Did India Escape? – Global Recession 2020

Did India Escape? - Global Recession 2020:

Ordinance Order has been completed. Many families came out and clapped for the effort from the Doctors and Nurses. 

Why then Ordinance Order?

What issues are behind this?

In 1929 we discussed that America faced the Great Depression. 

How did America Overcome it?

How Did America become Super Power?

Will it happen in India?

What happened after the 2008 Recession?

Will it happen in 2020?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Ordinance Order no one was allowed to come out of their houses. 

Will it only for one day?

No. People tend to go out in Sunday’s to stop it our govt gave this idea. Please understand that within One day we cant defeat Corona Virus. The Corona Virus can be alive for 3 to 5 hours while its Airbourne. But it can stay alive for nearly 3 days in materials. So stay clear of people and protect your family. We have done one day, so gathering around for marriages or going out into crowded places is not safe. 

The govt also has issued a new order. For initial tests, whether you are affected by the virus will cost you Rs1500. To Confirm the results you have to give Rs3000 in Private labs. So for checking alone, you will have to pay Rs4500. Many can work from home now. Please stay in your houses and work, avoid going out for two weeks. This is a request. So if you go out against the warnings then nobody can change your fate. 

Did India Escape? - Global Recession 2020

In 1929 the great depression came. America in 2020 has said that it is in Recession. 

Will Indian Economy grow?

When will People be unable to talk against their Govt?

When the govt or the King should be a tyrant or a Dictator. We will never speak against the Dictator. If we speak we will die so we will not speak out. This is one reason.

The next one is Economic downfall and unemployment. This happened in America in 1929. Nobody had any jobs they have to sell their belongings. Even rich people became beggars. Think about the beggars status. People who owned houses came to the streets, so imagine what it was for people living in the streets. Their lives changed upside down. 

Did India Escape? - Global Recession 2020

In 1929 Herbery Hoover was the president. People blame Hoover. Please check the link in the description of the video. 

The great depression was from 1929 and continues. In 1932 America faced Presidential elections. Franklin D Roosevelt becomes president. After Roosevelt took the presidency he saw that people were poor. Everywhere there was Protests and Revolts. Workers didnt have jobs. Even Multi Millionaires are being affected. 

How can he overcome this situation?

So compare what happened back then to now. In 2020 there is now Recession and Unemployment at its high it was the same situation in 1929 in America. Roosevelt thought of giving many govt jobs. But he was unable to do it because the govt didnt had any money. 

Can he try to bring Private Corporations and create jobs?

America’s economy was down so the Corporations didnt want to invest. America now has said that it will give a Cheque of $1000 to its people who are under the poverty line. Canada has also followed this way, even India has a chance to do this also. 

So giving people money directly only will make the govt run. So to increase the flow of money they have to create jobs.

Roosevelt had no other way. He brings in a system. Instead of giving money directly to people. The govt will ask the people whether they will work or not. For Ex: If there is a chance of creating a lake near our house. So they will gather 10 people and the govt will give permission thus creating jobs. So America’s roads and parks were rebuilt. So the workers had jobs and they were given salaries.

 Americans who had to live by drinking Chicken Soup now had a job for minimum wages. People were fighting together against the Great depression. They didnt talk against the govt. The reason was they were not willing to lose the money from the govt. They also had satisfaction in their work when they worked for themselves. But slowly they will forget who robbed their money. People started to work for any jobs which were available.

Proof for this is Tennesse Valley Authority. It was started in 1932. Normal People build this Electricity Generator. They produce Electricity. For people who were working in these projects were given salaries. 

Did they do any other projects?

Roosevelt saw to that the govt didnt give away money. He cancelled unwanted Pensions. He also banned unwanted depts. The depts with fewer jobs were cancelled which saved money for the govt. The saved money was invested into the system. Many People were receiving Pensions for generations. These pensions have been cancelled. Few were against this but many were supportive. Seeing Roosevelt activities seemed Like Socialism and Communism. Roosevelt was considered a Communist. But Roosevelt gave answers that this method will improve both the People and Country. 

People started working for 12 hours. People recognised that if they work only they will get money. There was no other way or they will have to lend money. Roosevelt created two branches. One was the Federal Emergency Relief act. They were the ones who printed money and gave to America. America was in Debt, so they printed money for America. There was another organisation Work Progress administration. They were responsible to check whether the workers did their jobs. So using this situation Normal People helped build the govt. The govt had a double benefit. 

For a govt official, the govt has to give salary and pension. Normal People did this for low wages. People didnt protest. The govt said to create jobs fro their own. He also did great things to improve the economy and the Stock market. This is America’s History. History is going to repeat itself. 

What will India do in 2020 and 2021?

The events which happened in America should have now in India. If the govt decides to give you free money that will be a temporary solution. This will not improve the situation for India. 

So from 1929 to 1933, there were issues. Then came the World war. We will discuss this in later posts. 

Now you may have a doubt. 

What happened after the 2008 Recession?

In 2009, the H1N1 Virus was spreading, Who announced it as a pandemic. They say that 40% of Americans will be infected. This was the emergency alert. Many Countries were scared. Vaccines worth 89 billion dollars were produced. In April they discover the virus and in Oct they have created a vaccine. Nov to Dec 16 Crore Vaccines was ready. WHO arranges a meeting with the Pharmaceutical companies. Nearly 490 Medicines will be produced if they have the money. Many countries invest in medicines. After some days it was clear the virus was not strong enough and the world didnt need that much vaccines. WHO said that nearly 12000 people lost their lives. America’s CDC said that 12000 Americans died. CDC says that nearly 1 to 1.5 lakh people died of the virus. CDC’s stats were fake this was discovered by the EU. So creating tension across the world and profiting from it using WHO by the Pharmaceutical companies in history. WHO now says that it will not repeat the same mistake. 

Did India Escape? - Global Recession 2020


Please search for 2009 Pandemic whether it is fake or not. Many websites will debate that the pandemic was not fake. But there are many websites which proved it to be fake. 

So in 2008, a Recession came. 

Did the people come out of the recession in 2009?

Normal People didnt grow. But Rich people across the world increased a lot. Their money increased by 50%. Total money in the world nearly 8% were with Americans. 

So if its 8% then many Americans should be rich?.

The Rich people who ere in America as statistics say was 0.000014% only. So few people had a lot of money. 1114 Billionaires were there in the world. These people had 50% of the money in the whole world. So in 2008 recession and in 2009 their profits increase. This will greatly affect normal people. 

How can we overcome this issue?

We for ourselves system. After two or three months you will understand the importance of this post. When a Govt goes into recession and there in Unemployment. We cannot belive the govt or the Private Corporations. If we have to do it, then the govt has to lend money from somewhere. Work for many hours for Minimum wages. We should help other people. 

We all know about the 100 Day work plan. Till today they haven’t followed this by the rules. Many just go and work for a few hours and receive salaries. When the economy goes down this will affect us. 

Will there be a global Recession?

The news is the world is getting ready to face a Recession. If it doesn’t come then this post will turn into a fake post. If the recession comes what we should do as mentioned in the post earlier through 1929 The great Depression history. 

So the events which are happening now happened 10 or 50 years ago. 

How the world protected itself?

This may happen in 2021. People have to start thinking about how they are going to face it. This is the primary objective of this post. 

This is a warning. Please stay in your homes. Don’t go out unwantedly. Please don’t go out to clap, but stay indoors and pray for them. So separating ourselves from the community is very important. This is our small request. You can comment after thinking about it. 

Comments about this post are Most Welcome.

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