Did Annunaki Create Humans? – Annunaki Part1

Did Annunaki Create Humans? - Annunaki Part1:

Is there a God or not?

Are aliens considered to be gods?

Or Apart from god did Intelligent beings come to earth?

Have they discovered planet Xthe 9th planet?

If Discovered, What’s the truth behind this?

In 2012 -2013 Did Alien sounds recorded in the satellite send by Nasa. 

What’s the truth behind this?

Who are the Annunaki?

What is the connection between Sumerian and Annunaki?

Not only Sumerians, Arcadians, Assyrians, Babylonians are they also connected to Annunaki. 

What does Nazca line in Peru say?

Did Ravanan have a Vimana?

Did a Nuclear war happen in the earth?

WIll a Royal Family have the same blood group?

Will there be a chance for 85% of American Presidents to have the same blood group?

While Hitler tested Jews what truth did he find?

These are a lot of question. We have to discuss a lot. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown two researchers. These two discover there is a 9th planet in our galaxy. This planet also revolves around the sun. TO revolve around our sun this planet takes nearly 10000 to 20000 years. These are just estimations. So they have discovered a ninth planet. So they named it as Planet9. 

Did Annunaki Create Humans? - Annunaki Part1

But if you see Sumerian Stone Inscriptions you can clearly see they have drawn 9 planets. 

How was this possible?

Before Christ birth nearly 30000 years ago, there were many discovered gold mines. So the value of gold in very high now and also in ancient times. 

So Did Annunuaki Come to earth to retrieve gold?

What did they do?

There are so many mysteries in our earth now which is yet to be solved. 

Who build the Pyramids?

Who assisted in building the pyramids?

Next is Nazca Lines. Nazca lines are in Peru. Nearly they cover 1000sq Kilometres. 30feet width and 9 kilometres height. Nearly 10000 lines connect with each other. To view this we have to take a plane and from the sky, we can see the images. The images portray some kind of animal or a figure. 

Who could be responsible?

In 1976, a researcher translates a clay inscription.  He said that Annunaki came to earth because they needed gold. 

Why they needed gold?

It seems there was a planet called Nibiru. The planet needed gold. This is why Annunaki Choose Earth. So this Nibiru planet will come near earth once every 3600 years. 

Why they need gold?

How did they find gold in the earth?

Did Annunaki Create Humans? - Annunaki Part1

For Ex: We send Probes or satellites into space to identify whether there are possibilities that man can live on those planets or not. But this alone is not the reason. The other reason is to find whether there is a treasure, Natural resources, Diamonds, or rare metals or Identified gases. So if they are going to send a mission into space it should be based on Human importance then only they will get the support from humans. 

So Similar to this ET could have come to earth to exploit our resources. 

IS there Aliens or Not?

Many scientists including Stephen Hawking has said that there are Aliens. All say that the aliens will be more intelligent than humans. 

Have we decided on making contact with the aliens?

We have already discussed Area51. So if aliens are there. In 1977 Nasa launched Voyager 1 and Voyager2. 

What do these satellites have?

There is a Gold Laminated plate which is 15inches. In those plates, there are some sounds and images and are launched into space. In the right side, there is info on how they have processed the data. So hints about how to read the data. This is like a user manual. 

For Whom is this User Manual?

It is for aliens. So when the aliens receive the plate they will know how to download the data. But when they launched it into space in 1977 Nasa thought that they will soon receive information. But in 2012 2103 some kind of Spaceship passed the satellite. There was also a sound. Nasa can only play this sound every 6 months as there is some delay. Nasa says that it is unable to translate the sound. 

They are unable to identify whether it is Spaceship or an asteroid or Space Debris. Still, now Nasa is refusing to release the info. In 1948 they have started a project called Blue Files. The reason is the UFO. Unidentified Flying Objects. 

Why did an Unidentified Object name come into Existence?

When did UFO become a talk of the town?

Kenneth Arnold was the reason. Kenneth wanted to find a plane so he flys and he was unable to locate the particular aircraft. When he was returning to base suddenly a UFO crosses his plane. Before the crossing, there was light which blinded Arnold. When he looks at the radar the object has travelled more miles. So he also sees that the UFO has 9 Light sources in the craft. 

What could that be?

Would that be a plane?

It cant be a plane. Because ion 1947, a plane travelling at 1700miles per hour is impossible. Arnold said that that UFO was very fast. So he says his experience so they declare it as Flying Object. After so many researchers it becomes Unidentified Flying Object. 

So there is something somewhere. So alines or Annunaki they came to earth for gold this has been said in Sumerian Inscription. But they would have needed workers. So they needed workers to dig out the gold. So they created humans, this is the concept of Annunaki.

Science speakers may make a mockery out of us. This is not proof this is just a concept. 

How could they have created humans?

Was there any difference between Modern humans and the humans who lived during the Annunaki time?

The answer is RH Negative Blood group. We now have A+, B+, AB+, O+. Nearly 85% of Humans have RHPositive group. R means a DNA from a monkey. Science says that Humans evolved from Monkeys. So if RH Positive then Human has evolved from a monkey. 

What if RH Negative?

Science says that it may be a mutation. But many royal families only have RH Negative. Ex: Queen Elizabeth has an RH Negative group. So these humans are they peculiar. 

Who created them?

Did they not evolve from Monkeys?

Hitler researchers many jews. He discovers that 15% of the Jews had RH Negative. So the total African continent combined has 5% only RH NEgative blood group. But if you take America 15 to 20% of people have RH Negative. 

Why this difference?

What lies beneath this?

Who are these aliens?

Aliens, Annunaki’s, UFOS, Gods, Literature is there any connection?

Many questions come in our minds. What are your questions?

So continue watching this playlist called Annunaki. 

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