Delhi Farmers Protest & Singh Border Murder – Khalistan

Delhi Farmers Protest & Singh Border Murder - Khalistan

The year was 1940. In Lahore, they held a Muslim League Conference. A Resolution was taken at the conference. The Resolution aims for a separate country for Muslims after the Independence of India. 

So in 1940 Muslims will have Pakistan. India will have Hindu Majority. The Sikhs wanted their own country. They name their division Khalistan. India and Pakistan Lands near Punjab will be called Khalistan, says the resolution. The Protest for a new country became a Terrorist organization in the future. 

How did this happen?

In Delhi, the farmers are protesting. Amidst the Protests, they find a body. 

Is religion or farmers the reason for the killing?

What is the truth?

We are discussing this topic because our next generation may be affected by this issue. 

Lakhbir Singh was killed. 

Why was he killed?

Before they find the motive. His video goes viral. His hands and legs were tied. There were injuries to his body. He sustained heavy injuries and he died. This incident took place near the borders of Haryana and Delhi. In the same region, the farmers' protest is also happening. A Political party now says that this is not just the farmers' protest. 

The farmers say that they had nothing to do with the murder. Religious bias is the reason. 

Who was this Lakhbir Singh?

He is just a Normal Indian Citizen. He doesn't have cases. Some say that he was an addict. The Police have said that they are yet to confirm whether he was an addict or not. 

Why was Lakhbir Singh killed?

He has spoken ill of the Sikhs Holy book. Before his death, he was surrounded by Sikhs. Among them are the Terrorists who want Khalistan. This group is called Nihang Sikhs. 

If the Sikhs are asking for a separate country,

Are they Separatists or terrorists?

We will discuss the difference. The Nihang’s want Khalistan and they fight for it. Many people who are called Nihang’s have been arrested. 

Who are the Nihang Sikhs?

We should start from 1940. The Punjab state both in India and Pakistan was ruled by Sikhs. The Sikhs were living in Pakistan after the new country was born. After 1947 Independence the Sikhs came to India’s Punjab. The Sikhs settled in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. A Political party was created for the Sikhs called Akali dal. The Akali dal created the Punjabi Suba movement. Until this movement, they were revolutionaries, not terrorists. 

They start to demand a new country for the Sikhs. The Akali Dal party did not support the division. Akali Dal will support safeguarding the Sikhs Culture and Language. India was facing this issue. 

Pakistan wanted revenge over India. In 1965 Pakistan caused huge issues to India. Pakistan started to support the Khalistan Separatists. Due to this issue, Punjab was split into three namely Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.  The Sikhs wanted a country, not a separate state. 

In 1971, Jagjit Singh Chauhan went to America. He says that he is going to create a new country called Khalistan and wants support. The Sikhs living in different countries started to fund Chauhan. This news became headlines in America. 

Delhi Farmers Protest & Singh Border Murder - Khalistan

On 12th April 1980, Chauhan met with Indira Gandhi and requested separation from India. He was the founder of the Khalistan movement. He needed a Co-leader. He appoints Balbir Singh Sandhu. The next step which these two people took is strange. Jagjit went to London and announced that he had formed a New Country called Khalistan. Balbir also announced that they had formed a New Khalistan. The two press meets were done at the same time. They even announced their own currency, flag and stamps. 

What is the Political reason behind this move?

Akali Dal said that Indira Gandhi was responsible for this issue. The Akali Dal had power among the Sikhs. To lessen the power of the Akali Dal, Indira Gandhi’s Congress party gave strong support to the Sikhs. This support turned into a disaster, says Akali Dal. Congress was saying that Akali Dal is the reason for the issue. For these Political Parties, they need to do politics with this issue. This is still happening right now. 

To do Political plays they need Religion or Ethnicity. This led to the entry of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Before Jarnail, the movement had only fighters. There were no terrorists. Some say that Bhindranwale was supported by Indira Gandhi. Some also say that Akali Dal supported Bhindranwale. 

Bhindranwale was a Violent person who murdered anyone who dared speak against the Sikhs and their Movement. The Sikhs who asked for a separate country started to kill Indians. The funds from Foreign Countries started to pour in. If someone is against their movements and values they will be killed. Now the movement members have turned into terrorists. 

Now the year was 1980. Bhindranwale was supported by Sabak Singh. Sabak Singh was a war veteran. But due to Corruption charges, he lost his job. 

Sabak Singh thinks that India has betrayed him and he wants revenge. Sabak Singh gives Military training to Bhindrawale Followers. The terrorist organization started to grow. 

In 1982 Bhindrawale was staying in the Golden Temple. 

Bhindranwale has become a violent separatist. On 1st June 1984, The Indian govt spoke with the Bhindranwale supporters. The talks have failed. The devotees in the Golden People were attacked. Nearly 400 to 1000 People were killed in this killing. India said that 464 people were killed. Indira Gandhi ordered Operation Blue star. 

Through Operation Blue Star Bhindranwale was killed. Sikhs believed that Indira Gandhi had destroyed their holy temple. On 31 st OCT Indira Gandhi was killed by her Own Sikh Bodyguards. 

Three days before her death, Indira Gandhi visited J&K. Indira Gandhi feared an Uprising by the Sikh Community. When this happens Pakistan may declare war against India. So Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian Army to be ready. This truth came out in 1992. So the Khalistan Terrorists were supported by Pakistan. 

Delhi Farmers Protest & Singh Border Murder - Khalistan

Pakistan and IS Terrorists are using this issue to split or create issues for India. 

If somebody wants to defeat you. He will think of your Weak Point. So using that weak Point they will try to Defeat you. 

A group wants to change the farmers' protest into a Khalistan struggle. These groups have infiltrated the farmers' protest. This has happened in Delhi. If this is a farmers protest then there will be no killings. But these groups have infiltrated the peaceful farmer's protests. This will become a huge issue for the farmers. There is politics in this issue. 

This is the history of Khalistan. The violence and Killings for a separate country are heartbreaking. The group also managed to kill The Iron Lady of India. 

Now you have understood the issue in Delhi. They are trying to change the farmers' protests into a Khalistan Protest. These are the complete details. 

The news which you see today has a lot of history. We can identify the Separatist groups and Politics which is hiding behind these issues. 

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