these Decoys, the Value of the original Candidate will go down. SO in Marketing Pricing, through Decoy Pricing some products have been sold in the market. 

So on the Battlefield, the Bombers may fly to their targets. The enemies might use SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles) to destroy the bombers. The SAM’s are effective at bringing down their targets. But if a Bomber is destroyed that attacking country will face a huge loss because bombers are very expensive. 

In Order to counter the Threat, the Americans used the ADM-20 Quail Decoy Missile. They will launch these decoys from the B2 Bombers. This ADM-20 is a missile which has a flight capacity of 40 to 45 Minutes. At the 45 minute mark, the Missile will change its directions. The ADM-20 will be equipped with many Chips. 

The Enemy will have a radar to identify the Bombers. The ADM-20 will emit a signal which is similar to the B2 Bomber Signal. When the Signal is identified by the enemy signal, the enemy will think that a B2 Bomber is approaching and will order to take down the B2 Bomber with SAM`s. The enemy will launch the SAM’s, but in reality, these Surface to Air Missiles will be targeting the Decoy ADM-20 which is 100 times lower cost than the B2 bomber. The ADM-20 fools the Radar system that it is a B2 Bomber. This is called Decoy Missiles.

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

After the ADM-20 has done its jobs, The original B2 bomber will destroy its enemy Targets. This way of Warfare was started in World War2. 

Now let's back to 2021’s Gremlin Project. In this project, we discussed the Gremlin Air Vehicles. 

These GAV’s will identify themselves as F16 Jet Fighters, Mig 29 Jet fighters or any other Military aircraft. The GAV’s will send signals to the enemy Base Stations.  

The GAV’s will be launched from the C130. These drones are called X61 A’s. So these X61A’s will emit the Signals of the Aircraft which are flying above and behind them. This will confuse the Enemies Radar Systems. The enemy will not be able to target a single aircraft because of the Swarm Drones Numbers. These drones are equipped with Jet Engines, so the speed of the drones are matched with the Jet fighters. 

If the enemy has launched an Aircraft against us. These Drones will jam the signal of the enemy aircraft.  So these Drones can act as a Signal Jammer. So the GAV’s will form a network against the enemies and this network will be hard for the enemies to handle. 

This Network will contain Radar System, Decoy Information, Jammer System these all will be done through System of Systems communications. The Mothership which launched the Drones will keep a close eye on these drones. 

So through this, the GAV’s will be a huge problem for the enemy. The World is now going after UAVs. But the DARPA Project GAV’s is a step ahead of the world.

DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2DARPA's GAV's(Gremlin Air Vehicles) | Future Warfare | ADM-20 World War2

In 2019 China developed this technology. In 2020 America had High Tech Swarm Drones. But in 2021 this Technology will be at its peak called GAV’s By DARPA. 

Through America’s DARPA project called GAV’s. Many countries across the world will start their research on GAV’s. 

Does India have an alternative for GAV’s?

What is Russia’s research against the GAV’s?

What is Israel's Alternative Version of GAV’s?

Let's discuss in another video. 

Please search for the Gremlin Project. There is a lot of information available. If you know the Information please comment and share it with us. 

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